Saturday, December 18, 2010

How small town America is being destroyed

Dodge City Of 1860

Dodge City Of 2009

Dodge City's Main Industry

Dodge City Before The Meat Packers

Meatpacking Plants Hit The Rural West

Here is a look at three towns, (Fort Morgan, Dodge City, and Postville) where Zionist meatpackers have taken over the small towns. They bring in Mexican labor, and the multiculturalism eventually corrodes the towns.

The Old Dodge City

Back in 1860 it was cowboys, shootouts, saloons, Doc Holiday, and Wyatt Earp.

Today, Dodge City Is Called 'Little Mexico'

Today, a city of 25,176 has a downtown of Mexican restaurants and stores resembling Tijuana more than Main Street Kansas.

Signs advertising "Envios a Mexico" — retail outlets where workers send hard-earned wages back home to Mexico and other countries — hang outside many Dodge City stores.

Fort Morgan, Colo

Today, iconic farm towns struggle with a new economic model, one that requires a workforce that is poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic.

Today's Fort Morgan

With the influx of Zionist's packing plants comes the Zionist's $6.50 an hour Mexican labor. And each worker brings his family with an average of five kids winding up in the schools.

The Old Days Are Gone

Just as the arrival of the Santa Fe Railroad here in 1872 brought white settlers to populate the dusty towns and farms of a fledging country, the relocation and consolidation of the meatpacking industry has transformed these icons of the American West. Today pick up trucks arrive with anxious South American immigrants.

It All Started In The 1960s

The Zionists took their plants from unionized states to right-to-work states like Kansas. The first big slaughterhouse came to Emporia in the 1960s, followed by plants near Garden City and in Dodge City in the 1980s.

Eventually, mom-and-pop meatpackers were swallowed up by giants like Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., Swift & Co. and National Beef Packing Co.

Twenty Mexicans To A Trailer

Arturo Ponce lives in a dilapidated trailer, just down the street from the Cargill plant in Dodge City. The trailer is filled with 13 other people, four families, into three bedrooms.

They sleep in shifts, one comes home to the trailer after each shift drenched in sweat from trying to keep up with the production line. He and his brother-in-law each lost 25 pounds those first three months on the job.

The Decline Of Fort Morgan

Ft Morgan's population is 11,000, and approximately 50% are Mexicans, working mainly at the Cargill slaughter house. The town was settled by Germans, with its neat lawns decorated with gnomes, would be altered beyond recognition.

Every morning at 5:00 the German ladies would be out sweeping sidewalks. Now you have Mexicans who never cut the lawn, and park eight cars on their lawns.

Only The Zionists Win

The $50,000 a yr union meat cutter is replaced by a $6.50 an hr Mexican. The prices stay the same, just like Nike, but the profit goes to a select group. These little towns see their schools, and lifestyles devastated, and then get threatened by the ADL with Hate Laws, if they complain.

Alternate Judicial-Inc title: "Turning rural America Towns Into Multicultural Sewers"

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The University of Chicago falls under the spell of Communism

The University Of Chicago

R. Jakob Zimmer Is The President

One More University Under The Grip Of Zionism

Practically every major university has a Zionist staff. Small universities in Montana will have a 20%, and Yale will have a staff of 50% Zionist.

The President Of The University Of Chicago

Robert J. Zimmer was elected the thirteenth president of the University of Chicago on March 13, 2006. Zimmer was the provost of Brown University.

Zimmer graduated from New York's Stuyvesant High School in 1964, and attended Brandeis University and graduated at Harvard University. President Zimmer did not serve in Vietnam.

The University Was Founded In 1890

The school was a sanctuary of Christianity. It was started by Baptists that saw the stench of Zionism at Yale, and Harvard. It's goal was to be a clean school, free of the communist agenda.

Within 40 years the school became the home to Chicago Judaism.

Chicago Was A Center For Zionism

The first great Jewish immigration wave was from Eastern Europe to New York, and the next was Chicago. As they settle in south Chicago and Hyde Park they quickly infested the University.

Today's upper teaching staff, and important administrative positions, are 60% Zionists.

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Big immigration rallies

Immigrants Want To Be Naturalized

They Want A State Subsidized Education

I Wonder Who Wrote Rosita's Sign

Who Is Organizing These Rallies?

Notice The Yiddish Ringers In The Background

Who Bought The Flags?

Give Them Medicare And Social Security

America Was Built By Immigrants

Your Children Deserve Free College

This Is A Heartbreaker

Who Do You Think Is Behind All Of This

Does anyone really believe 10,000 illegal aliens would march in downtown Chicago? What about the INS? All this crap is a Communist/Zionist inspired race war in the making.

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A story of untold horror and joy - holocaust - you will cry

David Faber - A Holocaust Survivor That Speaks At Schools

His brother stopped Hitler from getting the Atomic Bomb

David Faber's Book

Mandatory reading in 18 state public school systems

More Jewish Nonsense

David Faber, a Polish Jew, tells how his family hid under floorboards, and inside walls at a deserted office building. How his brother was a resistance fighter, who was captured and tortured. He saw his entire family machine gunned.

Faber then says he was in eight camps, pulled gold teeth and threw live babies into ovens.

David's Family Lives Here

At thirteen David and his family hid in this warehouse, where his brother, the resistance fighter, found them. . Because they could not hide in a bare warehouse, Romek found one hollow wall in between two of the buildings for the family to stay.

David's Brother Stopped Nazi A-Bomb

Faber says his brother destroyed the plans for Nazi atom bombs, and the Gestapo interrogated him, he wouldn't talk so they put a hot poker in his eye, broke his jaw, and ripped his tongue out.

Next They Hide In Office Building

They lived in the top floor of an office building. The Nazis would search the building, but always failed to find the hidden family. This was because, when they heard the Nazis run up the iron stairs in their boots, they would dash, one at a time, into their hiding place, behind a picture frame. But one time, the Nazis came up silently.

Without warning, the door flew open, and the Fabers were showered with a stream of bullets. David hurried under a couch nearby, and heard the Nazi soldiers rejoice at how they had caught the Jews. One man even started to jump up and down on the couch that David was hiding under. All of the Faber family, even Romek, who died while being tortured by the Nazis, were slaughtered; except David, and his sister who left Germany before the war.

David Enters The Camps

David turned himself into the Germans, and went through eight camps, seeing Nazi horrors beyond belief.

On one occasion, the Nazis dug trenches and ordered the unfortunate Jews to lie down in the long pits. After drenching the people in gasoline and poisons, they set fire to them, and cremated them alive. David was made to search the scorched bodies for any gold teeth or rings he could find on them.

David Throws Jewish Baby In Oven

David worked in the gas chambers as a 'Judengolden' (pulled Jew's gold teeth). One day he found a mother holding a live baby, he tried to save it, but was caught. The Nazis forced him to throw the live baby in the ovens.

He speaks at colleges.

Where Is The Harm?

The real truth is the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Czar, and then killed 20 million Russians in their scheme for world dominance. Today US Marines die in their Iraq war to lay the path for Israel to control the Middle-East, and it's oil.

Paying clowns like this to scar children with ridiculous fables, and portray Jews as innocent victims is just wrong.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

How pigeons protected a boy from the Nazis

How Zev Kedem Survived The Holocaust

Zev Kedem Is Now A Famous Lecturer on The Holocaust Circuit

Now He Is Seventy And A Renowned Holocaust Speaker

Schindler Protected 1,100 Jews In His Factories

Zem Says He Is A Shindler Survivor

Zem Was In Six Death Camps

He also worked in Schindler's factory

Zev Was A Five Year Old In 1939

Germany invaded Poland in 1939, when Zev Kedem was 5 years old. The family abandoned a vacation and headed to Kedem's grandparent's home in Krakow. "It was dark and, as a five-year-old, I was fairly afraid."

Nazis Ship Zem To A Polish Ghetto

Within a year, Zev Kedem's family was rounded up and brought to the Crakow Ghetto with 30,000 other Jews. Barbed wire surrounded their world.

Nazis Roundup Jews For The Gassen Chambers

In the spring of 1943, the final deportation of Jews from Crakow began. Zev, his older sister and their grandparents hid in a padlocked pigeon coup as Germans inspected the abandoned ghetto.

Nazis Shooting Jewish Children In Their Hospital Beds

Zev could hear the sirens blaring out warnings of death to those Jews who did not give themselves up. He heard dogs barking and people being shot. He heard shots ringing from the hospital nearby. "I have no doubt that the Germans were executing children in their hospital beds that were too weak for deportation," Zev says.

Zev's Momma Bribes A Guard

Later Kedem's mother bribed a Nazi truck driver to smuggle her son into a camp so as to avoid having him scrutinized by Nazi guards, who would have unquestionably sent Zev immediately to the gas chambers.

Nazis Gassed Anyone Under 13 Yrs Old

So he hid among the older boys, working in a brush factory were he sat on a box at the worktable to appear taller than he was. Once he was spotted by a Nazi overseer, but talked his way into survival by virtue of a large supply of brushes in front of him.

Zev Was At Six Camps

Zev Kedem passed through several more concentration camps - then Oscar Schindler came into the picture with his "most wondrous of plans to create a fictitious factory in Czechoslovakia."

Zem Goes With Schindler

At the age of 10 years, little Zev was put on the list - selected to go to Czechoslovakia to work at Oscar Schindler's textile-turned-armament factory.

Zem Winds Up In Auschwitz

After his stint with Schindler, Zem is sent to Auschwitz in late 1944.

Zev Was Marched To Mauthausen.

The war ended for Zev Kedem on May 3, 1945, when the U.S. Army liberated Mauthausen - two weeks before his 11th birthday. He was liberated by a Schwartzer (black) soldier.

After The War

Young Zem wandered Europe for months until some Limeys shipped him to Britain where Zem winds up in a orphanage. After the orphanage, he went to Oxford, then Israel, and finally gets married.

It's 1993, There's Schindler's List, And He Sees Momma

Spielberg finds Zev, and arranges for the aging Zem to meet his dying Momma in Poland.

Zev In 2007

Zev Kedem was one of the 1,100 Schindlerjews whose life was miraculously saved by German industrialist Oscar Schindler. Kedem, now over 60 years old, is a documentary filmmaker. He consulted on and appeared in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning epic Schindler's List.

God Bless Zem

To think a five year old could have been through so much. Zem went from the Polish ghettos to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, and Mauthausen, with Nazis hounded him. Sent from Sobibor to Oscar Schindler, and then back to Mauthausen, a camp for hardened criminals, much like today's Pelican Bay.

The best part is Zem now lectures at Universities, and people are stupid enough to buy this ménage of BS.

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