Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where Was God?

Eisenhower views a 'Spanking Table' at Buchenwald. In the actual position, the Jewish prisoner had his pants to his knees, and his buttocks were bare!!

What Degradation

It's taken 65 years for these horrors to come out. Today they are the 'In-Fantasy' at holocaust sex fetish parties!!

I Can Hardly Look

Some young Jewish girl forced to 'Drop her bloomers' while a Nazi Bastard ogles her quivering buttocks!!

How Can Anyone Doubt The Holocaust

The skies over Auschwitz were worse than the volcano eruption in Iceland.

Nazi Monsters

Most of the babies were still alive!


  1. I like how your "proof" is a bunch of (really terrible) DRAWINGS! HAR HAR! That's about as believable as pink elephants.

  2. ^The author does NOT believe in the HolyHoax fraud. The above article is satire.

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