Monday, May 3, 2010

Will we soon be blessed with another Al Franken/Chuck Schumer in the US Senate?

Palm Beach Billionaire Runs For Senate

Senator Jeffrey Abraham Greene?

Billionaire To Run For Senate Seat

Then he made hundreds of millions by betting that the real estate bubble would burst and investing in credit-default swaps. He established himself in Palm Beach last year by plunking down $24 million for La Bellucia on South Ocean Boulevard, where he lives with his wife and infant son. 5

His 'Live-in' Pal

"Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss was once a yearlong houseguest of Greene's after she served prison time. Greene told Forbes "we weren't dating....She's a nice girl. I've had her over to Passover dinner with my mom."

He Made His Money Off Shorting Real Estate

This Zionist simply bet against banks and mortgage bonds would collapse.

When your $280,000 dropped to $150,000, you lost and this guy won.

Are They Gifted?

The US real estate market was worth $25 trillion in 2006, and the losses are $10 trillion.

Of course there was the shorting of airline stocks two days before 9/11, or the short bet against Tylenol by a Jewish stock broker before 6 people died.

It's All Just Another 1929 Type Swindle

The Zionist controlled Federal Reserve tightened credit and the economy collapsed. At the depth (1933) the 'Gifted Ones' bought America's businesses, real estate, stocks, farms, for pennies on the dollar.

Aren't They Special

From back-alley pickpockets in the Polish ghettoes to 'Captains of Industry' in a few short years.

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    Janet Reno LIED.

    Charles Schumer LIED.

    Jeff Jamar LIED.

    Lon Horiuchi should be hung by his balls with razor wire.

    This is the most horrific act of UTTER EVIL ever perpetrated on citizens of this great country.

    Do NOT let this stand.