Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The hoax of the Nuremberg trials

Understanding The Nuremberg Trials

Jews Claim That They Were Subject To High Altitude Experiments At Dachau

They hung doctors, at Nuremberg, over this evidence

The Nuremberg Trial Staff Was 90% Jews

This particular trial was called the Nuremberg Doctor's Trial. They brought in a few crazy Russian, and Polish Jews, some forged documents, and convicted 23 doctors.

As we examine the parachute, we find that it is an American T-7, and the picture is a hoax.

Look at the German Parachute Harnesses compared to the experimentation

Here are American T-7 Parachutes

You Have To Ask Yourself

Just how does a Jewish Delicatessen clerk wind up in a picture at Dachau, with an American T-7 parachute on?

There is no Great Mystery Here

Stories about Auschwitz, female guards skinning Jews, Camp Commandants using Jewish babies for skeet shooting, and on and on were all Jewish fabrications.

How do you hang people on ridiculous stories, and staged pictures?

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original source link: http://judicial-inc.biz/Nuremberg_Trial_Hoaxes.htm (
web archive)


  1. lol are you serious?

  2. I hope that whoever made this website burns in hell for this garbage. It's people like you who orchestrate genocide and then turn a blind eye to it in your own country. This hate should not be perpetuated in the minds of people today. It should have been left in Berlin, 1945. But it should not be forgotten. It should be remembered so that people like you don't rise to power, and so people like you are put in their place. Your whole reality is a fabrication. I know everyone is allowed their opinion, but ignoring the death of millions and saying it never happened is unforgivable.

    1. Funny since Reagan's speech is censored on RFK from 1967. Of course, 6 million Jews were mentioned through the NY Times before Hitler ever became Chancellor....

    2. Talk about ignoring the death of millions... let's address some of those shall we?
      60 million plus ethnic Russians slaughtered by Bolshevik jews in the most savage and bestial tortures ever recorded in history, this was before WWII
      16 million Ukrainians starved to death over 3 decades of Holodomors, also at the hands of jews.
      20 million chinese
      1.5 million Armenians
      The Spanish, French, Lithuanians, Estonians, Swedes, Rumanians, Croats... and more, all slaughtered by jews...
      But let's not forget the saturation bombing with phosphorus of 100's of German cities and towns by All-lies, killing 17 million German civilians (mainly women and children). Most notably Dresden, the biggest single genocide of innocent people occurring by repeated assaults in only a few hours then extending over a couple of days, killing an estimated half a million people who were burned to shrunken balls of melted fat.
      Oh we shouldn't forget the Eisenhower Holocaustand his death camps, as well as the rounding up of all surviving German people (men women and children) sold into slavery around the world FROM 1945... a total of about 6 million.

      Saying this never happened or the dumb masses not even knowing about is what is unforgivable. This is what should be known and never forgotten, so those who committed it and remain in power don't get away with their crimes and we can stop them from perpetuating it, because if you haven't noticed, the horrors of war still continue, surrounding the same players as the 1940's.

      Perhaps one might want to look into the jewish world almanacs for the population statistics of jews before and after WWII to see the lies. Plus learn who controls ALL your information... Plus it would be apt to look at actual records and the logistical, scientific and physical impossibility to gas even 1000 people in the manner in which is claimed.

      Yes, there are unforgivable things in this world... none so more unforgivable than the crimes of those who wrote history to suit themselves.

    3. Well said, brother, well said!

    4. "I hope that whoever made this website burns in hell for this garbage." You do know that what you wish for others will come to you as well? "All Truth passes thru three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident." The world is FINALLY waking up to the horror of the perpetrators of the BIGGEST scam of the past century. Long live the internet, all can be informed at lightening speed. Time is up.

  3. Fucking cowards. Scared of what people will say? You wastes of skin. You people sicken me to my very core.

  4. If it's so phony, then why does the kike troll send so much time commenting on all the articles?

  5. If the jews were really persecuted like that, then why inflict the same genocide on Palestinians? They want the world to remember that bullshit but conveniently forget when its Palestinian blood spilled. Answer me that jewberg.

    1. There is no "genocide on Palestinians." In fact Palestinians are one of the fastest growing populations on earth, up 30% in the last few years.

    2. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/feb/11/israelandthepalestinians.population

  6. This idiot obviously doesn't know that Fallschrimjager used a completely different parachute to the air crew parachute seen in the konzentrationlager picture, which is not a US T7, but a Luftwaffe air crew parachute harness type FI30245, of the seat type used in fighter aircraft.

    Try http://www.overlord1944.com/FichaProducto.aspx?producto=2128&ProdName=Luftwaffe%20parachute%20harness%20and%20parachute%20model%20RH12b,%20backpack%20type%20as%20used%20by%20fighter%20pilots%20and%20other%20aircrew. for an example. Or https://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=18098

    What a dickhead!

  7. Without the Holocaust, people might began wondering who was responsible for the deaths of 20 million Christians, the rape of 11 million women and children and the looting of fourteen sovereign nations of Europe.

    1. Precisely. Gentile Leftists need the "Holocaust" almost as much as the Jews do. It means that people don't look too closely at what the Communists were up to.

  8. it seems every one has made up there mind one way or the other .. I wonder than is the truth some where in between the two extremes. AND HOW DOES ONE FIND IT ?
    For now I can see the profit in either extreme .. truth I have found to be elusive yet free..

  9. If the Holocaust really happened, and there is concrete evidence for it, why don't the Jews encourage discussion and debate?
    If there is a different opinion to the Jewish view, however, people are jumped on until they are silenced. Free speech and views are only allowed if in agreement with the official line.
    Why don't Jews encourage debate. What are they hiding?

  10. And the truth will set you free........ http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=85432

  11. I don't doubt there were atrocities inflicted on Jewish people, however many, many myths have been debunked and disproved. I will believe the holocaust when Jews believe Christ is the Messiah ( which He is )!