Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A true Holocaust miracle

Holocaust Survivor Tours Schools

He was shot, electrified, gassed, whipped, and lived to tell his tale.

He Was Shot At Plazow But Lived

Holocaust Survivor Tours Schools

On his 68th birthday, Jorge Klainman decided he could remain silent no more about his Holocaust horrors. The Polish-born, retired businessman sat at his electric typewriter, he said, “and suddenly the curtains of my memory began to part, revealing events that happened 50 or 60 years ago.

He was in six camps.

Poland 1939

“The Seventh Miracle” is Klainman’s first-person account of his tragedy from 1939 to 1945.

Lived In Warsaw

In 1943, the young 13 yr-old Jorge flees from the Ghetto of Warsaw.

Arrested in 1944

The Nazis arrest him and it's off to the camps. He was first in Treblinka. Next he was sent to Auschwitz where he was thrown in a well, and 99 more Jews thrown on to of him. But suddenly God gave him super human strenght, and he burrowed out through all the dead Jews and hid.

A Train To Hell

The 13 Year old Jorge is on a train to hell.

Jorge Is Sent To Plaszow

March 1944 encounter with psychopathic concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth.

Goeth Hates Jorge

Goeth marked the 14 yr old Klainman for execution by firing squad.

Nazi Firing Squad

Goeth personally ordered Jorge shot but the bullet grazes him.

Jorge Plays Dead

After the firing squad missed, after they left Jorge snuck off to the camp hospital and a nurse saved him

Transferred To Mauthausen

After Plazow young Jorge is sent to Mauthausen for extermination.

Another Dance Of Death

Jorge tried to escape so they tied him to the electric fence all night, but he lived.

Jorge Is Rescued

The American army liberates Mauthausen

He Now Speaks At Colleges

He spoke at Ramapo college last month.

Was This Fool Even In Europe?

This Argentine fleabag was 68 years old before he even remembered he was in the Holocaust. He went to see Schindler's List and he recognized it was written about him.

Any school official that would let this clown talk to eight year old kids should be arrested.

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JTA: "A Spanish story of Holocaust survival"


  1. Adolf Hitler would be proud of you my friend. I am honoured to be here at your site. May you continue to spread the truth about this ridiculous HOLOHOAX!

  2. ^No, Hitler would be pissed...as he was jewish by blood, and a puppet of the ruling international jewish banking cabal.

  3. I should change my name to Abe Shekel-Grubber and write books about the holohoax; I need to become a millionaire on the lecture circuit.