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Whips, dogs, and a train ride to a death camp

Famous Holocaust Author Tours Grade Schools

Life In The Holocaust

Plano Is Blessed With A National Treasure

Marion Blumenthal With Her Family

Her Death Train Left Bergen Belsen For Auschwitz On April 10th 1945

A Jewish Girl From Peoria Illinois

After 50 years, a fog that had blocked Marion Blumenthal's memory finally clears, she now remembers she was in the Holocaust. She gets together with her cousin Lila Perl, a New Jersey writer, and pen meets paper, and a novel greater than 'Gone with the Wind' is born.

Speaking To Ten Yr Olds

Marion Blumenthal Lazan shows the Star of David that she was forced to wear as a child in Nazi Germany.

She Warns Of Iran

"We must get to that evil, or we're taking the chance of losing our freedom. And believe me, I don't want war. They're suffering under that regime already."

He wants to throw American babies into gas chambers.

Ms Blumenthal Knows The Smell Of Death

"Then the dreadful transports to the extermination camps started in early 1942," Lazan told the students. "In January 1944, it was our turn to be shipped out." They were sent to Bergen-Belsen, the same concentration camp where Anne Frank died.

Marian Blumenthal Has Odd Stories

Ms Blumenthal says, "We were starving so my Momma would make potato soup, and if Nazis caught us, we were executed immediately"

But holocaust documents show well feed prisoners.

According To Wikipedia

Ms Blumenthal is so famous that Wikipedia tells her story, and how women prevented frostbite. Marion said. "Young children would pick lice off each other's hair, and to prevent frostbite we urinated on ourselves"

A Train Of Horrors

In April 1945, the family was crammed into another train, headed for Auschwitz. The death train would stop every few hours and the Nazis would yell "Werfen Sie die toten bosies weg vom" (throw out the dead bodies).

Russians Saved Her From Certain Death

Before it reached the camp - after a two-week trip that should have taken 10 hours - they were liberated by the Russian army.

One Hell Of A Story

Auschwitz was liberated three months earlier (Jan 1945), and the Russians were almost in Germany. These must have been important Jews for Hitler to decide to fight through Russian lines, and break into Auschwitz!!

I Myself Have A Similar Story

My uncle Heim was the head engineer on Hitler's personal train. In August of 1944 the Fuehrer wanted to go to the Berchtesgaden to see the autumn leaves change colors. Heim arranged with Jewish partisans to have my other uncle, Benjamin Menkowitz, to drive Adolf Eichmann's train on the same track.

The trains collided doing 175 kilometers each, Heim and Bennie shouted 'Never Again'! Sadly, both my uncles died, but Hitler and Eichmann lived.

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The Romanov Execution

Bolsheviks Slaughter a Royal Family

Alexia and Nicholas Romanov

The Romanov Girls

Ipatyev House - Where the Romanovs Were Butchered

Russia In 1914

Russia Is The Start Of Jewish World Domination

The original Jews were Sephardics, out of the Middle East, who went to Spain and Portugal as members of the Islamic empire when the Moors occupied the Iberian Peninsula.

However, almost all Jews today are not descendants of the Sephardics, but originate from a band of ruthless Mongolian tribes called the Khazars. The Sephardics, in search of army for their revolution , chose the Khazars. The Khazars were converted to Judaism, and today they make up 95% of the world's Jewish population.

Military geniuses, such as Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, and Attila the Hun, always hired Khazars as mercenaries. At the peak of Russia's empire she kept the Khazars confined to the 'Pale of the Settlement' (Ukraine).

The Sephadics used the Eastern European Khazars as a starting point for their plans of world domination. Their first move towards that goal, was to take control of Russia by overthrowing the Czar.

Communism Is Hatched

Marx and Engels

Two German Jews who wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Russia consisted of nobles and landless peasants, and was ripe for revolution. In 1861, Czar Alexander II started land reforms, but Jewish nihilists were on the move. Russians had dealt with them for centuries, and had restricted them to the Pale of Settlement (Ukraine).

The Zionist Jewish banking elite had inserted Jewish revolutionaries into Russia, where they began indoctrinating the peasantry with Marxist ideology.

Bolsheviks Went Village To Village

The Bolsheviks went from the villages, to the towns, and finally to the cities, spreading their promise of wealth redistribution.

World War One Was Started to Get Russia to Fall to Communism

The Zionist Jewish elite started World War One by pitting Serbia against Germany, and having Russia align with Serbia. The war resulted in food shortages, famine, and discontent, which combine to create ideal breeding grounds for revolution.

Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Vladimir Lenin started the revolution.

New York Zionist Bankers Finance 1917 Revolution

Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto H. Kahn, Isaac Seligman, Max Breitung, Mortimer Schiff, and other Zionist Jewish banking magnates, engineered everything.

They finance Trotsky and Lenin.

Trotsky Is Brought To New York

Jacob Schiff, the American chairman of the Kuhn & Loeb bank, was the financier of the Bolshevik revolution. He brought Trotsky to New York in February 1916.

Trotsky recruited expatriate young Russian Jews from New York's large Russian Jewish immigrant population, and trained them as revolutionaries

Trotsky/Bronstein Leaves NY

On March 27, 1917, Trotsky and 300 well-trained Jewish Communists boarded the Norwegian steamer "Kristianiafjord" for a journey to Sweden, and then via railroad, went through Sweden and Finland to St. Petersburg in Russia. Trotsky's group included revolutionaries, PR men, and NewYork Jewish mafia thugs.

Their purpose was to finish the Russian revolution and establish a Marxist government under the leadership of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky.

Schiff gave this group $20 million in gold.

Trotsky Arrested And Wilson Intervenes

When the ship stopped at Halifax, the British arrested Trotsky as a Russian subversive, thinking the Jews would pull Russia out of World War One. American President Woodrow Wilson intervened with the British, and Trotsky was allowed to continue on his way

Somehow he had the advantage of an American passport.

May 4, 1917

Trotsky arrived in Petrograd in a sealed train via Switzerland, through Germany into Russia.

The First Meeting of the Communist Party

In 1917, Rothschild directs Lenin to replace Kerensky. Lenin, joined by Trotsky and 300 Jews from New York, depose Kerensky.

Kerensky Steps Down

In 1917, Rothschild directs Lenin to replace Kerensky.
Lenin, joined by Trotsky and 300 Jews from New York, depose Kerensky.

The Czar Flees To Tobolsk

In August of 1917, the Royal Family fled to Tobolsk, in Siberia. They stay at the Governors house until April, 1918.

They hoped to escape to England, where King George V was a Romanov cousin, but he refused due to pressure from Jewish groups.

Lenin Orders The Czar To Moscow

On April 22, 1918, Lenin sends Yankel Yakovlev to persuade Nicholas to agree to sanction the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty. Nicholas said no, but that he would return to Moscow.

Czar Nicholas II and the Royal Family leave Tobolsk for Moscow on April 22, 1918.

Bolsheviks Intercept Train

On April 30, 1918, the Bolsheviks take the Romanovs off the train in Ekaterinburg.

Yakovlev hands the Romanovs over to their killers.

Romanovs' New Quarters

From May 1 through July 17th, the Romanovs live in the Ipatiev house, in Ekaterinburg.

White Russians Race To Save Romanovs

The Jews knew the White Russian army was trying to rescue the Romanovs from the Red Army, and had to act.

Once the peasants realized they were swindled, they would re-install the Romanovs.

The Murders

Sverdlov And Lenin Sign An Execution Order

Yankel Sverdlov (né Solomon) sent the order to Yurovsky to kill the Royal Family.

Sverdlov, the Soviet chief who co-signed Lenin's execution order, put Yurovsky, Romanov's executioner, in charge.

Jacob Yurovsky.... Jewish commander, Soviet Secret Police.

He was appointed Deputy Regional Commissar of Justice, as well as Regional Cheka head.

In July, Sverdlov appointed Yurovsky to be Commandant of the Ipatiev House. Yurovsky was absolutely ruthless.

Russian Soldiers Siding With Czar

On July 4, 1918, Yurovsky, under orders from Moscow, dismissed all the Russian soldiers, except Pavel Medvedev, a Cheka Jewish spy. He replaced the inside and outside of the prison house with foreign revolutionaries serving as guards.

Yurovsky Brings In Jewish Assassins

They were Jews from Hungary, as their scribbling on the walls indicated.

A Cheka (secret police) unit replaced the military guard over the Royal family to do the execution. In the Ukraine, "Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file Cheka agents.

Romanovs - Two Weeks Of Cheka Jewish Guards

The final two weeks were miserable due to to Cheka depravity. Alexei, and the girls, had no privacy as the guards accompanied them in the lavatory. It was a period of humiliations, abuse, and even rape by the Bolshevik guards.

Jacob Yurovsky And Anastasia

Jacob found Anastasia to be "very attractive", and ordered his men not to touch her.

Lenin's Execution Order

Jacob Yurovsky receives the order on July 15, 1918.

The Executions

About midnight, Yurovsky woke up the Czar's family, and their party.

At 1 o'clock in the night, the Czar, Czaritza, their four daughters, the maid, the doctor, the cook, and the waiter went to the basement. The Czar carried the heir in his arms.

Yurovsky, Medvedev, Nikulin, Yermakov, Vaganov, all Jewish Cheka assassins were waiting.

Yurovsky Reserved The Tsar And Tsarevich For Himself.

Yurtovsky re-entered the room followed by his entire Cheka squad, carrying revolvers. Nicholas, tried to protect his wife and son. Yurtovsky pointed his revolver directly at the Tsar’s head and fired. Nicholas died instantly. Next, he shot Alexandra as she made the sign of the cross. Olga, Tatiana, and Marie were hit next.

Demidova, the maid, survived the first volley, so the Chekas bayoneted her 30 times.

As the room became silent, there was a low groan. Alexis still in the arms of the Tsar, was alive. Yurovsky stepped up and fired two shots into the boy’s ear. Gun smoke, blood and excreta from the still-twitching bodies filled the room.

Two of his sisters, the lady-in-waiting, and Botkin were still alive. Yurovsky told all but two guards to leave, then they bayoneted Botkin and the maid.

Guards Undressed The Dying Girls

After the shooting ended, Yurovsky and two guards stayed and undressed the girls, so as to check for hidden jewels.

Olga And Maria

Jewels hidden in their corsets deflected bullets, and they were still alive. Yurovsky let the guards take 'Liberties' with the girls.

Executioners Leave Ipatyev house

Then, the bodies were loaded on a truck, which left Ekaterinburg at about half past two, for a former iron mine known as 'Four Brothers' Mine'.

'Four Brothers' Mine

The bodies are taken to a shallow mine. The girls were just in underwear and had all ready been checked for jewels. The guards undressed the girls completely. After "thoroughly" checking the girls, who were still warm, they threw the bodies down into the flooded collapsed pit mine.

It was admitted that the burial detail had to be prevented from raping the body of the Empress after her death.

The next morning, at about eleven o'clock, "military representative" Philip Golochtchekine (Jewish), and the local Soviet president Bieloborodov, came to inspect the work. They found carnage traces visible and the pit mine not deep enough. Yurovsky and his men had to hide Romanovs' bodies somewhere else.

Yurovsky Moves The Bodies

They put the bodies on a truck, and headed for another mine, but the truck got stuck. They finally buried most of the bodies in a sealed and concealed pit on Koptyaki Road, a since-abandoned cart track 12 miles north of Yekaterinburg.

At three feet deep, they hit rock, so they dug a wide grave, quickly covered it with dirt, and finally with planks. But events did not leave them the time to end their task because some days after, on the 25th of July, Ekaterinburg fell to the advancing White Army.

White Russians Arrive

Nine days later, Ekaterinburg fell to the counter-revolutionaries, and they got confessions from some of the guards who participated.

Before the Siberian Government could apprehend the Jews, the Red Army again took Ekaterinburg, and the Bolsheviks renamed the town for Sverdlov.

Jewish Coverup

The Jewish Board of Deputies, as well as the Anglo-Jewish Association in Britain, published an interview with Starynkevich, a Jewish lawyer, who was then Minister of Justice in the Urals region. Starynkevich had appointed another Jew, Sergeiev, to carry out the actual investigation. He was replaced with the magistrate Sokolov.

The former Minister was now quoted as saying that his team of investigators had found no trace whatever of any Jewish involvement in the killings. This was a brazen falsehood, and was evidently intended, since it proved nothing, to give Jewish organizations abroad, a means of confusing and obscuring the whole issue.

The Romanov jewels were said to be in the hands of New York collectors.


In 1977, Moscow had the Ipatiev house destroyed.

In 1989, The Bodies Are Found

On April 12, 1989, startling news came from the Soviet Union, that the bones of the Romanov royal family had been found in a mass grave in the Koptyaki Forest. In fact, they had been discovered by amateur historians, led by Alexander Avdonin and Geli Ryabov, in 1979.

The Grave

In 1991, Soviet authorities opened the shallow grave (not much more than three feet deep), where the skeletons had lied for decades . They discovered the tangled skeletons of nine people, along with sections of rope and broken sulfuric acid pots.

Romanovs' Remains Exhumed

In 1989, an anthropology team, working from photographs and the written report of Jacob Yurovsky, located the grave. Under the supervision of Dr Maples, almost 1,000 bone fragments were assembled into five female and four male skeletons.

Battered Skulls

The American forensic team, led by Maples, and later supported by Falsetti, analyzed teeth and bone, and concluded that the missing female was 17-year-old Anastasia. The Americans were astonished at the brutality of the crime.

Since then, controversy has raged over the results of DNA testing and the positive identification of the remains. Subsequent DNA testing by an English team has confirmed that the nine bodies found are those of the Czar and most of his family and attendants.

The missing bodies were of Alexei and one of the Grand Duchesses, probably Marie.

Romanovs Remains Are Buried

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