Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blood Libel and France's Elite

Is Blood Libel Really Cannibalism

There Have Been A Few Researchers That Thought So

The Legend Exists around the Super Elite Of France

The Rothschilds Are At The Heart Of The Legend

No one has the slightest idea the power they wield

Books Have Been Written About It

'Human Sacrifice Among The Sephardine Jews'

The 1850 Treatise By Sir Richard F. Burton

3000 Years Of Stories Of Blood Libel

These stories have been documented for years, especially in Poland, the Ukraine, and Germany. Most of the documenters meet untimely deaths.

A Real Horrifying Thought

Is there a medieval cult amongst the Jews that practice human sacrifice of Goyim children?

Writers in the field pointed to the mental makeup of the Jew, their belief in their absolute superiority, who see Goyim as cattle. The rumors in France actually go beyond the 'Blood Libel ' and propose the blood letting is a kosher act, preparing the children as food.

In 1851 – Near The Town Of Rouen

Rouen, a small village straddling the River Seine has a very special history. In a span of less than 20 years they had been four disappearances of children under seven. A Detective d’Bauis tried arresting Marquis de Ruvigny, who was to be charged with cannibalism, when he was taken off the case.

Body parts were found in the Marquis Chateau's cold storage. The local population almost rioted when the state took d’Bauis off the case.

The Missing Butler

Leslie Moog Reese, a Rothchild employee, claimed to have actual ‘Body parts‘. The story involved blackmail, police detectives, and a butler who disappeared off the face of the earth

Arnold Leese - British Researcher

He was researching a case that involved cannibalism. It was said that a chef for some wealthy French family had evidence (body parts) and was going to give them to Leese.

The 1923 Kessler Murder In Manan, Germany.

A five-year-old boy named Kessler was found in a wood, with throat cut from ear to ear superficially whilst there was a deep stab in the neck cutting the main vessels. It was just before Passover, and the local Jewish butcher had suddenly disappeared.

Dr. Burgel, the Court doctor, said it was a case of Ritual Murder.

The current expert

A Fairly Recent Case

A missing child that the French Police were none too anxious to follow up on.

Most Exclusive Club On Earth

A dinner at an Illuminati's chateau, in the south of France. Some of the richest, most powerful people on the planet. What more to confirm their supremacy than to dine on Goyim veal.

Could Any Of This Be True?

When a person reaches a plateau, he needs confirmation. The millionaire needs his winter house. The billionaires, like Larry Ellison or Paul Allen, need a sports team, a Gulfstream Jet, and their Feadship yachts.

But once you reach the status of the trillionaire you cross into a rarified world. The only true trillionaire, based on gold, are the Rothschilds. Others, such as the Warburgs, Schiffs Kuhns, Loebs, can only be considered only be associates. This group considers themselves Gods, and they live in a world onto themselves.

Besides their wealth, the Rothschilds have built an organization of thirty million Ashkazians and Sephardics, who control governments and the world's corporations. They were behind the wars, and leaders. They plotted the murder of 45 million Russians, and the destruction of Germany. Their network is endless.

These private feasts is where they validate themselves as Gods.

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Alternate title: "Are they gods, or are they just cannibals?"

Another alternate title: "Le régal des dieux" (Blood Feasts) is more than a rumor

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  1. Have seen a cannibalistic feast in washington. You wouldn't believe who was present.