Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Das Fuhrer Is A Juden

Davis Wolfgang Hawke

Commander of the Knights of Freedom

Das Fuhrer Wolfgang

He Marched On Washington , D.C.

Wolfgang's Washington Rally

1426 police were paid overtime

Abe Foxman

"Activate the National Guard"

More Hebrew Nazis

In this episode of 'Jewish fairy tales' we get to be frightened by Commander Wolfgang Hawke aka Nathan Greenbaum. As usual, the Zionists press plays this Kosher clown as the next Hitler.

Knights Of Freedom

"Knights of Freedom" is an imaginary 'Internet Based' movement that Greenbaum aka Wolfgang started as a student at Wofford College in South Carolina.

Very Frightening

The ADL called the Knights of Freedom, Americas fastest growing Nazi group.

$240,000 In Overtime And Equipment

Hundreds of counter demonstrators were waiting near the White House to shout him down. A force of 1,426 police officers - more than double the normal contingent - provided a security cordon .
Washington police had a a helicopter hovered ominously overhead.

But at the appointed hour, only four followers of Hawke's American Nationalist party showed up.

Wolfgang Hawke Happens To Be Jewish

In 1999, the year Hawke became semi-famous as the "Commander" of a neo-Nazi outfit he'd founded in high school. Hawke, who announced that summer on Fox News, "I plan to make the Final Solution a reality."

After some pre-teen Gaultier said das Fuhrer was uncircumcised, Nathan started Amazing Internet Products, which sold 'Penis Pills' (Pinacle), and just in July of 2003 he sold $600,000. Nathan Britt Greenbaum sent millions of e-mails offering penis enlargement pills, weight loss supplements, handheld devices called "personal lie detectors" and other bogus products.

Hawke Is Now The Spam Lord

Hawke was a conman who stole millions using the internet. Because he was Jewish, the crime is called spamming rather than Felony Bunko

Where Is The Harm?

These lice get the scholarships to the top universities, while real Americans die in Iraq. The Debbie Swensons of Butte Montana, who joined the National Guard for college money, are now stationed at a Fallujah checkpoint. They are dying so cretins like Nathan Greenbaum can play Nazi.

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