Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holocaust Survivor eats Dead Jew Soup

Dr. Eva Olsson - Holocaust Survivor Extraordinaire

Eva Gives A Presentation To A High School

Pope John Paul II Catholic Middle School

Stirring Speech Changed Lives

After a recent presentation at an unnamed high school, Dr. Olsson said a Grade 10 boy came up to her and said, "I don't want to be a Nazi anymore." "His father was a well-known Neo-Nazi in that community

Eva's book

Part of the healing included writing a bestselling book

Saved From Junior Nazis

At another high school earlier this year, she learned that a group of boys had planned to approach her after the presentation, in full view of the audience, and give her the Nazi salute.

A young girl overheard the boys' plans and went to the principal.

"She refused to be a bystander," Dr. Olsson said. "She heard what they were planning and she did something about it."

Recent Events Frighten Her

"Tombstones pushed over in cemeteries, swastikas painted on buildings; and we see it today, again."

Nazis Hung Priests

It wasn't just Jews she told the nine year-olds, the Nazis hung Catholic priests.

Whole Families Put On Trains.

She never knew where her father and brothers ended up; only that they perished. Then, we were packed into the boxcars. It was four days of standing room only and many people suffocated.

The Selection

Dr. Josef Mengele" -"He just stood there, pointing to the right and the left,"

Unholy Medical Experiments

She actually witnessed some of Dr Mengele's "despicable surgeries", especially on twins, 4,000 sets of them; he would sew them together back to back.

Audience Cries

But, she began to cry as she told her audience of the last time she saw her mother, and her nieces.

"Why did she have to go left?" she asked her audience, many of whom wept openly with her.

The Humiliations

Nazis stripped her bare and shaved her head.

Where Is My Momma

She asked a guard where her Momma went, and he pointed at the oven.

Soup Made From Dead Jews

She talked of the Nazis' unspeakable practical jokes, forcing her to help serve 'surprise soup.' The soup itself often contained only water and potato peels; the 'surprise' was when it contained human hair and bones.

Mother And Baby Executed Together

She told of how shooting a baby in its mother's arms meant a well-placed bullet would also kill the mother.

"It was cheaper that way; it saved bullets," she said.

Telling Her Stories Heal Her Wounds

She told the children seated at her feet that she does not judge or blame others, but that we must all learn from the lessons of history. And, she told the children that her presentations to young people are, in a small way, part of a healing process.

"Never, ever will I be free of the memories, but, it helps me to do this, to move forward. And, if I reach even one child, it's worth it."

People Go To Jail For Not Believing This Garbage?

Mengele sewed 4000 twins together, injected blue die in their eyes, threw live Jews in ovens, etc? Zundel, Irving, and Germar, are in prison because they questioned this.

NOTE: Reproduced in full from Judicial-Inc (including errors and/or fabrications)

http://judicial-inc.biz/Ho_loCaust_speaker.htm (web archive)


  1. There should be more presentations like this! It sickens me when I hear that there are kids out there who treat it like a joke, or people who believe it was a hoax. It's a disgusting and shameful part of human history and everyone whould be educated on it to make sure nothing like it EVER happens again.

  2. That's are all lies.

  3. Fuck the jews, and I am sick of being forced to care about their history and not my own. That of a white christian european. Millions of whom were killed by the bolshevik commie jews, so fuck them.

    1. the jews are better oeople then you because you wrote that

  4. This explains everything;

    “…most of the memoirs and reports [of 'Holocaust survivors'] are full of preposterous verbosity, graphomanic exaggeration, dramatic effects, overestimated self-inflation, dilettante philosophizing, would-be lyricism, unchecked rumors, bias, partisan attacks…”
    –Samuel Gringauz, “Jewish Social Studies” (New York), January 1950,
    Vol. 12, p. 65

  5. Das Netz gebiert nur Abschaum wie diesen Blog. Es ist zum Kotzen und - lieber Blogersteller -friss meine Kotze und verrecke daran.

  6. this makes me so sick to hear that a little girl ask where her mother went and all the guard did was point at the oven in wich her mother was being burned.makes me sooo mad!

  7. You do not seem really objective, and im not sure that these are trully facts. The soup?! Never heard about that.
    Another example: the picture of the shaved girl has nothing todo with what you explain. Its actually a french girl in 1945 who was accused of "sleeping" with german officers, then shaved as a traitor. Brutal also, but if you want people to trust you, dont deform contexts and reality of facts.

  8. I understand atrocities did occur, however I will believe in the holocaust when Jews believe Christ is the true Messiah (which He is!)

    1. Christ who was Jewish and never told anyone to be anything else, that Christ?