Tuesday, July 13, 2010

January 2010 statement from Judicial on history of web hosting cancellations

Three Years Of Constant Hassles

Over the past three years Judicial's hosting companies, Bluehost, Tripod, ATT, NetHost, and GoDaddy have been pressured by Zionists to cancel the account.

* 2006.....Bluehost cut service on and off
* 2008.... With no notice, Bluehost totally shut down the Judicial website, and blocks file retrieval
* 2008.....Google de-listed the website
* 2008.....France totally banned the website
* 2008.....GoDaddy revokes, and blocks transfer, of Judicial's domain name because a 'Mystery person' said Judicial was political anarchist website
* 2010....GoDaddy suspends Judicial's hosting account with zero notice

In addition there has been GPS tracking bugs on my cars, constant stalking, thirty indirect threats of which 10 cops and 4 police detectives were involved.

GoDaddy Special Interest

Go-Daddy is a giant company that has six million domain names under it's registrar, so why the intense interest in this site?

Why The Pressure On Judicial?

Needless to say if Judicial's theory that there will be a nuclear False Flag in American, followed by by a nuclear exchange in the Persian Gulf, and ending in economic chaos comes to fruition, the last thing the Zionist want is a website like Judicial floating around.

What Effect Does Judicial Have?

Some theories (Lindbergh's child murder, the OKC bombing, Entebbe, etc) have drawn out major revisionists, and whose protests exposed them as Zio-Flunkies. The Baghdad sniper who killed 150 US soldiers suddenly disappeared when the fact the weapon's system was Israeli. A insignificant picture like this has gotten 2 million views. Judicial ranks number 40,000 out of 180 million websites in the world.

Why Are Other Websites Left Alone?

You need to realize that 95% of these so called rebel websites are nothing but watered-downed Zionist fronts. When all a site can say is "Israel knew about 9/11 and tried to warn us, but we didn't listen", the website is worthless. And the simple truth is not one major site says Israel orchestrated 9/11.

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