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Judicial-inc Statements about shutdown of site

Judicial-Inc Wasn't Allowed

Screenshot of statement from

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Text of Statement. Especially note red bolded portion:

"90% of Judicial-Inc is merely current news links, and the other 10% is just commentary on world events. Judicial's number of 'host-suspensions' may set a record for the most banned website on the internet. So you need to ask - why? Obviously the simple answer is some of the analysis is hitting too close to home. There are probably twenty other websites with the same format, and none of them have been touched. In addition to the internet harassment, the ADL has hired a stalker named Jacob Levy, and it's been made plain that this site will not reopen.

I have to suspect there will be a major event such as a nuke in an American city, followed by an attack on Iran, and this is followed by an economic implosion."

July 25, 2010 update from site:


July 25, 2010 Update

Judicial-Inc went into remission in June of 2010 after 7 hosts cancelled, and a stalker targeted the Holy Reverend 'Jacob Judicial'. The church of Judical-inc has been offline for over a month, but the threats have increased making any renewal a risky proposition. Oddly, the 20 plus websites with the identical format haven't been touched.

The stalker is an ADL contracted gunzel named Jacob Levy, and it's been made plain that this site will not reopen. Within the last thirty days, I have received 8 threats.

August 30, Update

American Christian soldiers are being killed in Afghanistan in mysterious ambushes, Zio-crime abounds, and the economy falls deeper into a recession. It appears that all the other 'Free Speech' websites have remained untouched. Our church has received countless emails regarding a possible massive False Flag on America used to kick off the war in Iran, so Zionists can control the world's oil. Knowing the 'creatures' penchant for the dramatic, a possibility is the attack will occur on 9/11/2010. Because the last WTC attack didn't achieve the outrage intended, this attack should be a nuclear event. The WTC attack involved too many people, resulting in the discovery of Israeli specialists in a shootout on the first jet. With a nuclear bomb in an American city, all you need is a few Israelis at best.

The stalking, sponsored by the ADL, has actually increased. Car tires have been flattened, five separate incidences involving thugs approaching the Reverend Jacob Judicial in parking lots, and two incidences of local police following as the Most Holy Reverend as he took neighborhood walks.

The world needs Judicial-Inc more than ever, but web hosting companies won't touch the site, and from the ferocity of the various threats, it appears Reverend Jacob Judicial will face Zio-Wrath if he continues.

September 20,Update

The Zionist's plan for world control is in full swing. 50,000 troops are left in Iraq guarding the Mosul/Haifa pipeline, and the plush Green Zone, where the Zionists run the country from. In addition there are 80,000 mercenaries, and the Israeli controlled Iraqi police (Death Squads).

100,000 American troops are now shifting into Afghanistan, looking for Osama Bin Laden. The Zionists are rushing in Immigration Laws to legalize 20 million Mexicans. The radical Tea Party sponsors turn out to be three billionaires.

The culmination of all of this will be an economic collapse, a few years of darkness, which will be the catalyst for a New World government. It's forerunner is the European Union, and the 'Euro' currency. The key will be a False Flag on America, a 'super 9/11', which will be blamed on Muslims. Americans are sick of wars, so something is needed to justify annihilating Iran.

The ADL contracted stalker has flattened my tires again, and local police follow my car.

October 20, Update

The Zionist's plans for world domination plods along. The media clamors over the Kosher miracle called the Tea Party, whose Zio-puppets like Rand Paul, pretend to be crusaders. In Iraq, horrific market bombs killed close to 1,000. An Israeli tactic, that's purpose is to keep Sunnis and Shiites divided. As the war shifts into Afghanistan and Pakistan, Israeli teams blew up a Pakistan Mosque, killing 80. They quickly spread the rumor that the Taliban killed their fellow Muslims.

Halloween is in full swing as Zios claim two jets from Yemen were enroute to NY synagogues, and Obama scrambled two F-15 fighters to prevent a 'mini-holocaust.

Edgar Steele, a Free Speech attorney, has been silenced. He contends he is the victim of an ADL sting, which involved a plot to murder his mother with a car bomb.

The stock market is being artificially inflated to keep Americans content, and this will eventually make them angrier when the next 9/11 occurs.

Judicial-Inc has been contacted by a mysterious German, who will host the site in Iran. In the last month there have been three incidences with Judicial's ADL-sponsored stalker.

Oddly, the Neo-Nazis websites, the Holocaust revisionists sites, the Anti-Zionist scholars, the White Nationalists, Wiki-Leaks, the large alternative news sites, etc. have not been touched. Their holocaust message is 'Yes, the holocaust did happen, and millions were killed, but Auschwitz was a smaller number'. The alternative news medias say 'Israel knew about 9/11, but were not involved.' None of the 'Truth Teller' sites are discussing the Israeli death squads in Iraq and Afghanistan, the bombings, the mercenaries, the communist plot in the Sudan, recent Ponzi schemes, the OKC bomb connection to Elohim City, etc. The Kosher Nazis are back to discussing pillaging negroes raping white women.

The world need a independent website, not these silly Zio-Con hoaxers. As the economy deteriorates, people will need some sort of an communications where a real organization can start to take root.

November 28, Update

The Kosher Hoax, known as Wikileaks, goes rolling right along. Obama has offered Israel forty F-35s, a $5.8 billion dollar gift, if they freeze building settlements in the West Bank. Unemployment has reached new highs, 15% in some cities. Zionists are pushing for the "Dream Act" which allows Illegal immigrants to attend American State Universities at in-state tuition, qualify for student loans and Pell Grants.

The stock market is at new highs, and when it collapses the Muslims will be the Fall Guys. The car bomb attempt on Edgar Steele's wife, which he contends is connected to the ADL, is Page Six, and none of the Truth Tellers, such as Alex Jones, have said a word.

My local ADL stalker has hacked my credit card and bought an expensive camera.

December 2010 Update

During the worst recession in American history the stock market is at an all time high. The significance is that Zionists will use this to unload their stocks, and an 'Event' (False Flag attack) will coincide with the market's collapse. 50,000 US troops sit in Iraq guarding Israeli oil interests. Today there are 207,600 contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, mostly thugs, and wannabe US police. The mysterious attacks continue on US soldiers, as six die from a massive car bomb that was allowed into the barracks area in an Afghanistan installation. Israeli advisors on the base deny involvement.

It appears we are getting closer to an 9/11 event, but on a massive scale. The Zio-detective, sponsored by the ADL, has sent two mysterious packages to the Holy Church of Judicial-Inc., and knowing their involvement in letter bombs, and the anthrax attacks, makes these mysterious packages a threatening proposition.

Iranian TV news discloses Israel's involvement is killing US troops in Iraq.

February 2011 Update

A Zionist, named Jared Loughner, went on a gun rampage at a political rally and killed six people. The media covered up his ethnicity, and declared him a Neo-Nazi. Israel is stoking a revolution in Egypt, which is always a precursor to some sort of Zionist plot. The stock market is at an all time high, and an attack that destroys that Ponzi scheme, will sink American's dreams of a golden retirement. Naturally the attack will be staged to look like Islam terrorists.

AOL bought the Huffington internet site for $315 million, another propagandist tool bought with Christian America's 401K's. Judicial-Inc appears to be the only major website that has been forced off the internet, the Neo Nazis, the 9/11 truth seekers, the holocaust revisionists, are still up and running.

The timing of the next 9/11 attack still revolves around Iran, and it will be a mega event.

March 2011 Update

The Communist/Zionists have driven oil above $110. Their 10 year campaign of murder in Darfur has finally paid off, now the Sudan's giant oil fields are under their control. Their antics in Egypt are meant for destabilization, and a war motive regards the Suez canal. The crisis in Lybia is strictly about the Zionist grabbing the oil fields.

The main event is still the Jewilian's (nee' Zionist) dream of world domination. A one world government, where the Chosen Ones are the supreme leaders. They did it in 1918 Russia, Eastern Europe, and by proxy in the Americas. Oh, but to see the Red Crest on a new world currency is bringing them the light they deserve.

One must look into the Jewilian's psyche to understand. The creature has no soul, no belief in an afterlife. Their world is about sex, food, money, and power. They must push the world economy to the brink, and after a few years they will offer a destitute people a One World Government, with a one world currency.

The point of this website is to give an actual organizational tool, hopefully leading to some grass roots organization. If, in 1929, people had the internet, and became aware that the crash was a Zionist engineered wealth transfer, caused by the Federal Reserve contracting the money supply, maybe there would have been a concerted response.

In today's era of communication, the old excuses soon vaporize. To pull off another worldwide 1929 crash you need a real event and a fall guy. Logic says the event will be a nuclear 9/11 scenario, and Iran gets the blame.

Funding A Movement

The difference between good Christians and these soulless creatures, isn't their 'self-ordained IQ, it's their organizational structure, and their commitment to funding. They committed $20 million in gold to their 1918 Russian Revolution. Today's Zio-hoax is the 'Tea Party', and that's funded by Robert Murdoch, and the Koch brothers.

Reprecusssions Of Funding

You need to realize that the Zionists tag your every goggle search, your IP for targeted websites, your credit cards for every book you buy. Practically every event these Zios feel is detrimental is going to be monitored. No doubt that Jeff Bezos, the Zio head of Amazon, allows his fellows Israelis to program inappropriate book purchases. Just in America you have 13 million Zionists that seek to monitor anything that they perceive as detrimental to their tribe.

This isn't paranoia, or big brother, it's the simple fact that computers make these programs possible. Add in the internet, and monitoring is an everyday fact. Imagine a 'Christian Rally' for a new government. The Zios could tell you were there through credit card purchases, and the GPSs in your smart phones.

One day you will need to fund a Judicial-inc, or a website like it. It's real purpose will be to draw together a movement, which will eventually become a voting block.

The Real Momentum

The real fire starts when the economy collapses. In 1928 everyone was happy, but by 1931 an organized movement would have been easy if the internet existed.

Status Of Judicial

Oddly the Neo-Nazis, the 9/11 truthers, the holocaust revisionists, and internet crusaders are well financed, and up and running. Other than writers like Carol Valentine and Patrick Grimm, who have vanished, the rest are Kosher funded hoaxes.

May 2011 Update

The Communists/Zionists have driven gas prices to a national average of $4.56 a gallon. Gold is near $1,600 an ounce. Israeli snipers are shooting protestors in Syria, and Obama is sending white kids to die in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Libya, while Jewilian children enter Harvard at a 50% enrollment rate.

The stock market is at all time highs, and Zionists are well aware that they can't be seen as the manipulators of the coming economic implosion. It has to be a mega-9/11 type event, and point straight at Muslims. The most logical is a nuclear bomb in a midwest city.

July 2011 Update

Mid East Wars

The Zionists are in full swing trying to topple Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, with the goal of inserting puppet rulers. Zio-snipers, and Mossad bombers, are targeting demonstrators, and Syria's Assad and Egypt's Mubarack are blamed. One can assume an attack of sorts is planned on Iran.

The World Economy

Greece is the latest economy to collapse. The Zionists learned from the Madoff episode that anti Semitism is still ripe, so a world collapse has to be blamed on the Arabs. Sooner or later International Jewry will pull a 'False Flag' nuke, a 9/11 scenario, but this death toll will be staggering.

Status Of Judicial-Inc

The ADL funded stalker, Jakob Levy, continues with the harassment. The local police refuse to investigate.

Other Similar Websites

Oddly the Neo-Nazis, the 9/11 Truthers, the holocaust revisionists, and internet crusaders are well financed, and up and running. Wikileaks, the Zio-propaganda site, is in full swing. Other than writers like Carol Valentine and Patrick Grimm, who have vanished, the rest are Kosher funded hoaxes. Edgar Steele, a Free Speech, attorney was sentenced to 30 years. Steele maintains it was an ADL instigated plot.

The Real Answer

At some stage people will need to form a movement. The current problem is people are afraid of repercussions, and the economy is still viable. The worry about an association with a movement, and consequent individual identification, is a fable. As can be seen by the Rupert Murdoch (Nee' Moishe Green) scandal of 10,000 phone taps ... all your records are out there already. Israel runs computer programs on websites and ISP numbers, Google tracks your searches, Amazon tracks your reading material, your credit cards are followed, so Israel has dossiers on any potential dissidents.

November 2011 Update

Mid East Wars

The Zionists coined the phase 'Arab Spring' and are behind all the mideast tension. Mercenaries are behind the sniping, and car bombs. Naturally the American taxpayer is footing the bill. Oddly Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and all the Zio-puppet states are left alone. One can assume an attack of sorts is planned on Iran.

The American Elections

A total ship of fools, clueless as to how the world economy really works. Everyone of them falling over each other to get the Jewish vote.

Zionist False Flags

Norway sided with the Palestinians, and suffered a massacre of 80 kids on an island. The Zio-Hoax of occupying Wall Street purpose is to test the waters as to anti-Semitism for the wealthy class.

Status Of Judicial-Inc

The ADL funded stalker, Jakob Levy, continues with the harassment. The local police refuse to investigate. The chief is Jewish, and takes annual trips to Israel.

A Mega 9/11

That's simply a matter of time. It has to be a nuclear event, because of simplicity and minimal personal needed to be involved.

Other Similar Websites

Oddly the Neo-Nazis, the 9/11 Truthers, the holocaust revisionists, and internet crusaders are well financed, and up and running. Wikileaks, the Zio-propaganda site, is in full swing.

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