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Unspeakable Horrors Of Belzec

Belzec Concentration Camp

A Major Killing Center, Or A Jewish ' Fairy tale'?

Belzec – A Few Buildings

Jews would transfer here to be shipped to the Ukraine

Here Is The Camp?

Belzec Was A Few Wooden Shacks

The Entrance To What The Jews Say Is A ‘Death Camp‘

What Was Belzec?

Jewish historians claim that 600,000 came into this tiny camp, were gassed with a diesel engine, and buried. When historians went to look for bodies, they were told the bodies had been dug up, and burned.

The truth is, Belzec was a logging camp which consisted of five buildings, and a small rail spur. In mid 1942 the Germans used Belzec as a transit camp, where Jews being shipped to occupied Russia, changed trains.

Belzec operated 9 months from March 1942 till December

Belzec was a transit camp, where Jewish deportees then transferred eastwards into German-occupied Soviet territories.

Jewish Version

Between March and December 1942, at least 600,000 people were deported to Belzec, and killed. Most of the victims were Jews from the ghettos of southern Poland.

Where Are The Bodies?

Jewish legend says they were burned on massive bonfires, made from railroad tracks, and then the Germans hid the tracks

Jews said this was a “ Bone Crusher “

Beginning in October 1942, the Germans began to exhume the bodies of the murdered and to burn them in open air ovens made of rail tracks. This effort continued until all the bodies of those murdered at Belzec were cremated by the end of spring 1943.

1944 air photos show a few small buildings

This was old logging camp, and there were just a few small buildings.

Belzec Today

Jewish interests put a small memorial to the 600,000 they claimed die here.

If 600,000 Dead Were True

There would be archeological teams from Harvard, Yale, Brandeis, etc., digging up this small field. Teams have searched thousands of square miles in Egypt, for just a few bones.

Jewish high schools would send 1,000 kids there every summer to help.

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