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Whips, dogs, and a train ride to a death camp

Famous Holocaust Author Tours Grade Schools

Life In The Holocaust

Plano Is Blessed With A National Treasure

Marion Blumenthal With Her Family

Her Death Train Left Bergen Belsen For Auschwitz On April 10th 1945

A Jewish Girl From Peoria Illinois

After 50 years, a fog that had blocked Marion Blumenthal's memory finally clears, she now remembers she was in the Holocaust. She gets together with her cousin Lila Perl, a New Jersey writer, and pen meets paper, and a novel greater than 'Gone with the Wind' is born.

Speaking To Ten Yr Olds

Marion Blumenthal Lazan shows the Star of David that she was forced to wear as a child in Nazi Germany.

She Warns Of Iran

"We must get to that evil, or we're taking the chance of losing our freedom. And believe me, I don't want war. They're suffering under that regime already."

He wants to throw American babies into gas chambers.

Ms Blumenthal Knows The Smell Of Death

"Then the dreadful transports to the extermination camps started in early 1942," Lazan told the students. "In January 1944, it was our turn to be shipped out." They were sent to Bergen-Belsen, the same concentration camp where Anne Frank died.

Marian Blumenthal Has Odd Stories

Ms Blumenthal says, "We were starving so my Momma would make potato soup, and if Nazis caught us, we were executed immediately"

But holocaust documents show well feed prisoners.

According To Wikipedia

Ms Blumenthal is so famous that Wikipedia tells her story, and how women prevented frostbite. Marion said. "Young children would pick lice off each other's hair, and to prevent frostbite we urinated on ourselves"

A Train Of Horrors

In April 1945, the family was crammed into another train, headed for Auschwitz. The death train would stop every few hours and the Nazis would yell "Werfen Sie die toten bosies weg vom" (throw out the dead bodies).

Russians Saved Her From Certain Death

Before it reached the camp - after a two-week trip that should have taken 10 hours - they were liberated by the Russian army.

One Hell Of A Story

Auschwitz was liberated three months earlier (Jan 1945), and the Russians were almost in Germany. These must have been important Jews for Hitler to decide to fight through Russian lines, and break into Auschwitz!!

I Myself Have A Similar Story

My uncle Heim was the head engineer on Hitler's personal train. In August of 1944 the Fuehrer wanted to go to the Berchtesgaden to see the autumn leaves change colors. Heim arranged with Jewish partisans to have my other uncle, Benjamin Menkowitz, to drive Adolf Eichmann's train on the same track.

The trains collided doing 175 kilometers each, Heim and Bennie shouted 'Never Again'! Sadly, both my uncles died, but Hitler and Eichmann lived.

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