Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who Financed Mien Fuhrer?

The Nazi movement didn't just appear, it had to be financed

So Who Financed Hitler?

The standard line is that German industrialists(Fritz Thyssen, Albert Voegler, Adolph [sic] Kirdorf, and Kurt von Schroder) backed Hitler's rise.

Bush worked with the Brown Brothers Harriman bank to help Nazi Industrialist Fritz Thyssen secure loans and political support from Wall Street Bankers.

Where Did Germany Get From WW2?

Germany was destroyed, and a three year old could see it coming. All that stood between the Bolshevik plague and the free world was Germany.

Here Is A Zio-Flunky

Iran sits on the largest oil deposits in the world, so why bother with nuclear plants? If nothing else, just allow inspections by Christian groups.

If you really wanted a war with the West, there should have been a united front by all the Arab countries (Saudi, Iran, Iraq, Libya, the UAE, Egypt, etc). A simple oil squeeze, or just cornering the gold market, would be a cheap and bloodless, solution.

Is World Jewry Behind The Curtain?

Did they elect Sarkozy, Britain's Brown, America's Obama, Canada's Harper?

Are they evil monsters, or just always at the wrong place at the wrong time. When you see Bernie Colonstein at the last eight arson fires, with a can of gasoline in his trunk, is it coincidence?

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  1. I am sorry, but you are wrong when iy comes to who finanzed Hiyler. Please read this and the correct your web-sire



  2. David Irving says up till 1933 Hitler was financed by two Zionist general managers of 2 Berlin Banks. One was President of the World Jewish Congress.