Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Is Behind Hamas

What Is Hamas?

Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin Co-Founder Of Hamas

Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi Is The Other Co-Founder

Hamas Is An Israeli Front

It's core leadership is directed by Shin Beth. It is financed by 'mysterious foreign entities'. In reality, the money comes from the American taxpayer, financing covert Intel operations through Israeli fronts in Jordan, Syria, and Iran.

Hamas Was Founded In 1987

Sheikh Yassin was the front man. Hamas began as a charitable organization called Da'wah. Hamas. It built an impressive infrastructure catering to the social, educational, religious and cultural needs of the Palestinian people, most of them refugees living in poverty.

In the book “Devil’s Game", Dreyfuss reveals how the U.S. looked the other way when Israel’s secret service supported the creation of Hamas.

An Old Jewish Technique

Zionists live by intrigue, and directing the opposition is one of their favorite tactics. They provide a service that someone want, and that opens the door. In this instance, Hamas funded hospitals, and medical services.

Palestinians quickly accepted Hamas, and never questioned where they got the money.

Hamas Provides The Stage For The 'Play Of Terror'

Israel couldn't slaughter these Arabs without a pretense of terror. Hamas bombs that go off in Israeli restaurants mainly kill immigrants, foreign workers, and Israeli Arabs, but the Israelis scream to the world - "Hamas is killing Jews".

Maxim Restaurant Is Typical

An Arab restaurant, in Tel Aviv, is hit by a sophisticated bomb. Even though 90% of the injuries are non Jewish, the world is flooded with images of poor Jews being slaughtered by crazed Muslims.

Where Does Hamas Get It's Foot Soldiers?

IDF snipers often target a potential member's siblings. The IDF often kills an entire family over time, leaving the eldest. Hamas will approach the lone survivor with promises of revenge.

What Is The Point To It

The un-official CIA stand is that Israel's support for Hamas is a direct attempt to divide and dilute support for a strong, secular PLO by using a competing religious alternative.

The Absurdity of It All

In July of 2006, the Hamas militants that kidnapped the Israeli soldier, hold a press conference in the middle of Gaza. If they were real, the Shin Beth, or Yamas (IDF undercover teams) would shoot them in a heartbeat.

Israel's Yamas

These are counter intelligence operatives that live among the Palestinians.

"Make War By Way Of Deception"

Israel doesn't fight it's enemies, it gets it's enemies to fight each other. It had two oil rich neighbors, Iran and Iraq, who had enough money to buy fifty Russian nukes, and turn Israel into a parking lot, so Israel instigated the Iran- Iraq war. Afterwards Israel used Bush Sr with Desert Storm, and Bush Jr with Iraq 2003, to finish Iraq off.

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