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WW2 greatest hero killed 816 Japanese by himself

David Rubitsky The Forgotten Hero Of WW-2

He Was Stationed In Papua New Guinea

Rubitsky Killed 619 Japanese Soldiers From This Bunker

619 Were Dead But Another 1,000 Were Wounded

There Is Porkchop Hill And Rubitsky's Ridge

Japanese Made Songs About 'The Battle Of Rubinsky's Ridge'

92 Congressman Wanted Rubitsky To Get The Medal Of Honor

The Most Fantastic Tale Of WW-2

At the Battle of Rubitsky Ridge, a Jewish veteran claims he fought three thousand Japanese single handed, and saved his Battalion. In a second battle at Leyte he killed 200 more Japs, but the army refused him a medal because he was a Jew.

The Rubitsky Story

David Rubitsky was ordered to string communications wire to an American held bunker in a New Guinea swamp, infested by alligators, rats, and snakes.

Dubinsky's Bunker

He arrives with three others.

Thousands Of Japanese Attack

His buddies who accompanied him to the bunker saw four columns of Japanese troops converging on their position.

Rubitsky's Buddies Ran

They wisely decided to retreat to their main force position. David Rubitsky refused to retreat. He asked them to leave their weapons with him. He told them he intended to try to defend the bunker by himself.

Rubinsky fought for 21 hours.

Twenty One Hours Of Hell

With a grab-bag assortment of machine-gun ammunition, M-1 rifle bullets and hand grenades, Rubitsky opened fire. The ensuing battle lasted 21 hours, during which the Japanese homed in on the bunker with artillery and mortars, and Rubitsky wound up hit and hurt and bleeding from places he didn't realize you could bleed from.

An estimated 2,100 Japanese were wounded.

Returning US Soldiers In Disbelief

But when the fire ceased and his American buddies advanced upon the scene they found hundreds of bodies of dead Japs.

MacArthur Meets Rubitsky

General Macarthur asked him why he did it, and Rubitsky said: -"I got tired of hearing, Jews don't fight."

At Another Battle He Kills 200 More

At the battle of Leyte, David Rubitsky attacked eleven Japanese machine gun nests, and single handed killed 200 nips.

Gen Holland Smith

Rubitsky's website claims that Gen Holland, on his deathbed, confessed to his wife that Rubitsky deserved the Medal of Honor.

The Queen Gives Rubitsky A Medal

Rubitsky claims the Queen of England secretly gave him a British Medal of Honor.

If Rubitsky Gets The Medal

The rumor is that if this clown gets a Medal of Honor, then Hollywood will make a movie. In 1994 Kirk Douglas was to play Rubitsky.

Senator Herbert Kohl

He, and Nita Lowey, led a petition drive, and 92 senators signed it, to give Rubitsky the Medal of Honor.

Real Veterans Are Incensed

On Dec. of 1989, after two years of research, stated its official conclusion that Rubitsky claimed was a massive hoax.

Down The Road He Will Get A Medal

In 2001 the President signed the 'Jewish War Veterans Act' which says Jews make up 5% of the army and deserve 5% of the medals. Out of the 3428 Medals of Honor, only 13 were Jewish. What the act says is a 168 deserve the medal, so all records are to be reviewed and medals given.

So far eight were upgraded. A dentist who killed 99 Japs, a company clerk that stopped two King Tiger Tanks, and killed fifty Nazis. Even more fantastic tales are linked below.

NOTE: Reproduced in full from Judicial-Inc (including spelling errors)

Alternate judicial title for article: "Toughest Marine The Japs Ever Faced"

http://judicial-inc.biz/RRubitsky.htm (web archive)


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    1. Those "expressions" hurt your feelings? That's what they were called by the Men and others who fought them from that era and after.

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