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Lithuania is ravaged by Zio-bankers, and now their government to pay billions in WW2 reparations

Jews Demand Billions In WW2 Reparations From Lithuania

The American Jewish Committee

Lithuania Jews want compensation for Jewish property seized by Nazi Germany in World War II and kept by the Soviet regime. Rabbi Andrew Baker, head of international affairs at the American Jewish Committee, said it "Was too little, and too late, but they will accept it".

Jewish sources claim the Lithuanians ravaged WW2 Jews and now must pay, even though they claim the Soviet Union was the occupier until 1990.

American Politicians

On Wednesday, 25 US lawmakers urged the Lithuanian citizens to settle the issue this year. 5

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius Makes An Offer

In March, Lithuania agreed to 46 million dollars from a special government fund from 2011 to 2021.

Lithuanians Blame Zio-Bankers For Their Economy

Lithuania's economy contracted 18% this year alone, and is struggling to keep its finances afloat. "We say clearly that the compensation should be paid when Lithuania recovers from the economic and financial crisis," he added.

Vilnius Is The Capital Of Lithuania

Until World War II, Lithuania was home to 220,000 Jews. Vilnius was a cultural hub known as the "Jerusalem of the North".

What Really Happened In 1940 Lithuania

Stalin sent in the NKVD, backed by 9,000 Soviet troops, and they occupied Lithuania. At the time there were 210,00 Jews, and they went on a rampage of murder and thievery. The Jews took political control, stole everything of value, and turned in the wealthy Lithuanians as anti communists, and 250,00 went missing or were shipped to the Gulags. 4

Germans Free The Lithuanians in 1942

As the Wehrmacht charged towards Bolshevik Russia, the Lithuanians were freed.

Lithuanians Arrest The Jewish Traitors And Butchers

After the Germans ran the NKVD out, the Lithuanians went after the Jewish collaborators, and they were soon jailed and executed. 7

Wanted posters were everywhere.

Justice Was Served

NKVD collaborators were quickly strung up.

Re-Occupation of Lithuania by Soviet Union 1944

The Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania as part of the Baltic Offensive in mid 1944. It is estimated that the Soviet NKVD killed 250,000 white Lithuanians, as Jews reoccupied the country. 5

The NKVD Showed No Mercy

Anyone connected with imprisoning the Jewish collaborators was taken outside the town and executed.

The Lithuanian Holocaust

There was none. Germans were in a pitched battle with Russia, and there were no 'Death Camps'.

What Is The Real Story Here

The Soviet Zionists drained Lithuania from 1944 to 1992. Today most of the country's banks, assets and professional jobs are in Zionists control. They just want the country to pay for the 1942 episode where the Jews either ran to Palestine, Russia, or were tried as NKVD collaborators.

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This is a keystone event which must be brought up when discussing 9/11, or the Oklahoma City Bombing

The 2007 Value In The USS Liberty Attack

It becomes the Keystone for the Zionist's history of False Flags.

Attacked By Israel For Two Hours

The USS Liberty Flag

Will The Crew Ever See Justice?

You need to see the world through the eyes of the Zionist. There is no God, no afterlife, and consequently, no conscious. The real deal, according to Zionists is, they are supreme beings that walk the earth, they have super intellects, and their destiny is to rule the world.

The pecking order is, the Zionist is a demigod, the white European are cattle, the blacks are monkeys, and the Arabs are cockroaches.

The Crew's Justice

I am sorry guys, but if you expect any justice from our governmental leaders, you better take 'Longevity Pills'.

Only Good News Is The Internet

The delivery format is helping the USS Liberty. People can get history from both sides.

Measuring The Effect Of The Internet

It's like a scale and a counter balance. The amount of ridiculous websites, with their comical theories, to counterbalance the few positive ones is enormous.

Typical Negative Websites
- Alex Jones says, 'Johnson and the CIA, forced Israel into the attack'
- Starship Commander Abe Cristol says it was friendly fire
- Others say the USS Liberty was giving battle information to the Arabs
- Then some say it was to keep the world from knowing Israelis executed Egyptians
- Another site says that the US Government assured the Israelis that all ships were moved 100 miles away

Attacks On The Crew

The latest trend in websites is to discredit the remaining crew. During the June 9th anniversary I learned the attack was 40 min long, it happened in the cloud of 'Israel fighting for it's survival'. The real heartbreaker is I also learned the crew are 'Nazi sympathizers', and now are Anti Semites!!

USS Liberty Survivors

The latest Israeli writer's stance is the USS Liberty crew are a group of old feeble Nazis, who are actually funded by Al Queada.

Where Is The Truth?

The attack was deliberate and pre-planned. It was a Zionist False Flag to get America to attack Egypt. And the the 2007 value in the Liberty attack is, it becomes the crystal-clear cornerstone in countless hazy attacks Israel has pulled off.

When you think the Madrid Train attack, 243 dead marines in 1983 Beirut, Lockerbie, 9/11, and you hear "That's an anti Semitic conspiracy talk", then bring up the USS Liberty. In fact, when you hear the ambush of six female marines by 'mysterious killers', then put it in the context of how vicious Israel was to use napalm on the USS Liberty crew.

Next time you are at a cocktail party and Tad and Muffy Witherspoon say: - "Today we read that Israel orchestrated 9/11, but that is absurd!". The standard answer should be, 'Did you ever hear about the USS Liberty?'

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It's 1943 and Germans push Russians out of Riga and Bolshevik atrocities uncovered, and the town takes it's revenge - 7 min video

Did the Nazis make the Jewish men undress for their executions, or is this voyeurism?

The Execution Of Jewish Men, Woman, And Children

Nude Jews Shot At Auschwitz's Wall Of Death

Jewish Bodies Absorb Bullets Preventing Ricochets

David Irving Approaches The Sacred Wall

After Laying The Flower Irving Reflects

These Nazis Truly Were Monsters

Everyday hundreds were marched to this "Wall of Death", an innocent Jewish father with his son, a Jewish Momma with her toddlers. Nazis would say to the adults: - "Halten Sie das Kind im fromt Ihres Herzen" (Hold the child in front of your heart), then one bullet would kill both.

When tourists asked why there are no bullet holes, the Auschwitz guides are silent. I, myself, believe that God vaporizes the bullets, and killed his Chosen Ones himself, so as to not desecrate their bodies.

Camp legend says that angel Gabriel would appear, and after the bullets were fired he blew a trumpet. The Nazis were so terrified from the 'Heavenly Glow' they looked away, when they looked back they saw the bodies floating to heaven.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is the ADL so adamant that a resolution teaching the Armenian Genocide should be banned?

Why Is The ADL Involved In The Armenian Genocide Dispute?

Local ADL Leaders Pressure their Constituents To Write Congress

"We must stop the Armenian Genocide Resolution"

Gates And Rice Storm Out Of Congressional Meeting

Bush Wants The Genocide Resolution Dropped

Why All The Panic?

The real reason that no one wants to discussed this is because, the Armenian Genocide was the most brutal slaughter in history. In the period from 1917-1939, the Bolsheviks killed a large majority of Russian white Christians, but they did it over many years, and used the cover of famine and world wars, to hide their crimes. Russia was their country, and they controlled the press.

But in Armenia, they attacked like werewolves, and the massacres were horrifying, and some documentation leaked out.

What Was The Armenian Genocide?

In 1914 a group called the 'Young Turks' took over Turkey's government, and exterminated 3.7 million Armenians.

What Is The ADL Position?

The ADL pressuring the US Congress not to pass the Armenian Genocide bill.

American Armenians

There are 8000 Armenians in Watertown and they want this massacre acknowledged.

Pelosi Is Delaying The Bill

Pelosi pushes the vote on House Resolution 106 back. The Congressional resolution would acknowledge the mass killings of Armenians nearly a century ago as genocide.

The Florida ADL Director

"I don't think revisiting the issue is necessary," said Dennis Kainen, chairman of the ADL's Florida regional board. "I believe the statement is clear and I think the ADL has gone a long way."

The Boston ADL Office

"This is a very significant moral issue," said Nancy K. Kaufman, and is a Congressional acknowledgement of Armenian genocide necessary?

Foxman, who did not return calls, has said for weeks that the ADL has gone far enough on this issue, and other people attending today's meeting share his point of view.

Turkey's President

Eric Edelman(L) talks to Abdullah Gul during a 2005 meeting at the US embassy in Ankara. Edelman, a former US ambassador to Turkey, has flown into Ankara for talks aimed at cooling a diplomatic row sparked by a US congressional vote labeling the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks an act of genocide

What Is The Big Deal?

According to Jewish historians some 300,000 were displaced and put into camps because of the events of WW1. There was famine, a little disease, and some may have died.

This Was A Bolshevik Slaughter

Turkey at the time was 9.2 mil and the 4.6 million Armenians were the wealthy Christian elite. A group called the 'Young Turks' took control and killed 3.7 million Armenians and drove the rest into Syria, and a small area to the west.

They Killed An Entire Nation

They dragged the Intelligentsia into the town squares and hung them.

A Scene Outside A University

They took the professors and cut their heads off, and that's how they got 4.5 million people to walk into the desert.

The Great Mystery

Did the Armenians farms, houses, gold, towns, all vanish? Everything is still there but the Russian Khazars now own it all.

Picture Attacking The Hamptons In 1920

You seal off the roads, march everyone to the garbage dump, and hack them to death. Then you take their gold, cars, and walk into your new mansions, and for years you have been considered old respectable money. Now ninety years later, someone wants to teach this in public school?

This is why everyone is screeching about teaching this genocide in schools.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Penn State professor savagely kills his wife with a crowbar and gets five years

Ivy League Professor Kills Wife

A Tenured Israeli

His salary was $150,000 plus benefits

He Was A Full Professor At The University Of Pennsylvania

He Took A Crowbar To His Wife

Rafael Robb Is An Israeli

An Ivy League professor pleaded guilty Monday to voluntary manslaughter for killing his wife as she wrapped Christmas presents last year, telling a judge he "just lost it" during an argument.

Rafael Robb, a tenured economics professor at the University of Pennsylvania who is originally from Israel, faces a likely prison sentence of 4 1/2 to seven years for bludgeoning his wife, Ellen, on Dec. 22, 2007. 4

The Wife

Raphael beat her to death with a crowbar. He claimed they argued and she pushed him.

Extremely Bloody

The prosecutors estimate there were at least nine blows, and she died a painful death. She hardly had a face left.

Judge Paul Tressler

A fellow Zionist will sentence him. The judge gave him five years, and he could be out in two years. 7

Prosecutor Sees A Good Man

"It's a classic heat-of-passion killing," said Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor.

Israelis' Attorney Seeks Probation

Robb's attorney and prosecutors say Robb feared his wife was leaving him and would keep him away from their daughter. Sentencing will likely take place in a few months. Guidelines call for a term of 4 1/2 to seven years, but Castor said state law allows anything from probation to 10 to 20 years.

Fellow Professors

His fellow Zionists claim it is a shame to waste his brilliant mind.

Did Izzie Fall Prey To Young Co-eds?

I can see his dilemma of standing in front of a room of young enticing coeds, starring at a sea of legs. His hand picked assistants, the long hours, the preferential treatment, and blond haired Shiksas. Then he comes home to a nagging frumpy wife, reminding him he is a Shlemiel, one step out of the ghetto.

The All Powerful System Of Sayanims

You need to understand the system of the Sayanim, which says a Jew must always protect, and help another Jew. This particular monster bludgeoned his wife, to the point she had no face left. At best you have the lower echelons of the police that are non Zionists, but they are told 'Think of your careers'. Because the Zionists have infested the Judicial, you see the Phil Spectors and others walk.

At most he gets a nominal sentence, early probation, and his tenure reinstated.

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CBS article on case:
"Family Strife Sparked U. Penn Prof's Rage"

wikipedia entry on Rafael Robb