Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alex Jones 'Terror Storm' is number 11 on google video

Alex Jones

A Two Hour Video

This Video Is Number Eleven On Google

Jone's video gives you an insight into False Flags (bomb a facility, and blame another country). It is so ridiculous, it borders on the hilarious.

Alex Jones states that governments, and their leaders, stage events for their own motives. Alex says that President Johnson used the innocent Israelis to attack the USS Liberty, so he could nuke Egypt, and we could control the mideast and it's oil.

This Isn't Rocket Science

In 1917 Schiff financed 300 Bolsheviks/Zionists/Communists from New York to overthrow Russia. Next they moved west toward Europe, but the Germans stopped them. They sunk the Lusitania to get the US in WW1, and slaughtered Germans in the Danzig corridor of Poland to start WW2. They have been behind every war since then. The great revolution is not Chinese, or Korean, or Ecuadorian, the revolution is Bolshevik.

The War In Iraq

Zionists could give a sh*t less about the 'Holy Land', their interest began 90 years ago when oil was discovered.


That is just a swindle. Tell the Peasants to kill the Nobles, and install you. Ninety years later Russia is bankrupt and thirteen Zionists/Oligarchs control the wealth.

Who Are These Swindlers?

The ones that control Hollywood, the news medias, the drug trade, the porno trade, gun smuggling, the US government, etc.

How Does It End?

Once they control the mideast, they collapse the economy, the world sinks into despair for years. Then, on the horizon comes a champion who will lead us out of the abyss with a one world government, and a new currency based on gold and oil, which they control.

Alex Jones' Terror Storm

You would think these Zionists would at least come up with something that wasn't so ridiculous. But then again, why should they? They took a few pictures of seventy pound typhus victims, and convinced the world that millions were killed. At Auschwitz they said 4,000,000 were gassed in a two car garage with bug spray, and there are no bodies because the Nazis used 'Bone Crushers'.


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