Sunday, August 22, 2010

A counter argument on Jewish intelligence

Are Jews Smarter Because Of Inherited Genetics?

This Book Says They Are

But This Study Says Their IQ Is Really Only 90

Are Jews Feeding Us More Gibberish?

Does the fact that the top ten Ivy League universities are controlled by Jewish Presidents, help explain why the schools Jewish enrollment averages 30%. Does the fact that the newspapers and TV are under Jewish control, account for the enormous amount of positive publicity Jews receive, and the negative publicity the Muslims get..

Then you might start thinking that Oscars, Nobel Prizes, or even Medals of Honor, might have nothing to do with merit, but rather who is in control.

Herrstein and Murray

The authors of the Bell Curve say ~ "Jews are smarter through a combination of hereditary and environment"

Studies show 23 per thousand Ashkenazim have an IQ over 140, as opposed to 4 per thousand Northern Europeans. Growing up, most children in Jewish households are at intensely aware of their intellectual aristocracy.

Dr. Richard Lynn Questions Jewish IQ's

According to Richard Lynn the IQ of the average Israeli is 90.

It makes a person wonder how Israelis developed all the high tech military and space equipment?

The easy answer is all Jews are dual citizens, with their first loyalty to Israel. The people that have used leveraged buyouts to gain ownership in defense companies, may be supplying this equipment at US taxpayers expense.

Berlin In 1933

Jews made up a mere 1 percent of the German population, but they made up 50 percent of all the doctors in Berlin and 60 percent of all the doctors in Vienna.

Efron, author of Medicine and the German Jews: A History says - “Jews are smarter and they are use to overcoming adversity. They were stifled geniuses living in a ghetto, and they finally emerged."

Was Einstein A Genius?

Einstein was a patent clerk, who knew about the value of prior art. He was not a babe in the woods. When he published his Relativity work he failed to footnote or give credit to anyone like Del Pretto, Lorentz, Poincare and others who are really the minds that gave us Relativity.

Einstein impregnated his 13 yr old cousin, and their first child was born out of wedlock Albert left her for another woman and Mileva spent the rest of her life struggling to support herself and her children, including a psychotic son.

Did Louis Brandeis Just Scam The System?

Brandeis parents were wealthy Prague Jews that left Europe in a hurry, one step in front of John Law. With their wealth he attends Harvard, becomes well heeled and connected lawyer, and is appointed to thge court by Woodrow Wilson.

He talks Wilson into WW1, was influential in the Balfour agreement, and an avid Zionist.

Another Jewish Icon!

Schlomo Freud, born in 1856 in Czech Republic. He hated his Poppa and was overly protected by his mother, who he had sexual feelings for. He went to the University of Vienna and lived in London.

His great work centered around scatology and sex. He discovered that girls like their daddy, and boys liked their momma.

This 'trendy Jew' experimented with cocaine and heroin and became hooked. He bedded every woman with a skirt, including his sister in law.

His Strange Relationship With Anna

There was always a question mark with Freud and his daughter. Andreas-Salomé often remarked about Anna's adoration of her famous father.

Oddly, Anna Freud never married.

War Heroes

It seems the US Army overlooked a flock of Jewish war heroes. Veterans like Rubin Tibor and Benjamin Solomon, were recently found to have killed hundreds in various actions. Both out did Audi Murphy!

Or does this have to do with a new law passed, that says the Armed Services must award 168 Jewish boys medals to meet the 'Jewish War Veteran Act of 2001'?

Where's The Answer?

Are we dealing with super IQ geniuses, or are they simply con-artists in an extended US family of 9,000,000? Do they receive college grants and scholarships because they are genius, or because of their interconnecting web of control.

If a government accountant hits the 'Delete button' on Shem Finkel's college loan, is it an Act of God, a stroke of luck, or just a sayanim doing his duty.

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  1. funny how 'eugenics' theories are supposed to all be bullshit (according to the jews) but THEIR intelligence is definitely genetically related. They disgust me. I totally believe in eugenics and genetically inherited intelligence, but, inbred middle easterners aren't on the list. Being a shrewd conman does not make one a genius.

    1. Having been engaged in the jewelry industry for over forty years I've dealt personally with hundreds of jews. On the whole, their business practices on the surface seemed quite good, beneath the surface they were dishonest. The key to successful dealings with them, one needs to be on his toes at all times. I'm German-American and in my dealings with the Jews I've always come out on top. The few times I did not come out on top, I was conned by those Jews that I believed to be trustworthy. I can no longer trust any Jew and I no longer will deal with them. I don't need the aggraevation. To my mind, dishonest buisiness practices are not smart at all, but dishonesty does seem to work for them.

  2. Jews claim they are smart and the supposed proof is based on their acquisition of wealth.
    The Jew isn't smart , The jew is cunning and acquires wealth through a myriad of schemes whose success depends on the unawareness of it's victims.
    If a psycho rapes an unsuspecting victim it doesn't make him smarter just because he had more sex than you.
    Both the jew and the psycho's defense will be that you're just jealous of their success.