Saturday, August 28, 2010

Did the Nazis make the Jewish men undress for their executions, or is this voyeurism?

The Execution Of Jewish Men, Woman, And Children

Nude Jews Shot At Auschwitz's Wall Of Death

Jewish Bodies Absorb Bullets Preventing Ricochets

David Irving Approaches The Sacred Wall

After Laying The Flower Irving Reflects

These Nazis Truly Were Monsters

Everyday hundreds were marched to this "Wall of Death", an innocent Jewish father with his son, a Jewish Momma with her toddlers. Nazis would say to the adults: - "Halten Sie das Kind im fromt Ihres Herzen" (Hold the child in front of your heart), then one bullet would kill both.

When tourists asked why there are no bullet holes, the Auschwitz guides are silent. I, myself, believe that God vaporizes the bullets, and killed his Chosen Ones himself, so as to not desecrate their bodies.

Camp legend says that angel Gabriel would appear, and after the bullets were fired he blew a trumpet. The Nazis were so terrified from the 'Heavenly Glow' they looked away, when they looked back they saw the bodies floating to heaven.

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