Sunday, August 22, 2010

If it's Sunday then it's Holocaust Survivor time

He Lived Through The Holocaust

The Scars Run Deep, Even His Children Are Effected

Oh God The Inhumanity Of It All

Now The Next Generation Is Scarred

The Fisher Holocaust Fund

Fisher Fund to file class action lawsuit against German government next week, following failed talks to reach compensation agreement for some 40,000 second-generation Holocaust survivors, who 'have suffered severe mental and psychological damage'

Lawyers Sue Germany

A class action lawsuit representing 40,000 second-generation Holocaust survivors will be filed against the German government at the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court next week, following failed attempts to reach a settlement with Germany.

A Stolen Childhood

Children of survivors plan to file class action against German government, demanding that it recognize traumas caused by childhood in shadow of Holocaust

Horrors Beyond Belief

The lawsuit, which was formed after collecting testimonies and data, including professional psychiatric opinions, and the resulting trauma. Many second generation Jews will not eat chicken after the atrocity at Belzec, that's where chickens ate the bodies, leaving no evidence.

A House With No Joy

"The second generation grew up in families where clear deprivation of joy reigned in many areas of life. Living in the shadow of depression, grief, and parents' sense of guilt, has created a strong affinity to pain and loss among these children," the suit reads.

The Trauma Of A Picture

Second-generation children often show signs of psychiatric psychopathology, emotional problems just by seeing a picture of dead relatives.

Kids Being Told About their Relatives

Parents finally give in and explain why there are no family functions, where their relatives went.

Suicide Is A Major Problem

Although none have been verified, most Rabbis contend that up to 8,000 second generation holocaust survivors have sought relief through death.

There Is A Lost Of Faith In G-d

Go to a play lot in Tel Aviv and even 12 yr olds say, "Where was G-d"

Even Trains Hold Memories

One plaintiff, 55, is afraid of traveling on buses as they remind her of the trains that took Jews to the extermination camps. She is subject to panic attacks and takes tranquilizers.

Afraid Of Dogs

Another plaintiff, who says she was raised in a dark, dirty home by parents suffering from depression, has developed fear of dogs. Today, she is emotionally disabled.

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    Maybe they've just got the same psychological problems the paki's have, being so fucking inbred.