Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lithuania is ravaged by Zio-bankers, and now their government to pay billions in WW2 reparations

Jews Demand Billions In WW2 Reparations From Lithuania

The American Jewish Committee

Lithuania Jews want compensation for Jewish property seized by Nazi Germany in World War II and kept by the Soviet regime. Rabbi Andrew Baker, head of international affairs at the American Jewish Committee, said it "Was too little, and too late, but they will accept it".

Jewish sources claim the Lithuanians ravaged WW2 Jews and now must pay, even though they claim the Soviet Union was the occupier until 1990.

American Politicians

On Wednesday, 25 US lawmakers urged the Lithuanian citizens to settle the issue this year. 5

Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius Makes An Offer

In March, Lithuania agreed to 46 million dollars from a special government fund from 2011 to 2021.

Lithuanians Blame Zio-Bankers For Their Economy

Lithuania's economy contracted 18% this year alone, and is struggling to keep its finances afloat. "We say clearly that the compensation should be paid when Lithuania recovers from the economic and financial crisis," he added.

Vilnius Is The Capital Of Lithuania

Until World War II, Lithuania was home to 220,000 Jews. Vilnius was a cultural hub known as the "Jerusalem of the North".

What Really Happened In 1940 Lithuania

Stalin sent in the NKVD, backed by 9,000 Soviet troops, and they occupied Lithuania. At the time there were 210,00 Jews, and they went on a rampage of murder and thievery. The Jews took political control, stole everything of value, and turned in the wealthy Lithuanians as anti communists, and 250,00 went missing or were shipped to the Gulags. 4

Germans Free The Lithuanians in 1942

As the Wehrmacht charged towards Bolshevik Russia, the Lithuanians were freed.

Lithuanians Arrest The Jewish Traitors And Butchers

After the Germans ran the NKVD out, the Lithuanians went after the Jewish collaborators, and they were soon jailed and executed. 7

Wanted posters were everywhere.

Justice Was Served

NKVD collaborators were quickly strung up.

Re-Occupation of Lithuania by Soviet Union 1944

The Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania as part of the Baltic Offensive in mid 1944. It is estimated that the Soviet NKVD killed 250,000 white Lithuanians, as Jews reoccupied the country. 5

The NKVD Showed No Mercy

Anyone connected with imprisoning the Jewish collaborators was taken outside the town and executed.

The Lithuanian Holocaust

There was none. Germans were in a pitched battle with Russia, and there were no 'Death Camps'.

What Is The Real Story Here

The Soviet Zionists drained Lithuania from 1944 to 1992. Today most of the country's banks, assets and professional jobs are in Zionists control. They just want the country to pay for the 1942 episode where the Jews either ran to Palestine, Russia, or were tried as NKVD collaborators.

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