Friday, August 13, 2010

Sewer rats saved me from Mengele and Auschwitz

Florida College Holds A Holocaust Seminar

Living National Treasures

Local Jewish Survivors Tell Horror Stories

Florida Has Mandatory Holocaust Instruction

Any school that wants public funds, has to have mandatory courses. State Jewish groups send in 'Holocaust Survivors' to impress the teachers.

College Of 8,000 Students Holds Seminar

A room full of educators gathered Monday at Tallahassee Community College, hoping to discover a renewed approach to teaching the Holocaust.

A workshop, sponsored by the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center in Hollywood, Fla., gave more than 100 teachers from the Big Bend a snapshot into the lives of 11 survivors.

It Is A State Mandated Program

Barbara Goldstein, who is a co-chairs the council, said the state mandates Holocaust education in all grades. She said the Holocaust should be taught with both sensitivity and knowledge of its impact.

The Stories Break Your Heart

Jeanine Burk, this poor girl hide under the floorboards of a gentiles apartment for six years!

Solomon Radasky

He was a sonderkommando and he had to throw live children in the ovens.

Narrow Escape From Mengele

Teresa Murphy, a world history teacher broke down crying at Miriam Fridman, a survivor who narrowly escaped being picked by Josef Mengele.

Mengele At The Train Station

Heir Doktor determined with a flick of his riding crop who went left to the gas chambers and who went right, and lived.

Eddie Weinstein

He escaped from Treblinka six months before the camp opened.

Living In The Sewers With Rats

Rita Hofrichter, a Holocaust survivor says she has nightmares of escaping the Nazis through slimy sewers, filled with rats.

She often thought she would die in those sewers. She remember praying: - 'Please, God. Not to the rats. Not that way.'

A Chance To Speak To A Real Survivor

Each table consisted of one survivor who was asked questions by teachers who were seated with them.

Murphy said the workshop renewed her commitment to teaching the Holocaust. She said, "Now, I can say I sat with a Holocaust survivor."

The Whippings

Essie Bogart, an 81-year-old survivor said it does her heart good to see so many teachers willing to listen. She admits it's painful to relive that part of her life, She still has scars on her buttocks.

The Horror Of Dwarf Twins

Mengele was a nut on twins, and when he was finished experimenting on them, he boiled them alive to display their skeletons.

How Can A Rational Person Swallow This

If 4,000,000 were buried at Auschwitz, then every Zionist controlled university would have archeological teams there. The holocaust revolves around the testimony of fifty Jews at the Nuremberg trials.

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  1. solomon radasky witnessed kids being thrown into the fire he didn't do it himself

  2. hahaha nothing like a jewish yarn - stories as told by satans children, the greatest liars in mankinds history.