Friday, August 20, 2010

85 year-old holocaust survior fights anti Semitic deer

Alfred Tibor

'El Matador' or 'El Bullshit Artist' ?

Did this 130 lb holocaust survivor really bulldog 300 lb deer ?

Anti Semitic deer or just a silly fairy tale

On the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz every 'Full Moon Barking Jew', on the planet, hit the circuit with a story to draw attention to their tragedy. We had the standard tombstone swastikas, Amtrak threats, Synagogue graffiti, Prince Harry wearing a swastika, imaginary assaults, but by far, the best was Albert Tibor.

So What Happened!

Alfred Tibor claims a 300 lb deer broke into his house, ran upstairs, and tried to gore him to death. He fought the deer for 15 minutes, dragging it down the stairs and locking it in a bathroom. The police came, and shot it.

Animal experts are doubtful about his story, but Jewish scholars say " It's a sign from G_d ".

The attack

A 300-pound, ten point buck, crashed through the door, and into his Tibor's home. It was berserk, shattering glass, uprooting plants and splattering blood throughout the house. Mrs. Tibor was in the upstairs computer room when she heard a noise that sounded almost like a bomb.

The deer charged upstairs, broke into the bedroom and attacked Alfred with it's antlers. Cornered in a bedroom, the deer was just jumping on the bed, on the wall and on the dresser, " said Susan.

Tibor says: ..."He charged at me, and if he would touch me here, I would be dead," says Tibor. I don't know where I got the strength, but I grabbed his antlers and dragged him downstairs."

Tibor's history

Alfred Tibor was born Alfred Goldstein in Konyar, Hungary, in 1920 and is a Holocaust survivor. He lost his entire family of 40 relatives to Auschwitz.

Tibor has confusing story

He says he was an Olympic gymnast in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, and then became a circus acrobat. He tried to immigrate to America, but was denied entrance.

When the war started he was drafted into a German labor battalion on the eastern front. Amazingly he was then was in a Hungarian labor battalion. All his relatives were gassed at Auschwitz.

In this picture, he carries around, he is also a soldier.

Next, Tibor goes to Russian gulag

Later Tibor was captured by the Russians and became a prisoner in a Siberian prison camp, and spent six yrs there.

Tibor Brother Is Executed

Tibor was one of two survivors from a group of 273 men in his camp in Siberia. His twin brother Tibor Goldstein, was executed in a camp by firing squad.

Tibor immigrates to America

He was freed from the Gulags in 1947, and learned only him and one brother survived.

He changed his name from Alfred Goldstein to Alfred Tibor, and arrived in America in 1947.

Tibor becomes famous'

Today, Tibor is a world-renowned sculptor, Holocaust survivor, and holocaust speaker.


A 300 lb deer runs into the house, up the stairs, and a 84 yr old, 130 lb man fights it for 15 minutes. He drags it downstairs, and puts it in the bathroom.

His holocaust story is even more ridiculous. He was captured by Russians in 1942, in Hungary. The Russians weren't in Hungary till late 1944.

His whole Hungarian family was gassed in Auschwitz in 1941, but even Jews claim no gassings before June of 1943. So Tibor was a soldier, acrobat, Olympic contender, Russian Gulag survivor and now a Matador?




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  2. I know alot of fundementalist Christians who believe this hoax lock,stock,and barrel.