Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why is the ADL so adamant that a resolution teaching the Armenian Genocide should be banned?

Why Is The ADL Involved In The Armenian Genocide Dispute?

Local ADL Leaders Pressure their Constituents To Write Congress

"We must stop the Armenian Genocide Resolution"

Gates And Rice Storm Out Of Congressional Meeting

Bush Wants The Genocide Resolution Dropped

Why All The Panic?

The real reason that no one wants to discussed this is because, the Armenian Genocide was the most brutal slaughter in history. In the period from 1917-1939, the Bolsheviks killed a large majority of Russian white Christians, but they did it over many years, and used the cover of famine and world wars, to hide their crimes. Russia was their country, and they controlled the press.

But in Armenia, they attacked like werewolves, and the massacres were horrifying, and some documentation leaked out.

What Was The Armenian Genocide?

In 1914 a group called the 'Young Turks' took over Turkey's government, and exterminated 3.7 million Armenians.

What Is The ADL Position?

The ADL pressuring the US Congress not to pass the Armenian Genocide bill.

American Armenians

There are 8000 Armenians in Watertown and they want this massacre acknowledged.

Pelosi Is Delaying The Bill

Pelosi pushes the vote on House Resolution 106 back. The Congressional resolution would acknowledge the mass killings of Armenians nearly a century ago as genocide.

The Florida ADL Director

"I don't think revisiting the issue is necessary," said Dennis Kainen, chairman of the ADL's Florida regional board. "I believe the statement is clear and I think the ADL has gone a long way."

The Boston ADL Office

"This is a very significant moral issue," said Nancy K. Kaufman, and is a Congressional acknowledgement of Armenian genocide necessary?

Foxman, who did not return calls, has said for weeks that the ADL has gone far enough on this issue, and other people attending today's meeting share his point of view.

Turkey's President

Eric Edelman(L) talks to Abdullah Gul during a 2005 meeting at the US embassy in Ankara. Edelman, a former US ambassador to Turkey, has flown into Ankara for talks aimed at cooling a diplomatic row sparked by a US congressional vote labeling the mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks an act of genocide

What Is The Big Deal?

According to Jewish historians some 300,000 were displaced and put into camps because of the events of WW1. There was famine, a little disease, and some may have died.

This Was A Bolshevik Slaughter

Turkey at the time was 9.2 mil and the 4.6 million Armenians were the wealthy Christian elite. A group called the 'Young Turks' took control and killed 3.7 million Armenians and drove the rest into Syria, and a small area to the west.

They Killed An Entire Nation

They dragged the Intelligentsia into the town squares and hung them.

A Scene Outside A University

They took the professors and cut their heads off, and that's how they got 4.5 million people to walk into the desert.

The Great Mystery

Did the Armenians farms, houses, gold, towns, all vanish? Everything is still there but the Russian Khazars now own it all.

Picture Attacking The Hamptons In 1920

You seal off the roads, march everyone to the garbage dump, and hack them to death. Then you take their gold, cars, and walk into your new mansions, and for years you have been considered old respectable money. Now ninety years later, someone wants to teach this in public school?

This is why everyone is screeching about teaching this genocide in schools.

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  1. I am in shock and in total disbelieve that Armenians (the most peaceful nation) was slathered by Turkish on their own homeland. Just to get rid of the entire nation (that are Orthodox) in order to take their land and to make Armenian women/girls their slaves and force to covert them into muslim. Disturbing and inhuman way cutting open pregnant women, raping and beheading them, and killing children in front of their parents eyes. (even Nazi haven't get that creative). It's even sadder to learn that Turkey still denies involvement, using excuses that there are no enough proof. In 1915 no much cameras was used ,especially to film event like that. However, distinctive Turkish men dress and turbans of the time is present on the pictures , where this man are clearly act as a cold blooded killers. Shame on Turkish nation , nothing will clean your history and its reputation.

  2. Corrupt peoples want to hide this hideous crime. but does it matter.. God knows the truth about this sad history of deaths! Israel should be %100 percent behind Genocide recognition, the Armenians are our brothers and for a long time have always read they have Jewish blood in their veins, but as I have gotten older and more knowing, it's the other way around, Jews today have Armenian blood in their veins! God Bless this ancient biblical nation of the first Christians