Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Austria's Neo-Nazis stay silent on Haider's assassination

Neo-Nazis Decide To 'Stand Down' On Jorg Haider's Assassination

Strans Wolfgang Baider (nee Izador Blume)

Nazis Accept That Haider Was An Accident

Due To A Prior Engagement At The Fineman Bat Mitzvah They Can't Protest

The Faces Of Terror

Whew, And I Thought We Would See Riots

Isn't it odd how these fearsome Nuevo-Hitler Youth have stayed silent on Anna Lindh, Jorge Molleman, and now Jorg Haider. Of course I find it odd that these groups were silent on the 9/11 attack by Israel, the USS Liberty, the OKC bomb, or countless other brutal killings linked to international Zionism. Even during the current banking swindles the 2008 Nazi Party is silent.

Could it be that Austria's dreaded Neo-Nazis are just another silly Zio-hoax? Are they just a 2008 version of Commander Frank Collins?

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  1. that was really something how they murdered him, you heaqr nothing of itnow or then.