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The Woman Mengele Couldn't Kill

Brutality At The Hands Of The Monster - Dr Mengele

Eva Kor - 'Will she ever forget?'

Can she ever forgive?

Eva And Her Sister Were Twins In Auschwitz

Mengele Awaits For Eva And Her Twin

Is Eva Kor The Real Deal?

Eva Kor is a well paid Holocaust speaker, and supposedly, was part of Mengele's experimentations in Auschwitz. By 'The Grace of God', she survived, and lives to tell us her tale.

Here is her story, read it, and decide whether it's an absurd fairy tale, or the 'Real Deal'.

Arrival at Auschwitz

May of 1944, Eva and her twin arrive from Transylvania. The Nazis sent her entire family of 117, to the gas chambers. Eva saw her parents, grandparents, two older sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins, all killed.

Because Eva and Miriam were twins, they were spared.

Menegele Awaits With 'Glee'

Eva remembers how the cattle car's doors swung open, and a Nazi monster yelled "Schnell! Schnell!". My mother grabbed Miriam and me by the hand.

As I clutched my mother’s hand, an SS man hurried by shouting, "Twins! Twins!" He stopped to look at us. Miriam and I looked very much alike. "Are they twins?" he asked my mother. "Is that good?" she replied. He nodded yes. "They are twins," she said and the SS guards rip us away from our mother!!

Our screams fell on deaf ears. I remember looking back and seeing my mother's arms stretched out in despair as we were led away by a soldier. That was the last time I saw her.

Dead Children In The Latrine

"The first time I went to use the latrine located at the end of the children's barrack, I was greeted by the scattered corpses of several children lying on the ground. I think that image will stay with me forever.

It was there that I made a silent pledge - a vow to make sure that Miriam and I didn't end up on that filthy floor."

Eva Sees Mengele Sew twins together

Eva later recalled how a set of Gypsy twins were brought back from Mengele's lab after they were sewn back to back. Mengele had attempted to create a Siamese twin by connecting blood vessels and organs.

The twins screamed day and night until gangrene set in, and after three days, they died

Gruesome Experiments

Mengele often would drain Eva of her of blood till she fainted. She saw other twins sterilized, blue dye injected into their eyes, limbs amputated, and castrated without anesthesia. Mengele injected her with germs, and years later her sister died from cancer .

The Twin's Real Fear

Mengele had a standing rule, if one twin died, he would always kill the second twin.

1996 - Eva Moves To Terra Haute, Indiana

Kor rents a two room building, fills it full of trinkets, posters, old pictures, and calls it a museum.

Nazis Strike Again

In November of 2003 there is a mysterious fire, which the ADL is convinced was White Supremacists. Kor's insurance claim was $350,000, while the contents were some posters, pictures, books, and a work outfit, worth $10,000.

Film Makers Follow Eva To Auschwitz

In 2004 Eva goes to Auschwitz with 60 students. Video

Eva Breaks Ground On New Museum

In 2004 a Terre Haute bank has raised $300,000 and the Indiana governor helps Eva break ground.

Eva's Story Just Doesn't Add Up

In August of 1944 the Russians front lines were at her door, and I doubt Nazis were interested in using trains to ship Eva anywhere. Then you also need to believe that German doctors sewed people together, castrated kids, amputated limbs, injected blue dye into their eyes, etc etc.

The odds are 20 to 1 she wasn't even in Auschwitz, and 1,000,000 to 1 that she saw kids sewn together.

90% of these Holocaust stories have been proven fakes. She also claims that some left a note that they burnt her museum because of Timothy McVeigh.

Now you have to wonder who really set that fire?

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  1. There have been thousands of eye witness reports and pictures and video and even old nazi's have admitted to the horrors that were done...Dr. Munch is one. He personally signed a parer saying that the horros of the gas chamber and medical experiments were real!!!! But that was all a make believe story to! How did you know??? Auschwitz and Dachau and Ravenbruk all made after the fact just to corroberate these "stories"!!! what gives you the right to assume and say these things?! I have met Eva and to look in that womans eyes and see the pain and hurt in her eyes is the most horrific thing ever!!! And for you to sit here and state these outlandish dare you people like you are the reason that people like eva are discredited...have you seen the documents...stating the blood transfusions of scarlet fever/syphilis/and typhus that were injected into her...Eva Kor was most definitly in Auschwitz and the horrors that she saw there no one can ever imagine...and nazi's did do unethical experiment including (but not limited to ) eye color injections, removing of organs, attempted sterilazations involving x-rays and removol of part or all of the internal and external sex organs, removal of limbs (with out anesthesia) and trying to create siamese twins by attaching twins with out proper medical treatment sterile instruments and anastetic. soem of the most common experiments were injecting a person with germs to see if the other twin would some how "know" that the other twin had died (which is one thing that Eva herself experenced)...also you uneducated fool he nazi's shipped jews from thier home and ghettos utnil the nazi's actualy offically declared defeat. And in most cases the camps stayed compleatly opperational untill allied soldiers showed up to liberate the poor humans that had suffered with poor food lack of water food and proper nutrient and slave labor not to mention other types of torture unimaginable. Eva Kor was in Auschwitz and the horros she suffered and the mind chilling things she saw there you or i could never imagine... so before you accuse some one of making it up just to get paid, check your facts...its people like you that make people like Eva seem like a lair when all they are doing ios trying to prevent these horrible things from happeing a wouldn't tell an iraq war vetran that there is a 1 in 1,000,000, chance that he really saw the thing he/ she could you do that to some who saw the things eva saw?...btw im a 17 year old high schools student and i'm more educated and way more intellighent than you could ever hope to be


    1. just one little thing to have in mind: a german soldier NEVER would had have bodys of dead inhaitants of a camp laying around in a toilett.
      That kind of misshelding af a whatsoever facility would have caused draconic punishments.
      So... yes, this woman was probably in Aushcwitz or another camp and probably she also has seen gruefull things.
      But there are some facts which are just not correct.
      And that makes her story even to me suspicious

  2. I think you're a very pathetic person and extremely naive. You actually make my blood boil, you have no consideration for Eva's feelings or any respect for the soldiers that died trying to stop the Nazi's and their disgusting, awful, sickening camps. Are you just stupid or did you ever research and look at any evidence of the camps, the dead bodies, the pictures of experiments? and you think that man is innocent and she lied. Why the hell would she lie about anything like that? That's awful. How about you go to war and do something better with your life than sit and try and make others sound like liars? You are very stupid and I agree with Kesley above. You are a sick, twisted, pathetic rascit little shit. I think you need to learn some respect to be fair. Obviously you have no idea about anything and maybe you should try researching facts and not your own little pathetic world of discrediting people and trying to make them look like liars. You really need to counselling/

  3. Go Kelsey!!!;) You are so right girl!!!

  4. I have EXTENSIVELY researched the so-called "Holocaust." Not only have I swallowed the propaganda from Hollywood and the public schools, but I have actually questioned that view and considered alternative, I have MORE information in order to make a more-informed and better conclusion about the matter....which is how I am able to know that the "official" story is an elaborate lie.

    Yes, there were camps. But they were NOT "extermination camps." They were WORK camps. And NOWHERE NEAR 6 million died. And there were no "homicidal gas chambers." Zyklon B is an, used to kill lice in order to prevent disease...such as typhus. Those who died in the camps did so not from murder, but overwhelmingly from disease...mainly typhus.

    Do you really think the Germans made soap and lampshades from Jews? Or shrunk their heads?

    The Holocaust is a hoax...a canard. Please see the following articles for the proof:

    "6 million" LIE:

    - NY Times reports in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"
    - Jews alleged a "holocaust" of "6 Million" Jews in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI
    - New York Times reports that Russia's "6,000,000 jews" were "facing extermination by massacre" in 1921!
    - The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the "sacred" 6 million number


    - Dachau - The U.S. Army and Government lies about "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers"
    - WWII German Camps Not "Extermination" Camps - Thyphus Epidemics Cause of Emaciated Bodies and Deaths
    - The "Human Skin Lampshades" and "Nazi Shrunken Heads" Psyop - "Evidence" Presented at Nuremberg

  5. Have you ever been to the death camps? Have you seen the rooms full of hair? have you seen the photos of mass graves? Why does it only seem to be no jewish people who dont think the holecaust was real? Some were work camps yes but people died in the thousands there surely you can have more evidence to prove your theory than a couple of lame mad theorys.

  6. I agree with Kelsey!
    This is not right.
    You sick horrible person!

  7. okay i'm half german and my great great grandfather was a nazi in the holocaust and he told my grandfather about the things they did to the jews and how horrible they were and my grandfather told my dad and my dad told me. i'm only 16 years old but i know my grandfather was not a liar. anyone who says the holocaust is a lie can go to hell. my great grandfather was there and why would he lie about that. i was told he had nightmares every night about the things they did to the jews. THE HOLOCAUST IS REAL!!!!!

    1. My grandfather was in the SS and he told me that the hollowcost was a lie, so you are lying you are most probally a jewish troll, the international red cross was there and only counted up to 275,000 dead in all camps, the american army even issued an order after the war to imprison anyone telling this lie. It unbelievable that stupid people belive lies withou proof. p.s. there wernt 6 mill. jews in europe at that time we didnt get everyone, so f.u.

    2. the prisnors were better fed than soldiers, you saw foto of starving german soldiers, the americans even flew in a director from hollowood, wilder , to stage the fotos and films. please stop jewish trolls from spoiling the truth.

  8. You are just an attention whore. Working camps would starve people to death and expect them to work?! There are pictures to back the claims. There are thousands of eye witnesses. There is video to support the horrors. You obviously like to argue with people or you are just a complete moron.

    1. They didn't starve people to death in the work camps. The prisoners were better fed than ordinary German civilians. Starvation became an issue when Allied bombing of the railroads meant that supplies failed to reach the camps.

  9. Too bad all your "soruces" are all from the same blog. When did blogs start being credible?

  10. ^

    "Mainstream" sources are cited in many of those articles from the blog (eg, the New York Times claiming that "6 million" jews were "facing holocausts" in 1906 and 1921).

    Not that I believe "mainstream" sources are credible to begin with. Any sane person knows they are absolutely not, as they lie to us on a massive scale on issues of any importance (eg, 9/11, JFK assassination, Iraq war, etc).

    And then, for example, you have the Dachau article where the blog provides the US Army's own video where they claimed that "homicidal gas chambers" were used at Dachau to "exterminate" people. Turns out it was a massive lie. Even proponents of the "official" Holocaust story now admit that there were no "homicidal gas chambers" at Dachau. Yes, there was a gas was a DELOUSING gas chamber...used to kill lice and other parasites in order to prevent typhus and other diseases.

    There was no extermination at Dachau. Those who died there did so from typhus and other diseases (read Wikipedia's article on Dachau).

    It's the same with all the other camps. They were not "extermination" camps...there were no homicidal gas chambers...the only gas chambers were delousing chambers....and those who died in the camps did so not from any "extermination progam", but overwhelmingly from disease.

  11. Hey, dumbass, this is a loosing battle. I think you should stop arguing your point. Eva may, or may not, have been at Auswitch. Believe what you want. But, there IS evidence of gas chambers, experiments and whatnot. ok? So, just shut the fuck up. This is a highly insulting article, and I think you should stop contradicting yourself.

    Mainstream sources were sited, but you don't believe in them? If they're an absolute lie...then why did you use them? There are many holes in your argument wacko, I suggest you get your shit strait BEFORE you post an article on the World wide web.

    1. Your reply is not even credible, horrible spelling errors, profane language and incorrect usage of words - please become literate prior to trying to refute someone else's errors on a public forum. Also, please educate yourself regarding the debunked holocaust myths.

  12. My grandmother was at Auschwitz and was also the subject of of some of Menegele's experiments (though not a twin) and I can personally attest to the fact that she would awaken from her sleep screaming at least 2 or 3 times a week from nightmares that she was back there. I have heard her story, she is no liar. My grandmother had 7 brothers and sisters. Her eldest sister had a son. My grandmother was the only one to survive. Menegele personally threw my grandmother's nephew onto a bonfire after calling him beautiful (that was also the last time my grandmother saw her sister). People like you are the reason I fear the future. People like you are the reason why I believe something like this can happen again.

    1. are you jewish, how much did they pay you?

  13. I don´t understand how somebody can beleive that the holocaust is a lie.There are so many evidences,so many stories,pics and you still think that the concentration camps were just working camps?Thats whant Nazis said the world and Jew so they would fight when taken to the camps.When they were entering the gas chambers Nazis told them it was to kill the bugs and to take a shower and then they killed hundreds of them right there.How come there are still people who think that holocaust is just propaganda?You are saying you don´t believe propaganda,but what you are saying is old Nazi propaganda...I´m from Slovakia.Before the war there were many Jews here.There were even whole Jewish towns.After the war only few remained and I myself don´t know any Jew just because most of them were killed in concentration camps.I have been to Auschwitz for a trip.I have seen the pictures of the people and kids.They were just bones so skinny you can´t even say if they were girls or boys.Do you think it was because they wanted to lose some weight so they look good or what?Or some kind of anorexia?I suppose you have never been to Europe,have you?If you came,you would change your mind...I think you should reconsider your sources´cause they make sick person of you.

  14. From Norway...

    I just wonder... Where did all the jews go then..?? All the names, documents that they have lived, whitneses who saw them either at their home or in "camps". Where did they go?! What about the overwhelming amount of evidence, pictures, statements (from bouth sides!) etc?? Why even question this?! Is it all just a lie..? Or is the truth too much to handle for you?

    Dwight Eisenhower- "photograph everything, for one day someone will say it never happend"...

    1. the german gov. is asking for names for the hollowcost meuseum, because they have only around 10,000 verifiable names, you telling me the pedantic germans who went to the trouble of giving each a number, like your social securityno., and had no list of names, not even one? some camps were overun so there was no chance to destroy evidence, ask ibm they made the computer car4ds for the prisoners.

  15. you insult every brave man woman and child who played a part in defeating the nazi machine you deserve the same fate as those you show no sympathy no doubt you are brave with the word and pen but the ultimate coward when it matters most your article is pathetic

    1. missing the point here

    2. the germans were the only ones to oppose the NWO who are coning to fck your ass and when they do you wish we would of won!

  16. hahahahah lone wolf, figure.. I'm guessing ( edjucted guess of course) that your extensive research has brought you in your travels to the "so called" concentration camps? Of course they did, auschwitz, you have been there? in the city ? for a chilled long glass drink, or did you visit the camp? see the proclaimed proofs of the nazi trophy cabinate? of course your knowledge of the nazi-ism isn't based on the word of a newspaper or the town cryer, you yourself have seen the pride the ss had shown in the genocidal procedures, the results that they were so proud of that it ultimatly became their own prison. they of course had none of the role model drive that the kkk had shown in their secret rampages on racial issues, oh, but they didn't kill 6 million ??? no of course not, then again they did not have public oppinion or support, I'm kind of guessing that you yourself are basing your oppinions an not your knowlege that you so selfrightiously proclaim as the truth, I suggest for the sake of a worthy disscussion, book a flight to not the city, but the camp of the victims of the holocaust!! Then make an educated once you have talked to they remaining people who experienced the rain of ashes.

    1. i have been there, you since when did you speak polish?

  17. Hey Lone Wolf ....
    When you said
    'There was no extermination at Dachau. Those who died there did so from typhus and other diseases (read Wikipedia's article on Dachau).'
    Just thought I'd let you know that anyone can make up a wikipedia account and edit information on the site or write invalid information. So of all the sites you can use in a debate, dont use wikepedia as its very unreliable.

    When you state 'Zyklon B is an, used to kill lice in order to prevent disease...such as typhus.'your actually right it is an insecticide but, Zyklon B IS actually harmful to humans as it has a form of cyanide in it. If fatal concentrations of it are exposed to the pores of the skin, if they it is taken in through the respiratory organs or through the mouth as it cuts oxygen off from the cells. Thats the reason why when handling it people wear gas masks and suits, and also the reason why it is kept in gas tight tins.
    I would also like to point out there was infact delousing gas chambers, but their was also extermination gas chambers. Im not certain if there was extermination chambers in Dachau, but Auschwitz definatley did have them and used Zyklon B, not at first, but later on. Theres just too much evidence to say it didnt.

    Another thing,when you said 'But they were NOT "extermination camps." They were WORK camps.' you make it sound like even if there were no extermination camps that it was completley acceptable for the Nazis to take people against their will, take away their belongings and make them work for no pay, so basically slavery. You've just made it sound like you think that its okay the Nazis made people into slaves instead of killing them. Learn to debate well.

    As for saying this woman is lying, who are you to say she is lying? were you there with her at the time of her experience?
    By writing this article, you have actually shown your lack of respect towards people.
    If she has lied, then she is an extremley terrible person for doing so. But myself and clearly many other people believe she hasn't lied, I mean why would she?

    And Finally, yes lone wolf there are a lot of conspiracies in the world, but I really doubt that the Holocaust was one of them.
    Do you really believe thousands people who have probably never even met all made up the same lie? its not like everyone was situated in the same camp to be able to do this. Come on, Its common sense.
    And theres so much evidence of the holocaust, that there is really no point of you arguing that there wasn't one.
    If you think that anything I've put here is incorrect please dont hesitate to write back.

    Also I agree with alan, I also think you've based this on your opinions and not on your knowledge.

    1. Try 'making' up something about the holocaust that doesn't fit into the Jew narrative and see how many hours your page lasts.

  18. a.) the Holocaust is real
    b.) although zyklon gas is an insecticide it releases posionuos fumes (HCN)
    c.) there are REAL victims and REAL papers and REAL artifacts from the REAL HOLOCAUST!!!
    so don't even say its fake u can't make that up!!! :D

  19. Another point I'd like to make. Notice that I do not censor comments. I allow those who disagree to post whatever they like. I believe in REAL freedom of speech. Also, I have nothing to fear from the opposing side, because I know that I have the facts, logic, and reason on MY side. So when all the arguments and facts are put on the table, my side will win the argument.

    But notice how the Holocaust proponents and the media/academic/etc "establishment" deals with those who question the "official" "Holocaust" story. They are shouted down, censored, and silenced. In many European countries (such as Germany, France, and Austria), you will face criminal charges (fines and imprisonment) if you question the least bit of the "kosher" version of the "Holocaust" story.

    Brave men such as Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel were deported from America and spent time in German prisons for this.

    What do proponents of the "official" "Holocaust" story have to fear? Why do they have to silence those who oppose their version of events, and prevent a discussion/debate over the facts? Why?....because the facts are NOT on their side.

    The truth needs no law to compel people to believe it. Only LIES do.

  20. I think some of you are missing the nature of the argument of "Holocaust deniers." As I said above, we acknowledge that the camps existed, and jews were in the camps, but that there was NO "extermination" going on at all.

    So, for example, Eva Kor here may have been in a camp, but her stories about "homicidal gas chambers" or "Nazis sewing twins together" are outright lies.

    Many of the so-called "Holocaust survivor" stories are beyond outrageous, and clearly lies. Even the most famous "survivor" stories are now proven false...including Simon Wiesenthal, Anne Frank, and Elie Wiesel.

    Please check these few examples out:

    1. "Survivor" Moshe Peer claims he was sent to the gas chambers at least six times and survived!

    2. Alleged "holocaust survivor" Irene Weisberg Zisblatt in her "memoir" titled "The Fifth Diamond" claims she hid 5 diamonds from the Nazis by eating them and retrieving them from her excrement for 15 months, was injected with chemicals in her eyeballs by Dr. Mengele, was the "only survivor of her 40 family members", and was poisoned with chemicals to destroy her reproductive organs and yet "miraculously" had two post-sterilization children after the war.

    3. Survivor™ William Lowenberg claims a magician friend gave him a magic thirst-quenching pebble while at Auschwitz so that he did not drink water for 3 years, but survived on his saliva alone. Lowenberg also claims he survived on a diet of merely 200 calories a day, and that Dr. Mengele castrated some jews, and injected animal semen into others.

    4. The so-called "Diary of Anne Frank" is a proven fraud, with large parts of the document being written in ballpoint pen, when ball-point pens were not available in the market until 1951, well after the war. The document is a forgery written by a novelist hired by Anne's father Otto.

    5. Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Prize winner and perhaps the most widely known and celebrated Jewish "holocaust survivor", is a well-documented liar, who among other things claims to have "survived 12 death camps." Wiesel was interned at Auschwitz and correctly fails to mention anything of any "gas chambers" in his memoir "Night", but claims that geysers of Jewish blood spurted out of the ground at Babi Yar and that 10,000 Jews a day were killed at Auschwitz by being thrown alive into burning ditches, which all historians say never happened, let alone ten thousand times a day for months.

  21. [above post continued]

    6. Infamous "Nazi hunter" , "Holocaust historian", and alleged "holocaust survivor" Simon Wiesenthal has now been acknowledged (even by jews) to be a total fraud. Among Wiesenthal's absurd claims are the following: He was in 13 "death" and work camps, yet "miraculously" survived them all. He walked 170 miles on a gangrenous foot with a recently amputated toe -- and without a shoe and only the sleeve of a coat covering the foot! His gangrenous foot and leg "miraculously" healed without any medical aid. Then there are the numerous "miraculous" escapes from death, including one where he falls unconscious in sub-zero temperatures, is mistaken for dead, only to be discovered alive just before going into the crematorium oven, and simply given a cold shower to thaw out.

    7. Morris Hubert says a jew was thrown into a cage with a bear every day at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

    8. Alleged "holocaust survivor" Katalin Weinberger claims she saved the life of her sister, who was deathly ill with typhus, by "burying her in ground for 30 days with a pipe sticking up through soil to breathe."

    9. Alleged survivor Judith Perlaki claims the gas chambers at Auschwitz were "as long as 50 football fields" (50 x 300ft = 15,000 ft = 2.84 miles), that Germans "tied women’s legs together to stop them from having babies", the Germans would "hold prisoners under the water to see how long they would last until they would freeze to death", and that she was served soup with rats and live mice in it.

  22. [continued]

    10. Eva Olsson, alleged inmate at the Bergen-Belsen camp located in northwestern Germany, claims there were "homicidal gas chambers" there and that she "witnessed" "five children at a time burned alive in the crematoriums" at the camp. But now even proponents of the "official" Holocaust account acknowledge that there were not any "homicidal gassings" at any of the camps on German soil.

    11. Alleged former inmate of Treblinka Yankel Wiernik claims, among other things, that he "witnessed" a naked Jewish girl leap over a three-meter (10 ft.) high barbed wire fence, wrench the rifle out of the hands of a pursuing guard, and shoot two guards before she was overpowered, that German guard named Sepp would "frequently snatch children from their mother's arms and tear the child in half", that 10,000 to 12,000 corpses at one time were burned on giant outdoor pyres, and that the corpses of men would not burn but the corpses of women burned easily and were "used for kindling."

    12. Rivka Yosselevska claims she witnessed "blood spurting out of the ground" at a mass grave where jews were allegedly executed.

    13. Other purported Holocaust survivors have claimed "witnessing" a Nazi "electric machine to collect the sperm of jews" and "attack dogs with poison on their teeth."

    --Read many more absurd "Holocaust Survivor" stories here

  23. Have you ever been to Auschwitz, Poland??????? I have. as soon as i past the "arbiet nacht frei" gate my stomache started to churn... the energy is there.... you can feel just plain death as soon as you walk inside... you should see for yourself... get your head in the right place... dont they teach history where ur from?

    1. Well, if you insist on 'thinking' with your emotions rather than your brain; what more is to be said?

  24. This is obviously a person suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder, which is common diagnosis for someone laboring under delusions of conspiracy theories and such great distrust of mainstream media.
    As much as this disgusting individual makes my blood boil, we should all pity him/her, and stop commenting on this article as it is only serving to fuel the delusions.
    That being said, "Lone Wolf," you are a pathetic, worthless excuse of a human being, to insult the memories and lives of the victims of the Holocaust. I hope you die. And in a manner very similar to the way the Jews were murdered. Then we will see who's spouting off bull shit about there never being any "extermination."

    1. ouch- does it hurt?
      I mean.... what is it u try to say here?
      Looks like blind hatring....
      Hope, u feel well.
      But tell me pls, does this makes u a better human?

    2. I hope that the spewing of this blind hatred makes you feel better, Olivia, but you haven't addressed a single one of Lone Wolf's points.
      Indeed, you show all the hallmarks of brainwashing. Yet another individual who 'thinks' with her emotions.

  25. ^Classy comment there Olivia. Nothing but ad hominem attacks (ie, name-calling). Oh, and you are wishing for my death. Interesting. Now we see who REALLY has murderous intentions...not HolyHoax deniers, but proponents of the HolyHoax canard.

    As for your derision of what you call "conspiracy theories", the reality is that anyone who trusts the lamestream...errr I mean "mainstream" Establishment media, presumably such as yourself, is in need of a mental evaluation.

    As far as who was REALLY exterminated during and immediately after was the GERMAN people...not the jews.

    The Allied bombing of German cities (such as Hamburg and Dresden) killed an estimated 600,000 (low estimate). This was a REAL "war crime", as the intent of the bombing was to terrorize the German people by killing civilians in mass.

    Also, the Allies deliberately starved to death German POWs in open field concentration camps after the war. They also put into place a deliberate policy of genocide against the German people immediately after the war, and killed millions of Germans by mass starvation. An estimated 1 million German POWs and at least 2 million German civilians were murdered by starvation after the war.

    This policy of genocide against the German people was engineered by a jew who advised Franklin Roosevelt by the name of Henry Morgenthau, Jr.. His plan was called "The Morgenthau Plan", and called for the starvation, sterilization, or deportation of the German population. This is admitted in this article.

    Immediately after the war, millions of other ethnic Germans were expelled from their lands in what is now the Czech Republic and Poland (ie, land that was stolen from Germany and given to those countries after World Wars One and Two). An estimated 2 million died in those expulsions.

    If you think I'm just making this all up....well it's admitted even by your beloved "mainstream" media:

    - How three million Germans died after VE Day (Telegraph)

    - Did Lancaster bombers that killed 600,000 in German cities deliberately target civilians? A new book says YES... (Daily Mail, UK)

    - The Post-WWII Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-1950; Estimated 2 Million Ethnic Germans Die in Expulsions

    - Dresden - A True Holocaust And Act Of Heinous Terrorism

  26. Lone Wolf,
    I have been researchign the Holocaust for many years, and have always been interested in it. You need to stop living in a eutopian world and face these facts: The Holocaust is Real, The Nazis killed more than you can dream of, and they DID hold people under water to see how long the could survive. Dr. Josef Mengele, The Angel of Death, or have you now heard of him because of how uneducated you are? Well, he did do grisly experiments. He performed those without a glance. He tortured twins, attempting to create many Aryan twins, and for approval. From child-hood neglect one man killed hundreds and thousands of Auschwitz-Birkenau inmates. Welcome to the real world, so-called "Lone Wolf". Don't you dare, EVER, insult Eva Mozes Kor. She is a brave survivor adn you need to be quiet and cut your losses

    -Sam, a believer,a TRUTH-TELLER, and one who won't go through any length to lie about one of the most horrific events in history

  27. Lone Wolf, I'm curious as to why you are so defensive...? One that is confident in his "truth" doesn't feel the need to make others believe it.

  28. ^hahaha

    I'm defensive?? Look at the Holocaustomania proponents who've posted here ranting and foaming at the mouth calling me all kinds of vicious names, and even saying they want me to die.

    As for the order to have someone come to understand the truth on any matter, it is necessary to PROVIDE INFORMATION and FACTS that demonstrate that truth. That is all I've done here.

    The only thing most people have had shoved down their throat their entire lives (from Jewish-controlled Hollywood and television, etc) is the Holyhoax propaganda (eg, the sacred 6 million lie, the human soap and human skin lamshades lies, the mythical "homicidal" gas chambers that were in reality insecticidal delousing chambers).

    Most people have never heard the truth on this matter.

  29. There is a huge difference in being defensive and offended.
    In all seriousness, why do your views have more validity?

  30. you have to bee a real dumb fuck to think that the holacaust is a hoax. suck my fat ass balls bitch.

  31. ^lol

    you are 'fine' representative of the caliber of person who supports the Holy Hoax fable

  32. Lone Wolf, you sound like a reincarnation of Hitler. You are vile.

  33. ^
    Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were what is called "controlled opposition." They were lead, funded, and controlled by elite jewish interests in the ruling international banking circles.

    It has now been revealed, for instance, that Adolf Hitler had jewish ancestry.

    National Socialism (ie, Nazism) is a movement rooted in Marxism/Communism, which was an ideology created by jews and lead by jews ever since.

    The Nazis "persecuted" the jews by confiscating property and putting them in camps (but NOT any "extermination" program) in order to provide the pretext for the creation of the jewish state of "Israel" in Palestine. European jewry was content to live in Europe and did not want to move to the desert of Palestine. Thus, they needed to be "scared" into making such a move. The myth of the Holocaust aided in that goal.


    - Adolf Hitler's DNA shows North African and Ashkenazi Jew ancestry
    - On the Jewish Funding, Control, and Leadership of the Third Reich
    - Adolf Hitler - A puppet of International Jewry tasked with the destruction of Germany
    - Occultist Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party tools of the Synagogue of Satan; "persectuted" lesser jews as pretext for creation of state of 'Israel'
    - "Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel" by Hennecke Kardel

  34. Lone wolf, you doesn´t understand a thing about it. There is a big difference between concentration camps and extermination camps. Dachau, for example, is an concentration camp. Here people were collected and deported to other camps, like Auschwitz, an extermination camp or to work camps, if you were lucky. Please know the facts before you give your opinion.

  35. ^I know Dachau was not an extermination camp. But you know what? Immediately after the war, the U.S. Government and Holocaust proponents alleged that Dachau WAS an "extermination" camp. They claimed that inmates were murdered at Dachau in "homicidal gas chambers."

    But later they dropped those claims, and they acknowledged that is was NOT any "extermination" camp. The inmates that died at Dachau did so overwhelmingly from disease (ie, a typhus outbreak near the end of the war).

    But there was a "gas chamber" at INSECTICIDAL delousing chamber used to kill lice and other pests in order to prevent typhus and other diseases. That's what Zyklon B insecticide. And that's why the inmates heads were shaved before they went to these delousing chambers (ie, to get rid of lice).

    The point is that the Holohoax proponents LIED about Dachau's gas chambers and it being an extermination camp. And they are ALSO LYING about the remaining 6 camps they currently claim were "extermination" camps -- Auschwitz, Treblinka, Chelmo, Majdanek, Sobibor, and Belzek.

    Check out the lies about Dachau in the following article:

    Dachau - The U.S. Army and Government lies about "extermination" and "homicidal gas chambers" - Microcosm of the Holocaust™ Fraud

  36. suck my dick bitches cuz the holocaust is real hahaha

  37. ^Wow...another intelligent, thoughtful, and civil post from a HolyHoax supporter. And full of facts and appealling to logic and reason as well.

  38. So Lone Wolf, what exactly are your degrees and background in the matter of the Holocaust? And your information is so outdated and unoriginal that it is pathetic! All of these points that you use as 'proof' that the holocaust didnt happen have long been proven to be wrong and the works of delusional, hateful people.

    Deniers always use the same few points of contention and its just pathetic...move on! get over your hatred and prejudice.

    i unlike you do have an extensive background in the holocaust. I have studied it for years and hold post graduate degrees in the field...people like you usually take this hateful stance because they have pathetic little lives and this is the only way they can make themselves feel better...

    For the rest of you responding to this nonsense, I would recommend that you don't even bother, this type of outrage is what these people want, I have learned that by constantly debating deniers until I realized that they are like broken records and they relish being ignorant and there's the simple fact that it all comes down to HATE...I have found that the best thing to do is to simply refuse to debate with these people because it does nothing but give them a platform to further their HATE and IGNORANCE agenda! don't waste your time, because that's all deniers are....a WASTE OF TIME AND SPACE!!


  39. Don't wast your time debating this piece of garbage...I have spent years studying the Holocaust with the graduate degrees to prove it...I have debated several deniers and their one and only agenda is HATE!

    All deniers spew the same exact garbage. It hasn't changed in 50 years..The only thing that has changed is the fact that there is more and more evidence proving the holocaust happened coming to light everyday. So when their theories get debunked they turn to attacking the survivors...PATHETIC!

    Don't waste your time and breath on these people. They want to incite a vicious debate as a way of getting their insane rhetoric out there, don't be their pawn!!


    1. u just wasted more of ur time and of space on this site.
      njoy ur post graduate degrees...
      uhm... more and more evidence... yes someone is still producing "garbage" as u call it to cover up to proof an old lie right with a new one....
      must be something essential, those producers of new evidence have to protect- don`t u agree?

  40. ^LOL. So it's all just "hate"??

    You expect us to believe that use of the buzzword "hate" is supposed to negate all the actual evidence I've provided, and suspend logic and reason b/c of your fallacious appeal to emotion tactic? Same old lame tactics. Not going to work. All your supposed "education" and degrees don't mean squat. That's just brainwashing from the pro-Holyhoax establishment.

    For a person supposedly so "refined" with degrees or whatever, your posts reek with vicious ad hominem attacks upon myself and childish "appeal to emotion" argumentation.

    And the reason you won't debate people such as myself is because you would LOSE the argument. The facts and reason are not on your side.

    All you can do is hurl insults and utilize fallacious ad hominem and appeal to emotion "argumentation."

    You're right...I do "hate" though...I hate LIES...and I hate that the good and noble German people are so viciously slandered and demonized by the Holy Hoax dogma...which is why I work to expose the lies of the Holocaust Hoax industry.

    Do yourself a favor and actually read the articles I've provided above in these comments.

  41. I do not think that it is prudent to claim that the holocaust did not happen. However, there is a valid argument for a degree of blowing-out-of-proportion by the western media, after all, history is written by the winners. I honestly think that it is childish to result to name calling in these sort of circumstances, considering that, though many people may be offended by the sentiments expressed here, it is merely a strand of argument. I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not agree with Lone Wolf on this, as is my prerogative as an independent human being. I want to pick up on a factor which is propounded by many heavyweight historians: that of "cumulative radicalization" In a nutshell, this means that the original Nazi ideology was not so extreme, and it is the effect of multiple factors which eventually force the application of policy to be more drastic than originally intended. I provide 2 examples:
    1) The Difference in policy between the Nuremberg Laws and The Final Solution, namely that Hitler only wished to deport Jews to Palestine (ironic really thats what the Americans did)Himmler changes his mind: or rather Himmler initiates policy that is far more drastic.
    2) Action T4: Though originally just to be used to euthanize severely disabled children following review by three doctors, it eventually was radicalized (not by policy but by those running the centers) into killing all disabled children.
    In case I am not being clear enough, I am asking this:
    Did the final solution start out as a mass extermination program, or is it the role of individuals running the concentration camps (such as Mengele) which changed the process as put forward by Hitler and caused the abuse and suffering to happen?
    I do not necessarily agree with this argument, I am just interested in what the community has to say about it.

  42. To all you haters of the white race spewing your anti-white racism in previous comments...Do you really think the people who post this information would make it up and haven't studied this for years? Spending 1000's of hours reading or listening to old war-time speeches from both sides, reading articles from both sides and neutral countries as well not participating?

    One commenter even claimed it's because they're an "attention whore"! LOL! Firstly, no one claims any credit at this particular blog so how are they whoring for attention?

    Secondly, this is a "mirror" from the original site, which was being constantly hacked and pressured by jewish "hate groups" like the ADL & SPLC, to have it taken down. I believe the original site, & .org, had to change server providers 4x despite not breaking any U.S. laws. Certainly nothing close to laws broken by the 1000s of jewish owned porn sites & companies. Even in porn, like so many other jewish endeavors, they can't help but brag. So when researching it''s always wise to quote these egoist gangsters from their own mouths. David Duke does this in his vids w/ great success. Duke is another perfect example of a man you'd be biased against because of all the lies and propaganda the media has repeated over & over for 25 yrs.

    Judicial-Inc was a popular site that had an uncanny knack for squeezing a ton of info into a small package that left the reader yearning to find out more. Every single time I did research further, I'd find judicial-inc was telling the truth. The site researched jewish history, especially the 20th century, for 6-7 years online that I know of. I'd suspect from his knowledge & after reading years of his posts and links, that he was right almost always.

    If you could put aside your ingrained brainwashing for a while and deal with these subjects made taboo by the same crooks, you'd begin to understand and see a little more clearer, if you weren't afraid of dealing w/ these subjects deemed off-limits by Big Brother psychopaths, we'll all die or have our European race destroyed through mass immigration, and promoted inter-breeding as part of their multi-culturism doctines they've forced on all western white majority nations such as Canada, US, Europe(Especially NW), Aust, & NZl. hypocritical brainwashing led by jewish org's, by jews who've claimed this as their goal in 100s of their books, for over centuries.

    Are you jewish btw? Because usually the only people that won't listen to reason or logic when it comes to these topics are jews themselves. Its ironic because they are the ones who constantly tells us what God wants. That God is a real estate agent and mortgage king pin who talks through radical Godless zionist politicians and rabbi's who find ways to twist the most important commandment of all... "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Beginning in 1200 A.D. (or A.C.E. as antichrist jews say), rabbis began adding their own edits to Gods word, allowing themkill whoever they want for the most petty of offenses. For example, if a non-jew happens to witness jewish settlers destroying a farm and burning down a house, it's perfectly legal to kill them all, even if they are just children.
    See the post by Christopher Bjerkness from Mar. 14, 2011, that shows this rabbi quote and the link to proof. And no it's not to another blog! Usually judicial-inc provided many links. But like I mentioned before, he was heavily targeted, hacked, harrassed, and was receiving death threats often. this is very typical of anyone who criticizes Israel online. I've even had it happen to me and I don't have a popular blog at all.

  43. I wonder if you ever even thought about, why Wiesel does not mention the gas chambers. If he was not sent to the chambers how could he tell us about them?

    If they were "delousing chambers" wouldn't they have sent Wiesel through them to "delouse him?"

  44. lol to lone wolf... you can never trust wikipedia... anyone can easily change the database. btw... have you read "night" yet? if you havent, please do so. you are like one of the jews in the beginning of the book that wont take in the fact that these types of things are happening...

  45. Lone Wolf, Do you just hate all Jewish people or do you actually belief this shit?

  46. you sir, are a piece of shit

  47. bahahah this whole aguring thing is a joke. Holocaust happened. theres nothing else to it

  48. woohoo!! good ole fashioned Anglo-Saxon anti-semitism. Yippee!!

  49. ^
    So-called "anti-semitism" is just the jews' preferred buzzword to try to make people believe it is "wrong" to oppose their influence, religion, expose their crimes and lies, etc

    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, so "evil" to be an anti-semite, right? I'm trembling right now that you used the word. lmao

    Jews are not Israelites. They are descended from the Khazars and Edomites.

    So I prefer to be called "anti-jewish", "anti-Khazar", or "anti-Edomite."

  50. Wow.. You my dear fellow.... Are just an idiot.

  51. You are a judgemental and idiotic person when this type of thing happens again you will regret what you have said. It could happen any time and we could be the victims so I'm sure that you'll regret it...I bet you think ANNE FRANK was a lie too!

    1. It IS happening again, This time in Palestine and the innocent people that are getting slaughtered are perhaps the last few remaining Semites. Or the true “Biblical Israelites” (Palestinians)the bible speaks of.

      The Psychotic Zionist Jews running Israel, have embarked on the systematic genocide of these innocent Palestinians.

      As far as the Anne Frank fairy tale goes, it may have started out as Anne’s diary, but when her father, Otto Frank saw its potential for profits, he ided to embellish the story. So, to maximize his profits, he hired an established and respected author named Meyer Levin, to do just that. Meyer Levin had a completely different writing style, and this became very apparent as you read from one chapter to another. Years later, and in true Jewish business form and protocol, Otto Frank neglected to pay Meyer Levin for his work, which happens to be the vast majority of the diary. Otto Frank was subsequently sued in New York by Meyer Levin for $50,000 and Levin won.

      Otto Frank would have gotten away with his fictional story, but greed got the best of him and he decided to create a Broadway Production of the same name and this was in violation of his contract with Meyer Levin, which resulted in the law suit.

      Complete details of the case are available in case titled Meyer Levin Vs Otto Frank, File number 2241-1956 in the New York County Clerk’s office.

  52. the holocaust isn't something that should be taken lightly. if she lied, whatever, but assuming that this story is real, you should should sympathy and not being saying that she is lying. i 100% believe this woman, and could not possibly understand what she had gone through. Do NOT joke around when talking about holocaust victims, and do NOT try to say that their stories are fake.

  53. Note that Lone Wolf is a conspiracy theorist. You really have to question the credability and integrety of someone who denies the holocaust, thinks 911 was an inside job, believes JFK was killed as part of a conspiracy AND is a "Christian Wild-Eyed Anglo Saxon". Lone Wolf, go and read about confirmation bias. Have you ever thought that instead of all these "theories" being correct, you might just be crazy? Holocaust denial is a fringe belief for a reason - it isn't supported by the evidence. Lone Wolf... you probably should see a psych.

  54. ^LMAO

    So you can just "magically" deny the TRUTH about 9/11, JFK assassination, Holyhoax, etc...and make us believe the absurd "official" stories on those issues by just using the Establishment's pet buzzword "conspiracy theory"??

    That's it?

    Forget all the LOGIC, REASON, and EVIDENCE which refutes the "official" lies about those events, because the use of the term "conspiracy theory" negates it?????


    Thanks for the laugh.

  55. My Grandfather lived during the holocaust and he told me it was real.. Are you saying he's a liar.

  56. ^The Holyhoax is a lie. Anybody who says it's real is telling a falsehood. Whether they are intentionally lying or just deluded and passing on false information depends on the person's knowledge.

  57. Lone Wolf,
    you are an idiot, a moron, and you refuse to see the obvious. How stupid can you be!??!?!?!?
    Millions of people WERE MURDERED and you refuse to believe?
    Go rot in hell!

  58. ^hahaha

    nothing but more more Ad Hominem fallacious "argumentation", childish name-calling

    thanks for your "contribution"

  59. Hey People,

    Don't waste your time with this delusional "Nazi!". It's Soooooo obvious that you hate Jews Lone Wolf. But worse, you cover for mass murderers and make excuses for the "poor German POW's" when millions of innocent blood was shed. Do you think the children starved themselves or just decided to visit Aushwitch for a nice afternoon of tea and crumpets. Give me a friggin BREAK!!! Lie to yourself until the day you DIE honey bunny, but I can sense you are REALLY going to hate it when "those lying old Jews" literally RULE THE WORLD FROM ISRAEL, just like that Old Sly Feller in The Bible spoke of several thousands of years ago. Of course, since everything HAS happened just like the prophecies said they would over 2000 years ago, there is just no way it could be true since the prophecies are so accurate... "So (the delusional liars say), they must have been written after the events happened because nobody could predict the future like.... Same logic applies here to you!

    And Israel became a Nation again after having been scattered JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLE GUY said more than 2000 years ago....

    May your blood be upon your OWN head :-D

    1. Isrel never been a " Nation" b4. Go n make ur homework now`. :))

  60. ^And I suspect you hate Germans.

    But you're right, I do hate Jews. Why? Because 'God' hates them, as they are the literal spawn of Satan.

    Actually, the "jews" are not Israelites

    At the time of 'Jesus', a remnant of Israelites and many non-Israelites lived in Jerusalem and the land of Israel. A non-Israelite people known as the Idumeans, or Edomites, were present in the land in great numbers, and actually were the ruling ethnic group, whith a large percentage of the Pharisees and King Herod being Edomites. The "jews" of Jesus' time, and today, are descendants of the Edomites. The Edomites are the descendants of Esau (Jacob/Israel's brother), who took Canaanite wives.

    "Edom is in modern Jewry." —The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol.5, p.41

    The "jews" are NOT the descendants of the Israelitets, but IMPOSTERS pretending to be Israelites.

    Modern-day so-called "jews" actually descended from tribes of people known as the Edomites and the Khazars, a Mongolian-Turkish people from modern-day southern Russia who converted to Judaism in the 8th or 9th century A.D. Jewish researcher Arthur Koestler admitted this in his 1976 book "The Thirteenth Tribe", which was based largely on the earlier work "The history of the Jewish Khazars" by D.M. Dunlop (1967).

    These Khazars were, in fact, actually descended from the Edomites, originially from the area south of the Dead Sea near the land of Israel.

    The Edomites are the descendants of Esau, Jacob/Israel's brother.

  61. [comment continued]

    'Jesus' was an "anti-semite"

    Yahushua the Messiah (aka 'Jesus') condemned the jews of his day in the strongest of terms, as literal "children of the devil", "full of hypocrisy and iniquity", and "children of hell" (Matthew 23).

    Yahshua speaking to the jewish Pharisees:

    "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." - John 8:44

    "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?" -Matthew 23:33

    *Note: "generation" in the above verse is from the Greek "gennema", literally meaning "offspring". Check for yourself in Strong's Concordance and a Hebrew and Greek Lexicon.

    Revelation 2:9: "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

    "'God' hates the Edomite "jews" - Promises their future destruction in a real 'Holocaust'

    Malachi 1: 3-4: "And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness. Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places; thus saith the LORD of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against whom the LORD hath indignation for ever."

    Obadiah 1:18: "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it."

    More on this:

    - Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan
    - Yahshua the Messiah was not a 'jew'
    - The Mystery of the True Descendants of the Israelites - The White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Kindred Peoples
    - The Horror of Anti-Semitism - Why Do People Hate the Jews?

  62. ok first of all, my grandfather, grandmother, and 4 great aunts and 4 great uncles were in the holocaust-i KNOW the facts. and you want to hear one? after my grandfather came out of the camps, he weighed 27 kilograms, he was 20 years old and around 170cm....look that up on your bmi calculator-its an astonishing number.

    secondly, i'm jewish and almost everyone i know has either been through or is a child/grandchild of a holocaust survivor....what your saying is crap-u have no REAL evidence....i bet you dont believe in israel either and fully support the arabs, you probably reason that if israel goes and kills a suicide bomber then israel is the murderer, whereas when america kills osama bin ladin then america is a godsent.
    and wat your saying about us being descended from edom, heres the deal, adam and eve were the first people born to the world in the 6 days of creation, then they had kids wo had kids n so on...avraham aveinu (aveinu means our father in hebrew) was the first jew, he then married sara who had yitzchak and yishmael, yitzchk then had ya'acov and esav. ya'acov's descendants were the jews and he had 12 sons, (the 12 tribes) esav's descendants are the arabs.

    theres loads more to tell you about but honestly its late, i have work to do-which actually i was doing, work about the holocaust, u know where i just came back from? my grandfathers house, he was telling me about his experience in the holocaust and i was just finding pictures to go along with my project when i found this absalutly, horrifyingly, distgusting site.

    i was actually having a discussion with my friend the other day about how people dont believe in the holocaust-i said of course people believe, they MUST i mean with all the evidence and survivors out there, how can you deny it?
    but YOU proved poeple can and its because of you tht this can, but hopefully wont, happen again. you're the modern day version of a nazi, honestly.

    here by the way just so you can see what i mean, i really hope you will actually read them and take it in
    -thats just pictures...

    you know wat im gonna leave it at that coz i actually found a lot of goebbels work with nazi prpoganda but since u believe all that crap theres nothing more i can say to you, but for evey other normal person

    i honestly hope you find your sanity, lone wolf

  63. by the way jews didnt descend from esua, they descended from yacov-he had 4 wives, (rochel , leah, and both leah and rochel's maid's-because rochel wasn't falling prgnant so her maid married yaacov and gave him i think one or two sons)with one wife(leah he had 12 children (cant bother listing them) wich are the 12 tribes that the jews belong in but today we only know if were either yehuda or a levi because the rest of the tribes were lost over time...long story. anywho...he also had 1 child (binyomin)with another wife (rochel)

    and thats pretty much it, and wat you believe about the jews not being real is exactly the propaganda that the nazi's shoved down youngsters throats in nazi germany.

  64. Part of your argument I agree with. It's quite ludicrous that Mengele would drop chemicals in people's eyes to create blue eyes. Its ridiculous he would try and create Aryan race from ethnicities such as the Slavs. A doctor would know that doing such a thing would do nothing to change the inherent genetics required. Either he did none of those things, or he wasn't actually a doctor.

    However, part of your argument is equally ludicrous.

     I find your arguments that the Holocaust is a propaganda play by the Jews to be ridiculous. That requires us to believe that beloning to the same religion as someone else means that they have all the same goals, the same morals and ideals. The Jewish religion doesn't have a centralized leadership, and I find the idea that they could organize something as massive as this to be quite ridiculous. Anti semantic feelings date back to the Middle Ages, where Jews were accused of spreading the Black Plague by poisoning wells. To plan that far ahead, hundreds of years in advanced simply isn't plausible.

    Also, that Hitler was "in on the hoax" because he had Jewish blood is also ridiculous as his ancestory has no effect on the kind of person he was. It's like saying that he had a phobia of cats was a product of his Jewish blood or that having a Jewish family inspired him to make the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Stalin. 

    I'd also like to point out that not everyone who believes the Holocaust happened also hates Germans. I have quite a few German friends, yet I do partake in this "Holy Hoax." Even the German government believes in it. They are very sensitive to the issue, and nationalistic desires are actively discouraged. I would also point out that I am not Jewish either.

    I also fail to understand why modern day Jews are not "Isralites" matter at all. The origins of their ethnicities have little to do with their moral standing.

  65. (continued from above)
    There is a lot of evidence pointing towards the reality of the Holocaust. The survivor stories that have been found false that you posted might actually be evidence that points to the existence of the Holocaust. Assuming that they are true, seeing as you have gotten all of them from one blog and not a reliable source, they point to rather fragile psyches.

    Psychologically healthy people would not claim such ridiculous things and expect people to believe them. However, these delusions center around one subject area, which points to that area as the source of trauma. It's not a stretch of the imagination to think these people who have been through enormous amounts of trauma would warp those very events into something more horrifying- to them, at least. It may come from the innate urge to exaggerate, or simply an overactive and vivid imagination, but it does provide a theory as to why these stories exist.

    If your theory about the Holocaust was true, why would the Jews put these obviously fake stories for the world to see? They would obviously have to be intelligent to perpetuate this "myth" so why would they make this astronomical blunder and allow antisemitism to do exactly as you are doing.

    I would also like to point out that your argument that antisemitism was a product of Jewish manipulation to be contradictory to your claim of being antisemantic. Do you have ties to the Jewish? Are you just trying to stir up pro semantic feelings in the Internet population? Or have you already been manipulated by the Jewish population into thinking exactly what they want you to think? 

    Please clean your argument of logical fallacies, and try again.

  66. "If your theory about the Holocaust was true, why would the Jews put these obviously fake stories for the world to see?"

    So you acknowledge that these Holocaust™ stories are "obviously" lies, yet you continue to maintain that the Holocaust™ in general is true?? Wtf?

    Granted, the jews could tone it down a little and not make their lies so obvious...but for whatever reason (probably chutzpah), they tend to go over the top.

  67. I, for one, have found this very interesting.
    I think Lone Wolf is brave to publicly speak against what he/she believes to be a huge lie. I am somewhere inbetween I think, I could, in no way, deny that Nazis killed thousands of Jews, gays and others in their attempt to ethnically cleanse the German race. But millions?!!? hmm, I'm not sure, logistically given the timeframe, apperatus etc. I'm sceptical if it was possible. If we bear in mind the term holocaust was actually coined well after the war by Jewish historians we can begin to understand that the whole thing has been exgagerated somewhat. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm NOT saying that. But I'm just not blindly believing all the figures that are thrown in my direction without questioning them. Has anyone read Dr David Irving on the subject? A good Historian, by their very nature has to question everything.

  68. This is unbelievable... in Slovakia where I live it is forbidden to deny holocaust - you would go to prison. Be so kind, do read some more serious resources of information... Helena

  69. I dont know whats more disgusting; the fact that you actually posted this garbage about it being FAKE or the fact that you may actually believe in it. Do you have ANY idea what these people may have gone through? The suffering? The Pain? The images that will probably NEVER leave the minds of the FEW survivors? Of course not, becuase to me, you just seem like another ego-tistical person whose too self absorbed in his own idealogies to even CONSIDER that you may be WRONG. Unless you've heard the screams of the babies who were there, or the totured pain of family getting torn apart you have NO ABSOLUTE RIGHT to post this!! Why in anyones right mind who a survivor make up something like this, about "sewn twins" and "Auswitch"? And Im not saying it bad to question points in history, but when you sit there blindly accusing something you may know NOTHING about then it just gets my blood boiling. Especially when, as everyone else on here has stated, the THOUSANDS UPON MILLIONS of evidence!! Pictures, testominys on BOTH JEWISH AND NAZI side,stories, poems,and even entire labor camps have been intact to rememberance. If you actually go to Germany, the U.S in most places stated that no other place in the world has paid a better tribute to their "mistake"; instead of trying to cover it up, they built MORE monuments and dedications for the HOLOCAUST and the STORIES to which were mentioned. So instead of accusing someone who LIVED through something this traumatic, why not try to actually LEARN about from somewhere other then wiki :P

    & btw, im only 16 years old and even I know your post is complete and utter nonsense

  70. Do you not realize how absolutely ridiculous you are being. Not to mention disrespectful. Have you not done any actual research. The Holocaust happened and the fact that there is so much evidence and you still deny it makes you a very very sad person in my eyes. Ever heard of Josef Mengele, or any of the 15 German doctors that were charged and convicted of crimes against humanity for the grotesque and simply inhumane "experiments" they conducted on the prisoners of those concentration camps. Did you know they would cut the arm off of one patient and try to connect it to the body of another to see if i could attach. Or that they would cut out a piece of bone to see if it would regenerate on its own. That REALLY happened! And they were death camps. Auschwitz was designed to kill efficiently. Have you even read 'Night' to say it doesn't say anything about gas chambers. Elie Wiesel frequently talks about 'selection', where the weak would be weeded out and killed. The fact that ANYONE could deny that the Holocaust ever happened is sick in my opinion. You need a rough awakening. I suppose you think 9-11 was a huge media hoax as well or that an atomic bomb wasn't dropped on Japan in 1945 killing over 100 thousand people.

  71. Shame on you! I hope you go to hell! my whole family was killed in the holocaust i hope you will one day understand the pain and suffering these people went through, you are all anti-semetic pigs.who are to selfish to accept success The holocaust is very true, the evidence is everwhere and it happend because of people like you!

  72. Lone wolf its a huge pity you werent a jew in the holocaust because thats what you deserve to be treated as you Nazi animal

  73. As I scrolled down to the bottom of this page, I noticed links for articles regarding Jewish mass murderers and the handiness of Stalin tactics. I don't even know how I got here...I was googling the Holocaust just so I could study for my history final, not read a bunch a racist comments from an uninformed moron. Lonewolf, you say that mainstream newsletters/websites are untrustworthy, yet you cite wikipedia. First of all, wikipedia is one of the most mainstream sources in the world. Second of all, it is one of the most unreliable sources. And thirdly, mainstream news sources do not lie and create conspiracies about international issues. Sick, deranged, racist assholes like you do. And I didn't really notice any support for your arguments, except racist false websites. Are you going to create a new theory in which Martin Luther King Jr. was actually a white guy protesting for white rights and was assassinated by an African American? Let me know when you do, asshole. By the way; my Jewish grandmother says to go fuck yourself.

    1. Wikipedia is also Jewish. I counted the word 'racist' 3 times in your moronic rant. That' rich coming from a jew whose whole life view is founded upon jewish racial superiority and inferiority of the 'Goyim'.

      Btw: tell your foul-mouthed jewish grandmother to go and boil (or shrink) her head!

  74. Seriously? you want viewers to look up an article on wikipedia to back your claims? ANYONE can post an article on wikipedia. and im thinking that i should post one on how disrespectful and in denial you are. how dare you? HOW DARE YOU?! who are you to discredit those who have suffered in ways that majority of us could never even fathom? you are the reason why survivors dont like to tell their stories. after the liberation survivors never wanted to tell their stories because NO ONE believed them. shame on you. SHAME ON YOU. -- Brittany

  75. L.W. the more you post the more ignorant you sound. Please do us all a favor and,,,, research a bit better.

  76. Bravo Lone Wolf
    For continuing the legacy of judicial inc. I used to believe in the story for most of my life until the internets came along then I discovered a whole separate side to the story that was always hidden from the public view. So i started reading and OMG I found out that most of what I believed prior was not quite true just as you are pointing out. Then I decided science never lies to me so I started to look at some of the stories from that aspect and discovered even more things that caused my faith to waiver. So after reading all the posts on this blog here is a little experiment that you can use to "prove" that the germans could burn 1000's of bodies per day. Build a campfire make it big use pine it burns hotter throw on a 1 oz piece of raw steak and time how long it takes the meat to be burned completely to ashes. We will use this data to "support" the claims of Treblinka and the million that were killed, buried, dug up, burned and the ashes scattered. In closing to the remark posted above by the jewish grandmother my Christian grandmother always told me "If you cant say something nice about a person then don't say anything at all". If I get any response I will point out some more science. Be well =]

    1. I am not going to say atrocities did not occur, but many, many of these myths have been debunked and disproved. So, I will fully believe in the holocaust when Jews believe Christ is the true Messiah (which He is)!

  77. Okay, it's OBVIOUS this guy's a tard... As insulting as this artical and these comments might be, you just got to let it go. The Holocaust is real, and it happened - simple as that. He didn't live through it, and obviously he's confused and needs to go back to school. For now, let him believe what he wants. Fighting with him will only make you seem like the lesser person.

  78. ^^Thanks for the comment Fred. Outstanding website you have. Thank you so much for all your work in exposing the HolyHoax fraud. Please continue your fight for the truth until the end.

  79. Yes, Lone Wolf, to answer your question, the old lady is lying. But how can you not believe there was a Holocaust when there are soooooo many survivors selling, I mean telling their stories? (That's one of my favorite ironies-millions of survivors of this massive so-called extermination operation). This reminds me, have you seen Carolyn Yeager's recent research on Elie Wiesel lately? He appears to have stolen the identity of a concentration camp inmate and most likely never spent a single day at a camp himself. Fascinating stuff. Another irony, which is not so funny is that there are millions of Germans today, who were not alive during WWII, who are nevertheless paying extortion money to a country that did not exist during WWII for an alleged genocide - yes, that's right, a blood libel - of the magical 6 million illusory Jews during WWII. All things considered, I believe the German people as a whole have suffered more than the Jews have as a result of WWII and all its aftereffects. As far as all the negative responses you've received, not a single one appeared to be any kind of a rational refutation. They were all emotionally-based and therefore irrational. While pointing the finger at you, with nothing but rantings, ravings, name-calling, and my favorite, stories from relatives "who were there," they are only revealing their own ignorance of the subject. I had a grandfather who served in the army over there during the war, too. He didn't see any gas chambers. Disease-ridden, emaciated bodies do not prove gas chambers. Numbered tattoos on arms do not prove gas chambers. Forced confessions from tortured enemy soldiers do not prove gas chambers. And especially spurious testimonies from "eyewitnesses" (with no cross examination allowed) do not prove gas chambers. You know what proves gas chambers? Gas chambers proves gas chambers.

    If you question the Holocaust, you're an anti-semite. If you deny the Holocaust, you're an outright Nazi, even if you repudiate Nazism, which I do. There's one thing I must disagree with you on, though. I do not share your hatred for the Jews. My Lord taught me to love my enemies, no matter who they are. Remember that in the same way that the Hitlers, Himmlers, Stalins, Eichmanns, and Bushes and Cheneys of this world (and you and me and everyone who reads this) will stand before the Lord one day at the Great White Throne Judgment to give an account of their lives, so too will the Spielbergs, Vrbas, Zisblatts, Kors, Wiesels, Lipstadts, van Pelts, Hilbergs, Pressacs, and all the rest of the Holohoaxers. And Revelation 21:8 says all liars are destined for the lake of fire. That's more frightening to me than even the most emotionally disturbing Holocaust story!

    1. Thank you! A light in the darkness....
      Guess I ll never come to stand b4 ur Lord since I deny his existence


    2. The great white throne judgement is for unbelievers only, born again believers will be at the judgement seat of Christ or bema seat which is where we will receive rewards, our sins were already judged at the cross and have been covered by the sacrificial blood of Christ our Redeemer!

      In reply to JS, you will get to meet our Lord and Savior at the great white throne judgement whether you 'believe' or not. "For every head will bow and every tongue will proclaim Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords"

  80. ^Excellent post/comment. Thanks for dropping a message. I've heard a little bit about Elie Wiesel being exposed as a complete fraud. I will look into Yeager's research.

    As for my opinion on the "jews" and other "enemies", I also try to conduct myself according to the law of 'God.'

    I am an adherent of a "movement" referred to as the "Israelite Identity" movement, which essentially is nothing more than those who are seeking to restore understanding of the Scriptures to their original intent via proper translation. This involves a radical shift from the "mainstream" "Judeo-Christian" doctrines of today, and affects many of the central doctrines in the Bible. Part of that includes the reality that the so-called "jews" are not the descendants of the Israelites, but are actually literal children of Satan. Yahshua (aka 'Jesus') said this himself in John 8:44 when speaking to the Jewish Pharisees: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do."

    As well as in Matthew 23:33 when he said to the Jewish Pharisees, "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?". (note that "generation" in the above verse is from the Greek "gennema", literally meaning "offspring").

    This is tied to a very interesting fact in the Scriptures, and that is that Cain (the son of Eve) was the literal son of Satan. The "jews" are descendants of Cain through Esau (the son of "Jacob", who intermarried with Canaanite women).

    'God' does not change. In the Old Testament, He ordered the Israelites to completely destroy many of the tribes in the land of Canaan at that time. Most, if not all, of those tribes were peoples descended from Cain.

    'God' Himself declares his hatred for the jews and these sons of the devil.

    For example, in the book of Malachi:

    Malachi 1:4 "Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places; thus saith YAHWEH of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against whom YAHWEH hath indignation for ever."

    (note that "Edom" is another name for "Esau", and that Esau is the father of the jews)

    YHWH 'God' states He will use the Israelites to one day completely destroy the descendants of Esau/Edom (ie, the "jews"):

    Obadiah 1:18: "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it."


    Another crucial fact to understand (from the "Israelite Identity" perspective) is that the TRUE descendants of the Israelites are what we call the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and kindred peoples of the world.

    Also, the Bible and the covenants of Yahweh ('God') are not intended for all peoples of the world, but only for racial Israelites (ie, the only ones under the law and who therefore would need a "savior").

    'Jesus' even confirmed this, for instance, in Matthew 15:24, where Yahshua ('Jesus') stated "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

    And confirmed again in Matthew 10:5-6:

    "These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

    As for what 'Jesus' taught regarding "loving our enemies", I believe that He was teaching us to love our BRETHREN (ie, racial Israelites) who may be our enemies. He certainly was not teaching us to love the "jews" whom He and His Father hate, and have commanded us to destroy.

    I have gone into detail on these subjects in articles on my other blog:

    - Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan

    - The Mystery of the True Descendants of the Israelites - The White Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and Kindred Peoples

  82. KEEP GOING LONE WOLF, you make so many eyes open, and when they refuse to open it, just LET THEM MAKE THEIR OWN HOLOHOAX...KEEP ON WRITING THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS GIGANTYC LIES...


    - vayu -

  83. ^Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone needs it now and then. ;)

  84. You say there are no gas chambers? I have just came back, if it was merely a "delousing" room then why would there be scratches endented into the walls?
    WHY? WHY? would British POWS such as Denis Avey write their accounts and what they say? WHY? Why are there many many many accounts of the smells, the smells of the crematoriums?
    And if you don't beleive in what DR Mengele did then why dont you read 'I was Dr Mengeles Assistant' Miklos Nyiszli.
    And yeah, the Germans today shouldn't be punished for what happened because it couold still happen now. But, it's because of people like you, you make German people suffer in terms of hatred and violence and the reason they are marked with that, is because of you and your 'friends'. Really, what do you have against the Jews? They are like everybody else, we are all the same. We shoudld not hate eachother, because you hating the jews leads to further genocide,and it could happen. BUT, even people hating Germans could lead to the same thing. But you are so stupid you don't even realise. But do i hate you? No. I met a holocaust survivor, and he said... "i don't hate anyone, because that would just lead to further hate" take a leaf out of his book, because you seriously need it. He has been punished, by Nazis, not by God, but by humans.
    And calling them the children of the devil, you are really acting like Nazi's and it is people like you that should make us afraid of what the future can hold.

    1. u didn`t got the facts... pls... it IS so easy just THINK thrue it.

  85. OMG this is the first time in my life when i read that someone "do not belive in holocaust" It is not something to belive in It is a hostorical fact What do they teach you about during historical classes?
    In Poland is one of the bigest concentration camp (Auschwitz-Birkenau)Maybe it is the biggest one. i have been there 3 days ago and i have seen this in my own eyes. I have been inside a gas chamber! I have seen the funerace which they used to burn people. I have seen cans of cyclon B. They said that this was for dezinfection. But the truth is that they used it to kill people (you need only 4 cans of cyclon b to kill 2 000 people) There were 4 big crematoriums and gas chambers in Birkenau. During one day Germans could burn more than 4 000 people. In Auschwitz there are many pictures of hungry people with shrunked heads (even womans) hwo died there.
    Germam killed 1,5 milion of people only in this camp

    Today i heve read this book "I was dr mengeles assistant" and i think that everybody should read this to be aware of what hapened in Auschwitz. If someone is interested in this subject i recommend "Auschwitz" writen by Earnts Klee (it descripes medical eksperiments so it is for people with strong stomach)

    One man said that there is only one thing most therrifying than holocaust Is that people will forget about it
    SO when i hear that someone do not believe in this, it really scears me

  86. I grew up in Germany after the war - West Germany to be exact because it was separated. I do not wish to argue about the war and what occurred. I think what I am more curious about is what the motivation would be, "Lone Wolf", to follow this line of reasoning and be willing to argue with survivors? What gain would you have from that? It's difficult to understand and I find it to be an odd thing indeed.

  87. well Lone Wulf you just asked for attention didn't you, i guess you got it! You live in one big oblivious world!

  88. You really need to get your facts straight. How dare you tell people that 12 million(not 6 million like you said) did not die in the death camps of Auschwitz and others like it.How dare you try to deny the suffering that people faced, the horrors they saw and experienced. People like you who have nothing better to do than make up bullshit lies make me sick. For you to say that the Holocaust is some kind of propaganda story made up and elaborately fabricated, is absolutely mad. You have no right to deny the facts, Josef Mengele was a monster who experimented on thousands of holocaust victims, he was one of Hitlers right hand men. It's people like you in this world that allow atrocities to keep happening in this day in age because you think everything is propaganda.You should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. u r bad in mathematics, aren`t u ? the right to deny lies in the right of own thinking and freedom of speech. Mengele xperimemted on 1000`s... was still an 8 hour laborday that time even in the camps- as i asked b4... u r bad in maths, hu ?

  89. It's hard to tell if this Holocaust is or isn't true, Clearly there were encampments, what they did exactly there isn't recorded except by people who survived and a lot of story tellers who seem to talk about the great 20 foot long dragon after spotting a lizard..
    What I do know is that I do not trust what todays Media has to say AT all, as I've witnessed and still am witnessing the lying games they play, and when I say laying I mean Blatant lies that make you sick to your stomach.

    The lies the Media are throwing out at us isn't only to keep us quite, but to keep the Jewish people quite while thinking "this is the only way to do it".
    The creation of Israel was and IS a disaster to human kind, and inhuman move, and a very cunning one at that.
    They had and still have their own people fooled that it's their own right, they are throwing innocent Palestinians out of their homes, stripping them from EVERYTHING and ANYTHING without any repercussion, while using "The Holocaust" to Justify it.

    The media managed to Use 9/11 and stretch it to have the world hate muslims and even worse Islam :/ taking things out of context out of the holy book and pointing out how evil this religion is, sadly many Christians and others follow suite and fall for the Jewish propaganda :(

    But to witness how the Jewish media manages to convince the world of how evil the taliban are, and how they are a threat to the world :/ (what does the Taliban have to do with 9/11? I don't even want to get to Osama Bin Laden..but he's not even a Taliban if you're convinced he did it), but we're talking about a bunch of poor, unsophisticated, unorganized, unequipped group of guys a few thousand men living in the mountains with AK's and RPG's with a couple of hundred Toyota pickups is a risk to...? to what exactly I'm confused :/

    My point being is that, the media (which is controlled by the Jews) have put us in this embarrassing position that our great grandfathers would slap us around for.
    Even the Dumbest things are believed, and seeing that I find people in some parts of the world aren't ALLOWED to discuss about the Holocaust, and how it's rammed down every ones throats as if it's all pure facts when there are still 100 questions that need to be answered that AREN'T allowed to be just makes me wonder...what is really going on? why so defensive? all of this while the so called Jewish state known as Israel have placed Millions of innocent people in the well known Gazza inhuman camp, while testing out new and deadly weapons on them every time these paranoid ppl feel threatened by a couple of firecrackers?
    May I also remind you that they are doing this to these people on their OWN land.. And don't get me started with the west bank..

    It's probably hard for anyone to believe me when I say this, but I don't hate Jews in general, as most of us are only following what our parents taught us (religion wise), and because someone was born from a jewish family, he should not bare burden of what his father has done let alone was the people of his religion has done, but that doesn't mean they should not change things from the way they are today!
    On a last note...I'm sick and tired of people crying out antisemitism, somehow the Jews have managed to Hog the word semitisim and forgot that it belongs to the Arabs as well who are also claimed to be antisemitic which is confusing :/

  90. ^
    Well said Ibrahim. Thanks for your comment.

  91. Please don't. My husband was killed 9/11. Just don't.

    I truly feel sorry for you such delusions. It's more sad than anything.

    I wish you happiness because it would be wrong to want a mentally ill person to suffer.

    1. sorry for u.... read the employment list of the towers pls( i `m sure u have done so) and tell me how many of the (higher ranking?) jewish empoyees where at work that day and how many failed to be there for different or no reasons
      this is a very simple information to verify for you
      maybe it makes u think for a second and maybe it leads you to an answer about your biggest question

  92. wow.... i'm only 16 and i'm doing a holocaust project in my English class, it fascinates me how people could deny such things as the holocaust. There is so much proof to back it up, and why would people lie about such a thing? why would thousands of people make up a story about genocide? it would be a waste of time to do so. I've seen pictures taken after the liberation of concentration camps. The people are skin and bones, why would someone intentionally starve themselves to get that thin just to support a lie? the answer is that they wouldn't. No one wants to believe that something as horrific as the holocaust is real, that mankind could be capable of such a thing, i don't want to, i wish it was a lie but it isn't..... I'm a logical person and i don't believe in things blindly. But I've seen picture evidence. No one sane would starve themselves to the point of death to support a conspiracy. And yeah some people might have lied and may not have been apart of the holocaust and just made up a account to be apart of it all but it doesn't mean they all lied. and as for Elie not saying anything about gas chambers in his memoir, Night, He wouldn't mention them because he was never sent to them so how would he know? I'm not gonna call Lone wolf any bad names, its brave of him to state his opinion and its his right to do so, But i know the Holocaust occurred, i know its real and i know many died, and that's all that matters, And for the other people who comment on this site and call Lone wolf hateful things, it isnt going to change his opinion about the holocaust. Now i have to get back to my project, have a nice day everyone

    1. you know holocaust has occurred... hm... coz ur teacher told u ?
      coz u r well preserved in an illusive system that makes everything to prevent u from thinking for yourself?
      coz everybody else say so ?

  93. the idiots who believe in the holocaust here are either disinfo agents or just plain liars. the holocaust(tm) or holohoax as i would like to call is nothing but a rubber stamp for the zionists to fulfill their satanic agenda of mudering Palestinians and living as parasites to germany and the US. beleiving in the holocaust is like believing that the romans killed 6 billion jews in one city alone which is stated in the talmud!!!

    these pro holocaust monkeys are professional liars since they belong to what you call the synagogue of satan. if you want to know what a real holocaust looks like try invading Iran and israel will be flattened to like a piece of shit ran over by a truck. thank God there are truthtellers like eustace mullins and benjamin freedman. to hell (literally) with these pro holocaust creatures

  94. Alright, Lone Wolf, let's assume that all the Holocaust survivors you listed are liars. Let's pretend that every American soldier that came back from Europe was lying about what he saw. Let's pretend the film footage from the camps was some Hollywood project. Where did the people go? When Jews were rounded up and sent to camps (you've established that the camps were real), their property was confiscated by their neighbors and the occupying military. If these people were not killed in the camps, where did they go? How come millions of people did not return to their hometowns and try to reclaim what the Nazis had stolen from them if they were not dead? 12 million people (because it wasn't just Jews that were killed in the camps) were killed, and if they weren't killed, where in the world did the Germans hide 12 million people? After 70 years, why have none of these hidden people, or their offspring, emerge to tell the world about the great "Holohoax"? Why is it that in 2012 there are still survivors of the camps that repeat what you consider lies, but not a single individual with proof that these people (whom most of the world considers murdered by Nazis) aren't really dead?

    1. FINALLY You are my hero !

      Coz YOU must be able to tell me, where those 12 million ppl have been BEFORE they got killed.
      And you also would surely know, how many trains you would need to only transport this amount of people even if you take 100 persons in 1 wagon.
      And the proof u r asking for is still in russian hands in form of lists, which germans loved sooo much.
      They listed everything, how many ppl arrived on which day from what place what gender, age and so on.
      Those list ( the most of them )are not even indexed and stored in very big containers under rule of russian military arkive.
      Another part of lists is in U.S.- hands and doesnt come under the freedom of information -act. Asj urself why.

  95. Trollollollollol! Long ass comment section. there is no god and every one who dies sleeps in dirt. there. is everyone happy now?

  96. amazing how the holohoax proponents keep claiming "mountains of evidence" yet can't show me a single piece of evidence that can't be refuted in less than half a minute using only common sense. Most chilling of all are the many images of executions claimed to be nazis killing Jews, where an unprejudiced look immediately reveals that the shooters have NKVD (Soviet) uniforms and are in fact Jewish Bolsheviks murdering innocent Christian Russians civilians. The holohoax is such an obviously absurd lie that every human being realizes it within seconds, once the mental blockage towards truth (which is carefully created by the jewish media and film industry) is broken.

  97. I am undecided on this issue as of right now. This is one of the first few articles I've read on this site so far and one of the first sites I have looked at that denies the official holocaust history. One thing I have noticed by just looking at the comments though, is that for all who argue with Mr. Wolf, none of you folks have links to back up your claims. It's all "he said, she said...." or "I read....". If you want to be convincing in your arguments you have to back up your claims with links to your sources. Most of you are just using ad hominem style attacks. It cheapens your arguments. With that being said, I am gonna finish looking at this site now. Thank you.

  98. what we have here is a Nazi, as his ranting about the Evil Jews conspiring against him and the nations, reminds me of these red necks we have who believe they cant get a job because all the immigrants took everything and the blacks ruined their kkk indoctrinated lives. Only a person who's been Raised as a KKK, Nazi, or Skin Head, would believe this crap. The Holocaust is Not a joke, but these uneducated yahoos sure are... you know, one of these days those Big Bad Scary Jews are gonna come Eat you in your sleep dude, RIP. lol


  99. thank you Wolf!

  100. I personally have post graduate degrees in psychology and genocide studies, and Wolf, J.S. and whoever else, are regurgitating a futile argument. It is hard for us to believe that a tragedy like the Holocaust occured, especially in Europe, which at the time was the hub of rationality and civilization. It is important to recognize that the Nazi policies took advantage of the anti-Semitism that was already in play. In fact anti-Semitism dates back throughout the history of Europe, the first ghettos were in Spain shortly after the Protestant Reformation. Hitler was an evil man, but his ideas were not at all new. For example the star of David's the Jews were forced to wear, originated from yellow circles, that Merchant Jews were brandished with in the 13th Century. The other important thing to recognize is that the Final Solution was a Final step and not a process in its own. The anti-Semitist policies began with the Kristallnacht, when Jews were revoked property rights. They then were required to have a J on their passport, then to have Jewish names. Shortly after they were not allowed to draw money from the bank, and lived on short allowances before they were disseminated from society entirely. The final solution occured when the Jews were poor starving, and no longer considered "able to contribute to society." Many were also forced into ghettos, making them extremely easy to identify. The final solution could not have happened with these preceding events. It is also arguable as to whether or not Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews immediately, or only decided on this final soluation after no country would take them during the period of expulsion. The mass murder of the Jews predated the concentration camps, and during the occupation of the Poland, many USSR officers would lead the Jewish out of town, tell them to dig a hole and shoot them into it. If you are unsure of the truth in that, I reccommend researching Russia's apology for it after the end of the Cold War. And yes, there were extermination camps. There were two types of camps death camps, and concentration camps. Murder occured in both, however the very purpose of the death camps was murder, and the concentration camps forced labour upon its occupants. The rationale behind the labour, was first, to get all you could from the Jews before they died. And the second was that they would die more efficiently from starvation and overworking, as the Germans were concerned for the preservation of their bullets during the war. Auschwitz was actually an estimated 12 camps in one. Upon arrival some Jews were chosen to work, others were sent directly to the gas chambers, or in other horrific cases, the ovens. The vast amounts of literature, resulting evidence and eyewitnesses at the time deem the conspiracy theory a quite pitful argument. Of course there will always be people who believe in the "Holohoax" but on entirely no grounds. I suggest more research into this field for those of you who are quick to choose this side. It becomes a valuable skill to learn how to differentiate between reliable sources and those which aren't. Please understand the context you are discussing before you obnoxiously declare the Holocaust fiction.

    1. Psychology? GENOCIDE Studies??????!!!!!! To put it succinctly: you have a post-graduate degree in Jew Spew. Your whole piece is one long catalogue of all the mean things that various people supposedly did to the 'poor, innocent jews' without ever asking the question WHY they happened.

  101. So you think the Nazis created all of this for shits and giggles because they had nothing better to do with their lives?

    I'd love for you to put your so called 'findings' and 'explanations' forward in front of some of the survivors. Have you actually MET any of them or any other witnesses first hand and heard what they have to say? Have you actually brought any of this up with them rather than just preaching about it on the internet?

    Why would former Nazi's even admit it happened. It doesn't make sense?

    I would love for you to have a lived for even a DAY in their shoes to see the pain and horrors they had to deal with.
    Maybe we should re-enact everything that they so called 'lied' about on you, maybe then you'd the REAL picture.

    Theres no point in arguing with these egotistical people. They'll get their comeuppance one day. Karma always wins. Its funny how things turn out...

  102. KEEP IT UP! No better way then to hold these laying POS's feet to the fire. Let the TRUTH be the guide! Honesty is a small gesture in the face of this monstrous lie, but as we all know, the ocean is filled with infinite droplets of water

  103. READ THIS!!!!!! READ THIS INFORMATION NOW!!!! I know that guy lone wolf. its ok guys the dude is one of them skin head types. the guy actually served time in prison and ended up getting raped by the mexicans so he became an internet outlaw. ITS A PITY cuz the other arian brother fags didnt help him out. I know everyone is thinking that this is bullshit but its really true. His great uncle was actually a nazi and still hated jews after the war so the old bastard fed lone wolf a ton of bull shit to prove his point. The jewish people caught wind of this and had the bear-jew take care of the problem with the favored louisville slugger. I feel bad for the guy.. he has no friends.. i know because we used to make fun of him for being a hermaphodite. ( we found out because wed always wonder why a dude kept taking shits in a womans bathroom.) ... the poor bastard... now lone wolf lives alone in a storage unit, and his name is dave hester.

  104. It's awesome that the ONLY person throughout all of these comments that presents any facts for discussion is LONE WOLF. And the only rebuttals offered are the most simple minded, vile ad hom attacks.

    It is also interesting that in modern parlance anti-semitic is no longer used to describe someone who hates Jews, but someone that the Jews hate.

  105. Open your eyes to these downright blatant over the top ridiculous pop fiction pulp fiction penny dreadful tales!!!!