Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zio-Fart comedian elected as Minnesota senator and will send your kids to Iran

Al Franken For The Senator From Minnesota?

"Human Garbage"

Al Franken's Background

Franken was born in New York, the son of Phoebe G. (née Kunst), a homemaker and real estate agent, and Joseph P. Franken, a printing salesman. He attended Harvard College and it's unknown whether his student loans were repaid. Franken married Franni Bryson. He went on to be a lurid writer for Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live Producer

Lorne Michaels, the SNL producer, called Franken the best fart and scat writer he ever had.

He had vast appeal to the sexual fetish crowd with his diaper routines.

Playboy article

In the column, titled “Porn-O-Rama!”, Franken describes visiting a fictional sex institute where he participates in sex acts with machines and humans. Franken writes of sitting in a virtual sex machine and choosing his preferred setting, then describes and evaluates the act. Later, he investigates other parts of the fictional institute and participates in other sexual acts that he describes. 1

His degrading of white gentile females has everyone hopping.

Franken And Bestiality

In the same article, Franken jokes about his 12-year-old son researching a report on bestiality and using the Internet “to download some effective visual aids.” He makes up fake statistics comparing Playboy readers with readers of Hustler magazine. 4

Franken Will Send Your Kids To Iran

This piece of garbage will have the power to send your kids to die in Iran.

He was almost imprisoned on some income tax issues.



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