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Who was 'Jack the Ripper'?

Jack the Ripper

Aaron Kosminski

A Polish Jew Who Lived In Whitechapel Is Jack The Ripper

Some Of his Victims

The murders occured between August and November of 1888

Scotland Yard Releases Jack The Ripper Files

Chief Inspector Donald Swanson, who headed the murder investigation has released his notes to Scotland Yard, and there are some unpleasant surprises. For 100 years people were told that Scotland Yard wasn't sure who the slasher was. In July of 2006 the truth was revealed, Aaron Kosminski was the Ripper.

Chief Inspector, Donald Swanson

Chief Swanson identified Aaron Kosminski, a Polish-Jewish hairdresser living in Whitechapel, East London, as Jack the Ripper. Swanson believes he killed others.

Kosminski's Killing Ground

The districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Aldgate, and the City of London proper.

How He Killed

Kosminski first strangled them, then cut their throats, after which the cadaver was cut at the abdominal region, organs were removed, and sometimes he preformed genital mutilation.

He ate some of the women's organs.

Who Was Aaron Kosminski

Kosminski was born in 1864 to a Russian Jewess, Golda Abrahams. This was a very unstable period for Russia, there were 'problems' with the Jews, and Tsar Nicholas 1 had to create the Pale of the Settlement to contain the problem. In the 1870's the Czar eased restrictions and soon Jewish merchants, doctors, and lawyers flooded the cities. In 1881 Tsar Alexander II was killed by Jewish sponsored revolutionaries.

The Russian populace started exercising pograms, breaking into Jew's houses and shops, looting and burning property, beating, raping, and frequently killing the inhabitants. Kosminski grew up in this environment.

Kominski's Childhood

There was no father in his childhood. He was raised by the mother and his two sisters, he saw the sisters as domineering mother figures. Aaron shares a bed with one or both of his sisters when he is living in the Pale, and begins to develop sexual fantasies involving his sisters. He witnesses his sisters' menstrual bleeding, and the fascination begins. Betsy would have been 12 years old in 1869, and Aaron was only 4 or 5 - and as a result of this becomes obsessed with the female sexual organs, imagining blood or violence to be associated with sexuality.

Kominski Starts Hating Women

At 16, during the Russian pogroms, he witnesses the rape of members of his family, and he enjoyed it. His sister's often ridiculed his compulsive masturbation, which in his mind signified their rejection of his sexual fantasies, and their rape was justice.

Russia Flushes It Sewers

Kominski immigrates and is now a Whitechapel hairdresser.

Murders Resembled Blood Libel

Many still think that Kosminski was acting out a form of Blood Libel. The long lower abdominal cut, strangulation, throat slitting, was the age old form Jews used for centuries in their horrid ceremonies.

The Witnesses

Israel Schwartz saw Jack the Ripper, but when he viewed Kosminski, he refused to testify against him. He did not want the hanging of a fellow Jew on his conscious.

London's Jewish Community Wanted Silence

This occurred during the period where Russia flushed their sewers and over 200,000 Jewish immigrants landed in Europe, and especially London. This was probably the most anti Semitic period in Londoners history.

The Police Locked Him In Asylums

Kosminski was removed from society in 1890, and placed in the Mile End asylum. And then to Colney Hatch and Leaversden where under the care of his Jewish doctors, they see to it that Kosminski is drugged to the point he was brain dead. He died in 1919.

Is Hollywood Planning Any Movies?

Most people think of 'Jack the Ripper' as another Phantom of the Opera, or Headless Horseman, a legendary type thing. You read the details and Arron wasn't just a naughty boy, he was a genuine monster.

The best guess is this will be buried like the Leo Frank case.

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The famous 'Jack the Ripper' note found at his last murder


  1. I'm supposed to do a research paper over jack the ripper as an unsolved mystery but if they know that aaron kosminski committed the murders then why is it considered unsolved. im confuseddd help me please?

  2. ^The truth about the crime is being covered up because the perpetrator was jewish (ie, because our governments and media are dominated and controlled by jewish interests and have been for decades)

  3. How anti-semetic? "Their horrid ceremonies"? And I would love to see actual documented proof that this guy was the ripper, which you don't seem to have. Extremely weak argument.

  4. Uhh, "blood libel" is an anti-semetic myth, you neo-nazi neanderthal.

    1. please tell me why do all these guys hate the jewish folk? what did they do to piss this guy off. and how does he expect anyone that is not weak minded to believe all of these lies?

    2. Stay asleep goy...

  5. I agree, not much proof for Aaron Kosminski being Jack the Ripper... Definetley not enough supporting factors, however this is a topic im very interested in

  6. Obviously this guy is an anti-semitic nut ball. Did you see the article about Auschwitz below? He makes it sound like a Sandals resort.

    Poor guy. I feel sorry for him.

  7. okay...i don't believe this.jack the ripper was never caught!!!

  8. How would a hairdresser have the skill and knowledge to remove exact organs carefully and in complete darkness with minimal time? This is a weak argument, obviously based on opinion rather than fact. By the way, this guy's name "lone wolf" suggests a label that many neo-nazi/white supremacy followers who resort to violence independently of the organizations they affiliate themselves with. Very obviously an anti-Semitic.

  9. ^Yes, I am an 'anti-semite'.

    Although I prefer the terms 'anti-jewish', 'anti-khazar', or 'anti-edomite'. More on that here:

    - Racial origin of the "Jews"; not Israelites, but descendants of Khazars, Edomites, Canaanites, Cain, and ultimately Satan .

    I am not a neo-Nazi, as the Nazis and Neo-Nazis are both jewish-founded movements. That's right. More on that at my main blog site here:

    - Adolf Hitler - A puppet of International Jewry tasked with the destruction of Germany

    - Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Canadian Nazi Party

    - History of Judas Goat Kosher Nazi Clowns in the White Nationalist Movement

    As for "white supremacy", that is simply an objective fact. Whites are the supreme race on the earth. And whites have every right, as the other races, to look out for their own collective interests. More on that here

  10. Hi, I am Polish. I think that you don't really know what you are talking about. It is a loads of rubbish! At your schools in western Europe they teach you very little about history. Most of people that died in camps organised by Germans were Polish political prisoners and regular people captured on the streets (like my uncle and his family). First victims were Germans (disabled and old people who had no use for Reich). Nazis were killing men, women and children and they did not gave a shit about anyone. The were cowards just like Russian communists. But how many decent Germans and Russians do I know? Many! You see the problem is in Governments not in people. For example : Polish army fought on every front of World War Two arm to arm with Brits and after that your Government 'gave' us into hands of Russians. Again - cowards. I feel sorry for you man.Instead of enjoying your life in free country you are poisoning others and yourself with this crap!

  11. Bring the evidences maaaaaan!!!!!

  12. i agree with matthew. Lone Wolf shouldent talk about race surpremecy, perfect example the college i attend is about 2% full white students and the remanding 98% is spanish, asian, black, middle eastern, POLISH,ect.....so give it a rest ur not cool ur boring with no ethnic background. that being said, i want to see the evidence too. it seems too far fetched to blame a hair dresses (no matter the race!) i think it did have to be a medicaly educated man or one of high standing to afford the expensive hooch and the coach and sad to say a jewish man or woman couldent afford such things back then so ur just putting things togather to support ur own alligations, because ur narrow-minded and intolorent, and ignoring the most obvious evidence. get better evidence.

  13. Whoever made this site is a Nazi sympathiser cunt

    1. Stay asleep heathens... Don't ever question ashkenazi jews like the good little goys you are.

  14. ^No. As I mentioned in my previous comment above, I hate the National Socialists (aka Nazis), as they were/are a jewish-controlled movement.

    1. Wolf,
      They don't read ( if anything, the papers) and have been inducted Hypnotically and indoctrinated by compromised governments (govern= to control-mentis= mind/ government is mind control by definition) for literally centuries.The contenders are emotionally triggered knee jerkers in self governing, and so void of critical analysis, and that means anything that offends their indoctrinated world view is a Nazi, and also that they are basically dishonest. I am Jewish (and that does not always mean semetic,90% these days are Khazar proselytes). There is much truth in what you said.Enough for it to be discussed rationally and objectively.Good luck finding such creature though, especially amongst the Zionist faction. They still believe Adolf Hitler acted alone. What stupidity, how could any European politicain of the 20th century get a toe in the door without Rothschild complicity? They couldn't. Rothschild only want to fund a maximum 50,000 European Jews for the new Israel in Palestine, the rest had to go at his behest. It is not all Jews though,but a Sabataen Zionist faction following the psuedo Kaballah of "That one; Oy Vey" totally void of Torah and Mitzvot (true wisdom and good deeds)and slaves to Moloch and Mammon. Basically SATAN HATES EVERYONE.

  15. Actually, the victims werent strangled first. I have done alot of research on the real mortem papers. And its still a unsolved mystery because there was more than one suspect. Its just one of those murders that wont ever be solved, no matter how much you "think" a certain person did it. There was also another murder the same as the ripper victims in the U.S.A. but it was dismissed because it was over here that it happened, almost 3 years after the actually killing spree.

    1. Several years ago I Googled Jack the Ripper; I learned there had been several murders across the USA with an identical M/O as his. The USA murders began on the east coast shortly after the last murder in London. crazyhorsesghost.hubpages.com/hub/Jack-The-Ripper-In-America This murderer had left a trail that wound down through Texas and, if I'm not mistaken, the murderer worked his his way to the west coast. Of course the murders could have been performed by Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861 – May 8, 1896), better known under the alias of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes. He was a medical school graduate, and a great admirer of Jacks. Jack The Ripper In America.

  16. I see this as connected with the recent european murders...

  17. I see you are getting your faiur share of abuse.antii semite is a weak label.any one who isnt jew is a fool not to be.and anyone who talks about judaism who aint a jew better know what they arer talking about becuase you will show it the first sentence out of your mouf.I think lone wolf is a jew. "I hate national socialists"as if it is inherently evil politically you lightweight" sumd it up since he doesnt know what it stands for.jews prowl the net to cast aspersions and sow doubt and discord amongst their beloved cattle.

  18. Like I said before, James Kelly was Jack the Ripper. Look at all the evidence, dates, times, places, etc. Then decide


  19. I found this option quite possible and which seemed to have a great motive.

  20. 2018 August Jack the ripper REMOTE VIEWED. Some surprises.French accent noted.
    Jack the Ripper: September 2018 Time Cross - Farsight