Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why is a person's racial heritage important?

The Great Jewish Immigration

The Joy Of Multiculturalism

Some Of The Most Treasured Artists

A Gift To America

By 1939 there were 5,556,000 Jews that migrated to America. 7 5

Many Of The New Immigrants Were Criminals

We must remember that Eastern Europe considered these people extremely undesirable. Many quickly changed their name, and race.

Just In New York City's Metropolitan Area

New York has 18,815,988, and at least 6,000,000 are of Jewish extraction. 5

The Fallacy Of Statistics

There were 5.5 million Jews in America in 1939, then there was the WW2 migration, then a constant flow, the great Russian migration from 1988 onward. So a fair accounting would put today's total at 12 million, not the wikipedia count of 6,150,000. A simple chart shows that Jewish sources claim that from 1939 on there was no immigration, or birthing.

We must remember that there was a 50% incidence of interracial marriages from 1940 through 1995. 4

What's The Significance?

Just in the Senate, the claim of 15 seats is absurd. When you consider the Cryptos and Moranos, that number is easily 30.

What Is A Crypto?

Many Europeans like John Kerry (nee Jonathan Cohen) would change their names and convert to Christianity. 9

What Is A Marrano?

A person that just claims another nationality, such as Irish. 1

Interracial Breeding

This was very common from the 1930s to the 1980s, and one could expand a number from 500,000 and ending in 3,000,000 today.

Where Is The Importance?

This particular race is breed for cohesion, bordering on being Fifth Columnists, so it is important to know their identities. And the simple fact that the claim is there are only 5.9 million people of that race, also casts suspicions on motives. The most blatant cases being people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Walton family, who don't want to associate their race as controlling America's wealth.

Brutal examples of this practice are Lyndon Johnson, who let the USS Liberty attack occur, or Truman who recognized Israel, Roosevelt who instigated WW2, so Stalin and the Bolsheviks could control Europe. You are entering an economic collapse, and eventually a revolution, and it's always a good idea to know who the opposition is.

You can safely estimate American Jewry at 13 million and not the 5.9 million advertised.

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