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The scar of Babi Yar

Babi Yar

“ The Valley Of Death “

Kiev 1941

Kiev and Babi Yar

Another Fantastic Fairy Tale

Babi Yar is a ravine outside Kiev where the Holocaust movement claims that 200,000 Jews were shot by the Einsatzgruppen. There are no witnesses or bodies, and local Jews refuse archeological digs.

This site will help you decide if this story is true, or just war propaganda by Jewish Russians.


On Sept 19, 1941 the Germans took Kiev.

The Jewish NKVD bombed the German army headquarters. The Nazis marched 33,771 Jews out to a ravine called Babi Yar, and shot them all in the head. Over the next two years they killed another 165,000 (mainly Jews).

In 1943 the Russians were returning, and the Nazis dug up the 200,000 bodies, burnt them, and crushed the bones.

The Timeline

The Nazis attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, and by September 19, they had reached Kiev.

The Bombing Of Kiev's SS Headquarters

On September 24, it is claimed that Jewish Partisans bombed German headquarters, and other German installations. For the next three days, brave partisans blew up German occupied buildings.

The SS Retaliate

On Monday, September 29th, 1941, the Einsatzgruppen rounded up all the 33,771 Jews and marched them to a ravine.

The March Of Death

Waiting their turns to be shot.

The Executions Begin

In small groups of ten, the Jews were taken along the edge of the ravine and shot. Nazis built a platform over the ravine and shot innocent Jews.

The massacre continues for two days. The units kill about 33,771 Jews: ~ men, women, and children, all died. SS hit children with shovels, those who lived were buried alive.

No One Was Spared

In the months that follow, the Einsatzgruppen shoot another 160,000 more Jews at Babi Yar. 20,000 Gypsies and Soviet prisoners of war, were also killed at Babi Yar.

The historian Felix Levitas wrote: "The executioners did not have enough time to finish their job. Therefore they began to put two people together, head by head, so that one bullet would kill two people. The wounded people were killed with shovels and children buried alive."

Ravine Of Death

Nazi made the women undress, and then shot them.

Elie Wiesel

Wiesel, a holocaust survivor, and speaker, verifies the story. Many of the buried were only half dead and the ground trembled for month afterwards. An eyewitness told him there were geysers of blood that shot up. Some of the monsters involved.

The Russians Advance On Kiev

By mid-1943, the Germans were on the retreat; the Red Army was advancing west. Soon, the Red Army would liberate Kiev and its surroundings. The Nazis, in an effort to hide their guilt, tried to destroy evidence of their killings - the mass graves at Babi Yar on August 18, 1943

300 Jews Dig Up 200,000 bodies

Jews from Syretsk concentration camp were brought to Babi Yar for this unholy work.

They toiled during the day, while SS romanced local women.

300 Jews Lived Here

During the burning of the bodies, 300 Jews lived in a cave. The Nazis stationed a machine-gun at the entrance to keep watch over the prisoners.

The Ghastly Work - You Can See Clothing

Starting on On August 18, 1943, the Jews dug up 200,000 bodies and cremated them. The Jews went to a nearby cemetery, took tombstones and built ovens.

Especially Gruesome

Because many had died a slow death many of the bodies were tangled (died holding each other and praying). The Jews used axes to chop them apart and a special 'Chin hook' to drag them.

The prisoners who had to pull the corpses out of the grave would place the hook under the corpse's chin and pull - the body would follow the head. The lower layers of bodies had to be dynamited several times.

The Nazis drank vodka to drown out the smell and the scenes.

Removing Valuables:

After the bodies were pulled out of the mass grave, a few prisoners with pliers would search the victim's mouths for gold. Other prisoners would remove clothing, boots, etc. from the bodies.

The Nazis Burn The Evidence

SS Colonel Paul Blobel supervises the burning of the evidence of the massacres there.

Burning Bodies

First the Jews checked the bodies for valuables and then arranged them between stacks of logs. They had heads facing outwards and dosed the pile, and the hair, with gas.

The hair, soaked in gasoline, immediately burst into bright flame - that was why they had arranged the heads that way.

Approximately 5,000 a day were burned.

Crushing the Bones:

Since there were usually large pieces of bone that had not burned in the fire, they needed to be crushed to fully destroy the evidence of Nazi atrocities. Prisoners would go through the ashes looking for valuables. Nazis had bone crushing machines, which turned everything into a powder.

Next the Sonderkommandos threw the dust into the air.

15 Jews Escape And Tell The World

The Jews were locked in a cave, and one day Yasha Kaper found the key. In the middle of the night the Jews charged a machine gun that was guarding them, and some were killed, but 15 escaped and survived

Babi Yar Trials

Dina Pronicheva, who was buried under 5 feet of bodies and dirt, the Nazis dynamited the ravine walls, dug her way out, and survived the massacre. She is seen here testifying at war crimes trial, Kiev, 1946.

The Pope and Benjamin Netanyahu visited.

The Truth

Soviet archival records reveal that the atrocity propaganda, about Katyn and Babi Yar, was fabricated by Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman.

These two also invented the now discredited victim counts of Nazi concentration camps: 4 million at Auschwitz; 1.5 million at Majdanek and 3.5 million at Treblinka. A Kiev court threw out a lawsuit.

Babi Yar Memorial

Presently there are two small monuments, but Jews are anxious for a museum. The Ukrainians call the episode a hoax, so the Jews brought Bush in to fund it.

Memorial for 200,000 Jews

You Have To Believe

That during a massive attack on Russia, the SS decided to shoot 200,000 Jews for no reason. That in 1943, the SS dug up and burned these bodies while the Russians were at Dnieper River, four miles away.

That the SS shot the 300 diggers in groups, and they had to burn each other. That the witnesses are 15 Jews that lived in a cave, two Russian propagandists, and a Jewish puppeteer that dug herself out of a 5 foot grave.

There are no bodies, or bones, no soil disturbance, and no aerial photos from 1943 show nothing. This happened near the center of Kiev, a town of 2,600,000 people.

To date, there have been no archeological digs on the largest grave in history.



  1. "To date, there have been no archeological digs on the largest grave in history."

    Well, there should be an even larger grave at Treblinka (700 000-1 million bodies). Of course, no forensic investigation has been carried out there, either..

  2. LMAO first it was 30K, then 150K, now 300K, just how many jews were living around europe and russia during that time? Shit. They must have been breeding like muslims. This is such horseshit. So 300 people were able to dig up, pull out, burn, and crush 200,000 corpses?

    Look I'm not saying people didn't die and don't die during wars, that's what war is. All I'm saying is why do the jews force us to consider that THEIR deaths were the worst, most horrific of all times. Because #1, they're not, and #2 who gives a shit anyway?

    What about the 1.5 million assyrians, 1.5 million armenians, and 350,000 greek orthodox christians killed by TURKEY? They won't even fucking admit they did shit, but for some reason denying the jews STORIES is an arrestable offence, but nobody gives a fuck whatever happened to the serbians during ww2 at the hands of the turks, and muslim bulgarians, the baby death camp, 1/3 of their entire population killed. Those are white europeans, those are christians, those are my 'people' - i am not a jew, I am not a turk. Fuck all those shitbags.

  3. You are a sick, sick, sick and sickening person. All you publish in this website is a lie, and everybody who reads it should be aware. Hell, there are still old people alive - like my grandparents - who remember everything, the tortures, the deaths, the worse-then-animal treatment. And blutant Anti-Semitic lies - just like what you spread here.

  4. Talking with old timer ukraininans, many of the bodies dug up were ukrainian nationalists (murdered 1940) and kulaks (1933-34) bythe heavily jewish NKVD. I work with a ukrainina national who just came from ukraine and said is a major arck digsgoing on right now. many of the bodies were from years of executions in the 30's, not jews but ukrainins. the NKVD was responsibe and everybody knows it but with the jewish controlled media here is conveniently "jews".

  5. ^That's what I expected and knew was true, 100%. Thanks very much for the comment.

  6.'re going to Hell. Maybe you and Hitler can discuss the shit that you posted on here, because nobody wants to hear it. ktnxbai


    2. Aww, poor little kike. Can't handle truth?