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There can be no doubt Patton was assassinated, but few have said 'Who and Why'

New Book Confirms Assassination

Was Patton Murdered?

George Patton Was A High-Profile War Hero

One of the few with political potential.

Loved To Be In The Middle Of His Battles

Who Benefits From Patton's Death?

Eisenhower, and his backers did.

There Are Too Many Rumors

There is a real possibility that Patton was assassinated. As far as the official story goes, who really knows how true the car accident version was. You can be sure there were a few deaths of high ranking officers deaths that had to be re-invented or altered, because of 'inconvenient' circumstances.

The real question is, why would you assassinate a Four-Star General?

Eisenhower Had A Lot Of Baggage

Eisenhower was promoted over 356 more-qualified commanders by Bernard Baruch, who advised Roosevelt. 8

Eisenhower, The Soldier

His first assignment was to London, where he lived in the palatial Dorchester hotel. He was assigned a driver/companion, Kay Somersby, a married 26 year-old model.

Eisenhower And Churchill.

Churchill was a debaucherous drunkard. He ran the show, with Eisenhower playing the sycophant. Patton made his distaste of Churchill public.

Eisenhower's First Battle Command Was Operation Torch

In the North Africa campaign, Eisenhower went to Gibraltar, built a fortified bunker, threw tantrums, and blamed his Generals, and his soldiers, for his battle fiascos. Rommel annihilated a US battalion at Kasserine Pass, because Eisenhower didn't use reconnaissance, or provide air cover.

Eisenhower's incompetence, his remote headquarters, and his flaunting of Kay Somersby, infuriated the commanders.

Patton Brought To Africa

Patton arrived and cleaned up Eisenhower's mess.

Other Generals Wanted Eisenhower Removed

Eisenhower botched everything, blaming his generals, and US soldiers. President Roosevelt had to fly over to Tunis, and stop a mutiny over the Kasserine Pass debacle.

Pomp And Circumstance

After the battle, Eisenhower swaggered around Tunis with Kay Somersby, as he reviewed the parades.

Eisenhower Goes Back To London

Eisenhower lives at Telegraph Cottage, a ten-acre Country Estate, outside of London. He attends dinner parties, and is an embarrassment, whipping around London in his staff car, flags flying, with his British Mistress at the wheel.

Eisenhower's Fashion Model Companion

After North Africa, and Sicily, he returns with his mistress.

In 1943, Eisenhower is the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe. General Montgomery considered Eisenhower a clown.

Snuggles And Kisses

The Zionist press looked the other way as these two 'frolicked' around London.

Patton Was A Field Commander

He was in practically ever major battle, a true warrior.

Erwin Rommel Respected Patton

Even the Germans respected him.

Patton Invades Sicily

He drove up the coast and took Messina. While visiting an army hospital he slapped a Charles H. Kuhl, calling him a 'Yellow Belly Jew Coward'. A reporter, David Katz, broke the story and Patton was relieved of duty.

Patton Despised Stalin

Patton, who was 6', considered Stalin a 5' 6" squinty-eyed Bolshevik. He was infuriated over Operation Keelhaul, and Eisenhower's death camps.

Battle Of The Bulge -Eisenhower's Blunder

Patton warned Eisenhower about the possibility of a German attack. Patton took Bastogne, and saved Eisenhower from a real catastrophe.

If Hitler had captured Antwerp, it could have cost 200,000 American lives, and resulted in a negotiated surrender. As it was, there were 81,000 US casualties, with 18,000 dead.

Eisenhower's Other Involvements

FIREBOMBING OF GERMANY: --World Jewry demanded revenge for being taken out of their ghettos, and being put in work camps.

OERATION KEELHAUL: --- Eisenhower rounded up 1.5 million anti-communist refugees, shipped them to Stalin, and they were sent to the gulags, and killed.

DEATH CAMPS: ---- Eisenhower had 1.4 million Germans soldiers put into open fields, and the death toll was over a million.

EUROPE FOR THE JEWS: ----Eisenhower told Patton to throw Germans out of their houses and jobs, and install Jews. Patton refused and was demoted.

Back In America

The Jewish interests pushed the 'Morgenthau Plan', which wanted Germans sterilized, their industries wrecked, and the country divided into three parts. Patton despised Zionism, and would have blocked the creation of Israel.

There was a movement, 'America First', that was looking for a candidate, and there were others.

Patton Fought Eisenhower Over De-Nazification

He was the military governor of Bavaria, and used ex-Nazis to run the country. He opposed Eisenhower's orders to push ordinary Germans out of their houses for Jews. It was common for Polish Jews to appear at an upper-class German house and expect Patton's soldiers to remove the tenant Germans.

Patton saw the Jews as instigators of WW2, non-combatants who refused to serve, and jackals who preyed on Germany's corpse.

In late 1945, Eisenhower removed him from command of the Third Army and transferred him to the Fifteenth Army.

Patton Car Accident On December 9, 1945

The official story on Patton varies. One version is, the accident happened in his staff car, a 1938 Cadillac. Another version says, Patton was transferred to another jeep, and there was a second accident.

Patton Dies On December 21, 1945

His wife flew there, but he couldn't speak.

The Main Suspects

Patton died of heart failure. Most feel his murder was orchestrated by Roosevelt's hand picked OSS agent.

Patton's wife was so suspicious, that she hired private investigators.

Patton Was Too Dangerous

Eisenhower was a clown, and it was the Zionist press that made him a hero. If Patton had political backing, he could have savaged Eisenhower. Patton wasn't just a soldier, he was an actor, and a political candidate. He saw himself as an ancient Roman hero, another Caesar.

Patton detested Eisenhower. He saw the Soviets as the real enemy, and would have entered the race. Henry Ford would most likely have financed the campaign, and a Patton-Lindbergh ticket would have been very hard to beat. Patton realized World Jewry started WW2, and they controlled Russia, and he certainly wouldn't have gone along with the farces of the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam.

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  1. god why do i read this? it makes me so mad, my head is going to explode. FUUUUUUUCK fucking jews.

  2. General Patton, (I can write his name with great pride and admiration) represented America unlike these questionable generals of today.

  3. I enjoy reading on the life and times of General Patton. He should
    be a prodigy for all general's serving America today without the zog
    corrupt influence. The general's of today are questionable on whose
    allegiance they serve.