Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evangelist wants American kids to die for Israel

Pastor John Hagee

He says:- "Iran Islamists must be dealt with to protect Israel"

His Israeli Relocation Center For Russian Jews

He Says: - "Hezbollah bombed my relocation center"

One Of Many Israeli Fund Raising Functions

His US congregation gave $9 million to relocate Russian Jews.

Pastor Hagee Has An Internet Service

Your children will be protected from porn and 'Hate Sites'.

We Must Attack Iran To Protect Israel

Devoted To Israel

Hagee contends that Americans that die for Israel, will be guaranteed a place in Heaven. Basically, instead of seeing Israel as a terrorist state, and the Jewish race as nation- wreckers, Hagee spotlights them as God's "Chosen Ones".

The Political Factor

These Televangelists can make or break a politician.

Hagee said: 'We're not just going to Washington to stand on the grass and sing Amazing Grace. We're going to see senators and congressmen face-to-face, and to speak to them about our concerns for Israel'."

Promoting World War Three

John Hagee believes that Israel has to strike Iran's nuclear facilities, in order to move things along toward Jesus' new millennial reign.

Hagee's Wife

John Hagee married his second wife, Diana Castro, a Spanish Morrano (crypto Jew). She handles the ministry, and has a bunch of ghost writers pushing the Jewish theme.

Rescues Jews

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Jews who had previously been in control of that brutal police state fled for their lives, and she talked her congregation into financing them. The Ethiopian Jews (products of Jewish slave traders) were brought to Israel, and became front line fodder if the IDF.

Hagee's Writings

His writings push the highly racist "Chosen People" nonsense, and that the Iranian leader is the Anti- Christ. He pushes the lie that Christians must support the State of Israel, and that Islamists are fanatics, and we must nuke Tehran.

“Those nations who align with God’s purpose will receive His blessing. Those who follow a policy of opposition to God’s purpose will receive the swift and sever judgment of God without limitation.” - JOHN HAGEE

Hucksters At Best

The Israeli cheerleaders, Hagees, Falwells, Robertsons, etc, became famous and wealthy. Those who didn't tow the line, like James Bakker, quickly were caught up in intrigue (Jessica Hahn episode), and Jerry Falwell inherited the PTL and Hertiage Park, while Baker went to prison.

When we see Reverend Hagee send his own grandson to die in Iraq or Iran, then we will know his devotion to Israel is genuine.


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