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Holocaust Survivor's grandkids are still traumatized

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Holocaust trauma affects survivors' grandkids

More than 60 years after the Holocaust, the trauma of Nazi persecution is still affecting survivors' grandchildren, a recent study by a researcher from the University of Haifa suggests.

The study on the long-term effects of extreme war-related trauma on the second and the third generation of Holocaust survivors involved 88 middle-class families. According to the study, young men and women born in Israel 40 years after WWII suffer greater emotional difficulties than the general population.

Famous Doctor

Dr. Miri Scharf found in her research - which was recently published in the scientific U.S. periodical Development and Psychopathology - that these emotional difficulties often manifest.

Young IDF Soldiers

Dr Miri Scharf says the 17 and 18 yr olds who enter the Israel Defense Forces find it difficult to wear a uniform.

The Doctor's Parents

Scharf, herself the daughter of Holocaust survivors, says she was attracted to the subject following her own experience. "My father had to live on the run, and moved time and again between 17 different hideouts," she told Haaretz. "My mother also roamed in different areas, trying to survive..."

Fighting To Push The Door Open

Several of my family members perished in the Holocaust. Being consumed by fire, but yet pushing the door open.

Suspicious Of Everyone Including Their Poppas

According to Scharf, she became aware of the effects of living with third-generation emotional baggage from the Holocaust when she was working with students whose grandparents were survivors. "Some of them spoke of having a hard time trusting, of their fear of getting their poppas," she says. "This comes from a terrible air of suspiciousness at home."

Female Survivors Demon's Resurface

Mothers' Holocaust background was associated with higher levels of psychological distress. Having to pull their bloomers down, and feel the sting of the whip, have left many scarred.

Keeping A Close Eye For Trauma

The results of the study, says Scharf, show that it is recommended for clinicians to develop awareness of the possible traces of trauma in the second and the third generation to better treat that section of the population.

My Own Relatives

My grandparents, uncles and aunts, and parents were in the camps. Out of 137 relatives only six survived. My Aunt Niomi was a sex slave at Auschwitz and to this day she 'Saddle Syndrome' or acute bowl legged-ness. My uncles Jakob and Bernie had blue dye injected in their eyes, and were sewn together by Mengele.

My Uncles Need An Operation To Separate Them



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