Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I spent twelve years in Dachau

Holocaust Speakers Hit The Grammar School Circuit

Jack Sittsamer talks to eighth-graders at Carson Middle School

Heim Slotsky Tells Third Graders Of His Holocaust Tortures

Fourth Graders Are Captivated By Rachel Blumstein

Abe Tells Girls How He Was Whipped In The Camp

"They Made Me Lean Over A Bench And Pull My Pants Down"

The Deluge Of Holocaust Speakers

Practically every grade school in America is providing a forum to Holocaust speakers. They tell 8 yr-old kids about dogs eating Jews alive, being thrown in ovens, carrying 80 pound boulders, etc. The 'Fleabag' below is on the Kansas school circuit, and she claims to be in Dachau for 12 years.

I Spent 12 Years In Nazi Camps

Tears glistened on Emmaly Reed's cheeks as she shared painful experiences about her past -- experiences so awful school textbooks don't divulge all the details. But with a quiet resolve, Reed got through the tears, even sharing a few chuckles with the crowd of 500 who came to hear her personal account of the Holocaust. 1

Barely Three Years Old

After 12 years of captivity, Reed, who was incarcerated at age 3 for being Jewish, had plenty of stories to share. The Holocaust began when Hitler seized control of Germany in 1933 -- the year she was arrested.

Speaking To 500 At A church

Reed, 77, now lives in Salina and was in Hays on Thursday evening to share her story with a large crowd at St. Nicholas of Myra Church.

Tattooed At Three

The first little girl taken, and one of the first prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp, No. 4 was tattooed on her wrist. The brand was later removed from her skin by a doctor.

"He said, 'Come to my office, and I'll take care of it. You don't have to suffer anymore,' " she said.

Evil Nazi Doctors

She endured torture of various degrees and often was taken to a laboratory where experiments intended to kill were performed on her.

Nazis Executed Each Other

She remembers a kind German soldier, who was tortured and killed in front of everyone for showing sympathy to children.

She Slept Inside The Latrine

She told 7 year-olds stories that made them cry. Stories about eating grass and mud to stay alive. When the Nazis were looking to gas children she climb into the toilets, and sleep in the feces!!

She Actually Met Hitler

Emmaly said, “Hitler was not human, he killed a little boy next to me in the camp!" “Those are pictures you cannot forget,” she said. “I still have nightmares where I wake up screaming.”

Hung By A Chain

Her last day in the camp, she was in a coma, nailed to the wall, hanging with a chain around her neck. Everyone around her was dead.

"My last day, I was . I was supposed to be dead, but I wasn't," she said. "I was just in a coma."

She Was Liberated By The French

The few survivors at Dachau were liberated by French soldiers, who were led to the camp by her mother. Upon her liberation, she was rushed to a military hospital in France and remained in a coma for months.

The French Nurses Remember The Brave Girl

She spent nine months in a coma at a French hospital. At the time, she was 15 years old and weighed 32 pounds.

Where Is The Harm?

These fleabags are telling seven year old children about Germans killing children, throwing Jews in ovens alive, etc etc. You could really damage a young kid with this nonsense. Another consideration you have is 75 yr old male 'survivors' being around young girls.


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  1. for fucks sake, how many can still be alive? Didn't they gas ALL the children? how conveniently contradictory.

  2. Strange isn't it that in the Auschwitz album it's stated that only in Auschwitz that people were tattooed?It seems to me that the more fantastical the tale these people come up with the more their believed.

  3. Is the Holocaust the new Grimm Fairy Tales?????