Saturday, December 18, 2010

How small town America is being destroyed

Dodge City Of 1860

Dodge City Of 2009

Dodge City's Main Industry

Dodge City Before The Meat Packers

Meatpacking Plants Hit The Rural West

Here is a look at three towns, (Fort Morgan, Dodge City, and Postville) where Zionist meatpackers have taken over the small towns. They bring in Mexican labor, and the multiculturalism eventually corrodes the towns.

The Old Dodge City

Back in 1860 it was cowboys, shootouts, saloons, Doc Holiday, and Wyatt Earp.

Today, Dodge City Is Called 'Little Mexico'

Today, a city of 25,176 has a downtown of Mexican restaurants and stores resembling Tijuana more than Main Street Kansas.

Signs advertising "Envios a Mexico" — retail outlets where workers send hard-earned wages back home to Mexico and other countries — hang outside many Dodge City stores.

Fort Morgan, Colo

Today, iconic farm towns struggle with a new economic model, one that requires a workforce that is poor and overwhelmingly Hispanic.

Today's Fort Morgan

With the influx of Zionist's packing plants comes the Zionist's $6.50 an hour Mexican labor. And each worker brings his family with an average of five kids winding up in the schools.

The Old Days Are Gone

Just as the arrival of the Santa Fe Railroad here in 1872 brought white settlers to populate the dusty towns and farms of a fledging country, the relocation and consolidation of the meatpacking industry has transformed these icons of the American West. Today pick up trucks arrive with anxious South American immigrants.

It All Started In The 1960s

The Zionists took their plants from unionized states to right-to-work states like Kansas. The first big slaughterhouse came to Emporia in the 1960s, followed by plants near Garden City and in Dodge City in the 1980s.

Eventually, mom-and-pop meatpackers were swallowed up by giants like Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., Swift & Co. and National Beef Packing Co.

Twenty Mexicans To A Trailer

Arturo Ponce lives in a dilapidated trailer, just down the street from the Cargill plant in Dodge City. The trailer is filled with 13 other people, four families, into three bedrooms.

They sleep in shifts, one comes home to the trailer after each shift drenched in sweat from trying to keep up with the production line. He and his brother-in-law each lost 25 pounds those first three months on the job.

The Decline Of Fort Morgan

Ft Morgan's population is 11,000, and approximately 50% are Mexicans, working mainly at the Cargill slaughter house. The town was settled by Germans, with its neat lawns decorated with gnomes, would be altered beyond recognition.

Every morning at 5:00 the German ladies would be out sweeping sidewalks. Now you have Mexicans who never cut the lawn, and park eight cars on their lawns.

Only The Zionists Win

The $50,000 a yr union meat cutter is replaced by a $6.50 an hr Mexican. The prices stay the same, just like Nike, but the profit goes to a select group. These little towns see their schools, and lifestyles devastated, and then get threatened by the ADL with Hate Laws, if they complain.

Alternate Judicial-Inc title: "Turning rural America Towns Into Multicultural Sewers"

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  1. This is absolutely deplorable. I can't stand unbridled capitalism. It's the libertarian mantra that Ayn Rand promotes that's destroying this once great nation. She's also of kosher stock herself. It's kosher through and through.

  2. it makes me vomit 24/7

    same thing is happening in europe, except with africans and middle eastern muslims. And Europe is supposed to be socialist! Those somalians come in with 10 fucking kids a piece, the women aren't allowed to work anyway & they receive more money than I do for working.

  3. Ok, if twenty Mexicans live in one trailer, even at $6.50 an hour they could afford a different home. If they choose to live like shit so what, it's their choice to have four families in 3 bedrooms. Actually, I have a better idea, why don't they go back to their own country.

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