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It was 1880 New York and the ghettoes of Eastern Europe flushed the sewers

Where Did Today's Mafia Start?

Murder Incorporated

A syndicate of Jewish killers started in the 1920s and ran into the 1940s. The head of it all was Meyer Lansky (nee Majer Suchowliński), whose parents were Russian Jews. His gang killed over 1,000 people. Prior to popular belief, they just didn't kill their own. A union leader, a bar owner, a businessman who wouldn't sell, etc., was considered a justifiable murder.

The Gangs Of New York

There were gangs in New York since the 1800’s. The Plug Uglies, The Bowery Boys were precursors to the Brownsville Gang, who would later become Murder Inc.

They Slithered In

It was 1908, and the Jewish gangsters were in control. Gangs like the Eastman Gang under Max "Kid Twist" Zwerb, and the Five Points Gang, Lenox Avenue Gang, controlled New York.

The Most Violent Was The Purple Gang

Jews had multiple gangs, and the Purple Gang out of Detroit was the worst. They grew out of prohibition and bootlegging from Canada. Their favorite areas were bootlegging, gambling, and labor rackets. The Purple Gang was mainly hit-men. They were behind the Lindbergh baby murder.

Murder Incorporated

The term “Syndicate” is often used when talking about organized crime, but it was really Murder Incorporated.

Meyer Lansky

He would be considered the Don of Dons.

Lucky Luciano

Luciano, was always said to have a Jewish mother. He meets Lansky when they were kids in New York.

Meyer Goldstein

Meyer Goldstein, born in 1905, was a member of a gang of hit men, operating out of Brooklyn, New York known as Murder, Inc.. Goldstein later committed murders under the orders of Louis "Lepke" Buchalter

Abraham Reles

The son of Austrian immigrants, was born in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. When carrying out hits, his weapon of choice was an ice pick, which he would ram through his victim's ear right into the brain. Reles reportedly got the nickname "Kid Twist" described his method for strangling people.

Arthur Flegenheimer

Dutch Schultz was born in New York in 1902, and he made his fortune in bootlegging, prostitution, and murder. Like countless other Jewish gangsters he changed his name.

Louis Lepke

Born Lepkeleh Buchalter in 1897 to European Jewish immigrants Manhattan. He worked for Jacob "Gurrah" Shapiro, gradually gaining control of the garment industry unions on the Lower East Side. He used the unions to threaten strikes and demand weekly payments from factory owners while simultaneously dipping into union bank accounts. His control of the unions later evolved into a general protection racket, extending into such areas as bakery trucking.

Benny Siegel

Siegel was a butcher who worked for Meyer Lansky.

Murder Inc Goes Nationwide

Eventually, Murder Inc. became national, and made many contracts across the U.S. Their method involved a sayanim who would draw the victim in.

If Abe Benstein wanted to buy a chain of dry cleaners, and an independent wouldn't se3ll, an out of state contract killer was brought in. Popular methods were shooting, strangling, or using an ice pick, and then cremated the body.

Morris Cohen Out Of Los Angeles

He ran the west coast and was particularly vicious. He handled any Hollywood problems. He was behind the Black Dahlia murder, and made cremation a standard technique.

The Saint Valentines Day Massacre

Six of the seven victims were Jewish, and the two killers were from Hymie Weiss gang.

Notable members of Murder Inc. included Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, Frank "Dasher" Abbandando, Louis Capone, Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein, Harry "Happy" Maione, Harry "Pittsburgh Phil" Strauss, Allie Tannenbaum, Seymour "Blue Jaw" Magoon, Mendy Weiss, and Charles "Charlie the Bug" Workman

Today's Gangsters

John Gotti is typical, a ruthless thug whose mother and wife were jewish.

The Myth Of The Italian Mob

The real crime syndicate is Jewish. The Don Correleone is strictly a Hollywood fantasy. If there are any doubts, just look at who controls Las Vegas, the drug trade, liquor, porno, usury, prostitution, the unions, etc.

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  1. How very anti Jew....

  2. It's not anti Jew it's documented proven facts that they do control such things, most porn moguls are Jews most property owners are Jews even Jewish Israeli army officers and politicians confirms that the Tel Aviv mob is the most powerful in the world they are responsible for more deaths than even that of their precious IDF you had better start doing some real hardcore research into these people before you go defending them because I can tell you that they most certainly do not give a damn about either of us a good place to start would be with how they are always changing their names to make it sound more Anglo Saxon so when they are caught in crimes everyone always assume that they must be Irish etc.. also the banking systems such as Goldman Sachs, The Rothchilds, as well as the so called justice/legal system, DC, New York, Hollywood (Illusion Land also known as land of make believe)the country of Hungary is also a very good place to start with as well

    1. Hymie Weiss was Catholic, you moron. He's buried in a Catholic cemetery.

      His gang was the victim, not the perpetrators, of the St. Valentine's Day massacre.

      Can't you fucking google, you ignorant asswipe?

    2. Catholic? With a name like Hymie Weiss?

  3. Im ExOrthodoxMonk

    How very anti Jew....

    Its Anti- Crime, you drainless cucaracha

  4. Your sites information is completely inaccurate. The Mafia started back in Sicily, the term Mafia is only used to refer to Sicilians in Organized Crime. Jews didn't even get into organized crime of any kind until the 1880's and 1890's. There were Sicilian Mafia in New Orleans as early as the 1860's possibly before. Jews didn't start the mafia, they were part of American Organized Crime yes. Murder Inc, also didn't even start until the mid to late twenties, more like the thirties. I also find your website to be completely anti-semitic and therefore all information you present here is slanted that way and inaccurate. I assume you know this already because if you did any kind of research you would see your information is wrong.

    1. ...You do realise that there ARE Jews in Italy?

      Just because from Italy that doesnt mean they werent jewish.

      I personally this they were all some kind of European Mutt/Mixture as many coming to America were at that time. But your logic is faulty. They very well could have been Italian/ Sicilian Jewry. Its very common for ethnic/racial minority groups to be involved in organized crime. See the Zannichi of Japan and their connection to the Yakuza and Japans wealthy.

      I mean it happens I'm just saying.

  5. Stop crying antisemetic, no ones stupid enough to buy it any more. 90% of modern Jews are Khazarim proselytes not semites and in Israel they treat everyone, even Sephardic Jews abominably and are a huge problem historically to every country stupid enough to shelter them. Between the Khazarim banksters and the Freemasons they brainwashed into believing themselves elite so to betray there own under the guise of wisdom,and who they have used to invade every seat of power on the face of the globe, divide not just communities but entire states. You'll say I'm a neo nazi now right?, nuh, I'm Jewish and know its true, its factional, but quite true.

  6. At the time that the sicilian mafia originated, Sicily was under Arab rule. These people are not genetically related to Italians.