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Mauthausen - Where was God?

The Hell Of Mauthausen

Fairy tale, or savagery at its worst?

The Camp Sat On Top Of A Rock Quarry

Mauthausen Was In Southern Germany

Thousands Of Jews Were Forced To Jump Off This Cliff

Those not killed on the first fall. were taken back up, and thrown over again

The Gas Chamber Was Disguised As A Shower Room

Nazis Made Jewish Prisoners Carry 150 Lb Rocks Up These Stairs

Jews Were Clubbed And Thrown In Alive

What Was Mauthausen?

Mauthausen was a high-security walled prison, which sat on a hill-top in the Austrian countryside. It's inmates were 'Class three' career criminals such as murderers, condemned German criminals, resistance fighters, saboteurs, Allied commandos, dangerous Russian POWs.

It sat on a stone quarry, and Nazis allowed designated prisoners to work it.

When the Allies liberated the camp, it suddenly went from a prison full of criminals, to a death camp where 1.5 million Jews were killed.

It Was A Prison

It was the 1940 version of a super-max prison, like today's Pelican Bay.

Camp Size

It was a small camp, that held 7,500 total.

Camp Staff

These were administrative types. The guards, were usually wounded soldier, sent from the front.

Camp Money

These camps were run as small towns, and even issued their own currency.

Canteens And Brothels

Mauthausen also had a canteen where the prisoners could buy cigarettes, and a brothel with 10 women.


Mauthausen was liberated on April 27, 1945.

Liberated Prisoners Tell Fantastic Stories

Jewish prisoners said Nazis called this cliff the 'Parachute Jump', and often forced prisoners to jump, just for entertainment.

They claim that overworked Jewish prisoners would climb to the top, join hands, and leap out of total despair.

Jews Put In Ovens Alive

Prisoners were clubbed in front of the oven and then cremated. It was not uncommon for the Jews to wake up, and try and fight their way out.

Many a sonderkommando would returned to his furnace, and find a hand sticking out.

Fantastic Stories Of Nazi Executions

Jewish prisoners said there were dozens of ways they were killed.

- In winter Nazis sprayed with water, to make ice statues
- Fed to dogs
- Jews had to leap off this cliff
- Gassed
- Clubbed, and then cremated alive
- Red hot poker shoved down throat
- Fire hose put in mouth till you exploded
- Benzine injections for Jewish children
- Guards stood on cliffs and drop grenades
- Carrying 150 lb boulders up 180 stairs
- Clubbed to death with a hammer
- Buried alive
- Mashed in cement mixers
- Whipped to death

Mauthausen's Commandant Franz Ziereis

In his confessions, he noted that he gave fifty Jews for target practice as a birthday present to his twelve year old son.

Prosecutor Opening Statement - 1.5 Million Killed

"We expect the evidence to show that somewhere between 165,000 and a million and a half persons were killed in the camps of Mauthausen"

Video of this clown

Second Video


The proceedings against the 61 Mauthausen accused began on March 29, 1946 and ended on May 13, 1946.

58 were sentenced to death, and hung. The other three were sentenced to life in prison.

This Makes A Lot Of Sense

Liberate a bunch of criminals from a prison, establish a court with Jewish prosecutors, use the Jewish criminals as witnesses to testify against the German warden, and staff. Then declare them guilty, and hang them.

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  1. Hitler should have done a far better job. Dammit! Fucking holohoax

  2. Nice post Lone Wolf. Calling Denson a clown, is an insult to clowns.

    He Freudianly admits he's lying, when he claims he didn't believe the atrocities when he first heard them. What a ***.

    As "chief prosecutor for the U.S. government at the Dachau concentration camp war crimes trial" he would have been the boss of Kirschbaum the Jew US prosecutor who accused a German of killing a man who was still alive, and sitting in the court room.

    "Returning to the United States, Denson became head of litigation for the Atomic Energy Commission. In 1948, he read that
    the life imprisonment of Ilse Koch had been reduced to a mere four years, three of which had already been served."

    "there was no convincing evidence that she had selected inmates for extermination in order to secure tattooed skins, or that she possessed any articles made of human skin.",9171,859084,00.html#ixzz1JwxlL7xG

    "Outraged, Denson wrote to newspapers across the country and was invited to speaking engagements and interviews. A congressional
    committee eventually took the matter up and though her sentence could not be legally reinstated, she was tried by a German
    court and re-sentenced to life imprisonment"

    What a first class Shabbos goy he was.

  3. ^Thanks for the info Black Rabbit.

    As I'm sure you know, I can't take credit for this article, or any of the articles on this site, as I have merely archived the work of the legendary "Skunk" of Judicial-Inc.