Friday, December 17, 2010

The rush to save Sidney Gluckman, a holocaust hero

Sidney Gluckman Says He Is A Holocaust Survivor

He Was Shipped 600 Miles To Sew Buttons On Uniforms

Sidney Wound Up At Dacahu

Young Sidney Is Captured

At 12, he was taken away from school, never to see his parents again. He worked as a slave laborer, building army barracks, and at Dachau, he sewed swastikas on Nazi uniforms.

Sidney was held in Gross-Rosen Concentration/Work Camp, Auschwitz, and Dachau from the time he was 12 years old until his liberation at 18. 7

A Train To No Where

Sidney says his whole family was gassed or executed.

Nazis Gassed Mothers And Beat Babies To Death

At the camp, he remembers mothers separated from babies, walking naked to the "showers" to be gassed, their babies thrown into sacks and beaten or tossed in the air for target practice.

Filming Glucksman as he recounted the story recently at a local high school, the photographer's 12-year-old son, Jordan, ran to the bathroom to be sick.

Forced To Sew Nazi Uniforms

NOW 81, Sidney Glucksman has no plans to retire from the tailoring business he started with his wife, Libby, 52 years ago in New Haven after arriving in the U.S. Sixty-four years ago, as a prisoner in the concentration camp at Dachau, Germany, Glucksman was sewing swastikas on Nazi uniforms.

Sidney Is Liberated

In April 1945, the camp was liberated and an American soldier, spotting the yellow star on Glucksman's uniform, addressed him in German.

"I'm Jewish, too," the soldier told the disbelieving prisoner.

"I thought all the Jews in the whole world were dead," Glucksman remembers thinking.

The soldier, Jerome Klein, gave Glucksman a bar of soap and an Army uniform to change into. It was Glucksman's first shower in six years. 1

Sidney Meets His Wife

From Dachau, he made his way to a "displaced persons camp" where he met his wife, Libby, a Ukrainian Jew who had worked for the underground Russian resistance.

He Suddenly Winds Up In Brooklyn

With Klein's help, the couple immigrated to America and settled in New Haven. Glucksman found work with a local tailor and eventually saved enough money to open his own store.

And Now Comes A Movie

They are actually do a mini documentary on this silly holo-hoax

Sidney Is A College Speaker

Sidney speaks at local colleges and high schools. 4

The Stuff Of Legend

Germany attacked Russia in June of 1941, and I doubt they were using Waffen SS troops to attack Jewish grammar schools in Poland. I suspect SS commanders were more interested in capturing Stalingrad, and using trains to get ammo to the troops, rather than shipping 10 yr-old tailors to Germany.

As far as Sidney seeing nude women being gassed in showers at Dachau, even Jewish historians admit that's nonsense. With regards to the wife who claims to have been a 9 year-old partisan, I sort of doubt that too.

It's a safe bet to say this 'Flea-bag' was never in any camps, and probably sat out the war in Brooklyn. The least he could have done is gotten a tattoo.

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  1. Many of these holoHOAXERS are actually Russian Jews who committed many a crime in Russia against the peasants, who didn't bow down to Communism.
    They saw a way to get out of the USSR and at the same time, make some money by claiming to be holoHOAX survivors.