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The 1954 Lavon Affair: One of Israel's more famous False Flags

1954 Cairo And The Lavon Affair

1950 Cairo Was A Glamorous Place To Visit

The Lavon Affair

This was a term applied to a 1954 'False Flag' attempt by Israeli Zionists to kill hundreds of Americans civilians and British soldiers, and blame Egypt. This time, Israel got caught.

Alexandria, Egypt, Circa 1950

A beautiful, historic, and peaceful city, until Israel was formed.

Suddenly, Bombing And Terrorism Start

In July of 1954, Egypt was plagued by a series of bomb outrages directed mainly against American and British property in Cairo and Alexandria.

Most Thought It Was Internal Strife

Egyptians thought it was the work of the Muslim Brotherhood, then the most dangerous challenge to the still uncertain authority of Colonel Nasser and his two-year-old revolution.

Israel Wanted Britain To Fight Egypt

Nasser was negotiating with Britain over the evacuation of its giant military bases in the Suez Canal Zone, and Israel wanted to weaken Egypt.

Bennie Gibli And Operation Suzannah

Israel feared Nassar would unite the Arabs, who saw Israel as a cancer in their midst. In 1954 Colonel Binyamin Gibli, the chief of Israel's military intelligence service, Aman, initiated Operation Suzannah in order to reverse that decision. The goal of the Operation was to carry out bombings and other acts of sabotage in Egypt, with the aim of creating an atmosphere in which the British and Americans would stay and protect Israel.

Special Explosive And Terror Experts

Unit 131 operatives had been recruited several years before, when the Israeli intelligence officer Avram Dar arrived in Cairo undercover as a British citizen of Gibraltar called John Darling.

Egypt's Fifth Columnists

Israel recruited several Egyptian Jews who had previously been active in illegal emigration activities and trained them for covert operations.

Full-Scale Terror Begins In 1954

Zionists hit a post office and a library. On July 14th, their agents, in clandestine radio contact with Tel Aviv, fire-bombed US Information Service libraries in Cairo and Alexandria. That same day, a phosphorous bomb exploded prematurely in the pocket of one Philip Natanson, as he was about to enter the British-owned Rio cinema in Alexandria, and kill hundreds. On July 15th, President Eisenhower assured the Egyptians that 'simultaneously' with the signing of a Suez agreement the United States would enter into 'firm commitments' for economic aid to strengthen their armed forces. On July 23rd --the anniversary of the 1952 revolution-- the Israeli agents still at large had a final fling; they started fires in two Cairo cinemas, in the central post office, and the railway station.

Pinhas Lavon Was To Be Blamed

Defence Minister Pinhas Lavon, and the Prime Minister, Moshe Sharett, knew nothing of the operation. For Givli was a member of a powerful Defence Ministry clique which often acted independently, or in outright defiance, of the cabinet.

Most Suspected Ben Gurion

The perpetrators were proteges of Ben-Gurion and, although 'The Old Man' had left the Premiership for Sde Boker, his Negev desert retreat, a few months before, he was able, through them, to perpetuate the hardline 'activist' policies in which he believed in.

The Butcher Of Tal Afir

He was defense minister and claimed no knowledge.

Egypt Tries The Terrorists

The trial established that the bombings had indeed been carried out by an Israeli Colonel Avraharn Dar through an espionage and terrorist network. They had recruited a number of Egyptian Jews; and there was 50,000 Jews in Egypt at the time.

Jewish Leaders Yelled 'Frame-up'

Prime Minister Moshe Sharett denounced the 'wicked plot hatched in Alexandria, and said it was a show trial against innocent Jews. He also said Arabs extracted confessions by torture.

The Terrorists Were Tried

The Israeli plotters escaped, but the Jewish Sayanims were hung. A Dr. Musa Lieto Marzuk, who was a surgeon at the Jewish Hospital in Cairo, and Samuel Azar, an engineering professor from Alexandria, were condemned to death, and were hung.

Egyptian Jews Fled

Because the terrorists were Egyptian Jews that lived there all their lives, the everyday Egyptian became extremely wary of his fellow Jews.

As had happened everywhere they settled, they knew when to flee.

Israel Seeks revenge

It was consummated, a week later, by an unprovoked raid on Gaza, which left thirty-nine Egyptians dead and led to the Suez War of 1956.

The 1956 Israeli War Started Another Mass Exodus

When, in 1956, Israeli invaded and occupied Sinai, feelings ran high against them. The Egyptian government began ordering Jews to leave the country. Belatedly, reluctantly, 21,000 left in the following year; more were expelled later, and others, their livelihood gone, had nothing to stay for. Most went to America, not Israel. 6

1956 Israeli Attack On Egypt

Israel carried out a surprise attack on Egypt, using a false pretense of the closing of the Suez canal. 6

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    Judicial-inc packed lots of info into surprisingly little text. IMHO, this helped many realize just how consistent & constant jewish extremists have committed various crimes that most of us would've gone to jail for.

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    1. Where did you get the picture of Avram Dar from (if it is really his picture)?

  3. Where did you get the picture of Avram Dar from (if it is really his picture)?

  4. Dr. Emad ShaarawiMay 2, 2012 at 8:44 AM

    The very roots of the Jewish state are in terrorism. They claim to have bought all the land from Palastinian farmers. However, it is said by the elders how armed gangs went in and terrorised innocent civilians to push them out.

    Further, there is a move or theme that talks of an Israel that is pre 1948. Not by outright declaration but by implying so.

    1. You mean Arabs dont come from Arabia? How could Jews steal their own indigenous homeland? Arans are native to tiny patches of Arabia and Yemen and yet they have 21 nations. You sure you really want to talk about theft?