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Did a WW-2 historian, James Bacque, who is flogged at Wikipedia, deserve it?

James Bacque

The most sacrilegious author to come out of World War Two

One Book Dealt With The Allies Revenge On German Civilians

A Second Book Covered The Extermination Of German Soldiers In Eisenhower's Death Camps

The Crucifiction Of James Bacque

It seems that the internet has given new life to a lot of 'alternate' historians, authors, and their works. Inconvenient facets of history, such as the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia's 1933 famine, the Gulags, the fire bombing of German civilians, the Morgenthau Plan, etc., that were conveniently buried, are now being rediscovered.

Now comes the internet, and a flock of curious young minds start reading the James Bacques, and David Irvings.

Who Is James Bacque?

James Bacque is a Canadian author and historian, who has written five books on WW2. Two of his books dealt with the allied death camps, and the treatment of civilian Germans from 1945- 1950. Publishers, and libraries, made sure that both works quickly reached obscurity, but now the internet has revived these classics.

What Is The Controversy?

Wikipedia, which is becoming the cyber library to the world, is on a campaign to disallow any discussions that portray Jewish history in an unfavorable manner. James Bacque, who is not an anti Semite, or revisionist, still crosses the line, and Wikipedia seeks to defame him.

What's Bacques Sin?

His book 'Other Losses' shows Eisenhower creating death camps for German soldiers.

In 'Crimes and Mercies' the book demonstrates the evil and poison that the allies used against the German people. You see a demonstrated hatred against a race.

The Morgenthau Plan

Henry Morgenthau, a New York Cornell educated Jew, was International Jewry's point man advising Roosevelt. He felt Germans were genetically evil, and advocated mass executions, sterilization, breaking the German state into three sub states, and turning it's economy into an agrarian one.

The biggest secret of the war was Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill's heritages. Morgenthau's plan was the blueprint for the Allies atrocities.

Steven Ambrose Trotted Out To Discredit Bacque

Since Bacque doesn't want to follow the politically correct line, the censors decide to discredit him using the Court Jesters. Ambrose, a mediocre writer at best, was now recertified as a historical giant, and called out to protest Bacque. He said of Bacque: - "Scholars...will find Mr. Bacque's work to be worse than worthless. "It is spectacularly flawed in its most fundamental aspects."

Eisenhower chose Ambrose to write his biography, and Ike's Jewish roots, his military incompetence, Operation Keelhaul, the Allies Death Camps, his mistress, etc. were never mentioned. Eisenhower was portrayed as a political and military genius, by Ambrose.

Jewish Soldiers To Get A New Image

Ambrose was called on by Hollywood to verify the Holocaust with 'The World At War' series. He wrote such fiction as the Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, which strategically placed Jewish heroes throughout the plot.

Hebrews were no longer going to be portrayed greasy rear echelon quartermaster corps swindlers. The days of 'Crap Game Cohen' from Kelly's heroes, or 'Sparkie Shuman' were gone.

Ambrose Reinvents History

Today we have Jewish soldiers mowing down Nazis, charging tanks, parachuting into the front lines, and Tommy guns blazing.

The scene of Corporal Benjamin Lipton shooting a Nazi war criminal, at his home, shows the trauma the Jewish psyche was put through.

Relating Bacque's Books Into The Big Picture

What if kids start putting together that WW2 was caused by these three backing Poland. That in 1939, Polish Bolsheviks killed 58,000 German Nationals, in the Danzig Corridor.

Germany Was Blocking Communism

Germany, and it's people, were deliberately slaughtered because they were the one thing that stood in the way of the Jewish/Bolshevik/Communist takeover of the world.

The Only Mystery

The only surprise here is James Bacque's naiveté. He can't understand why the Court Historians, and the World Cyber Encyclopedia (Wikipedia) hate him. Eisenhower's image is supposed to be a great leader, a war hero, fighting evil Nazis. They don't want him seen as a womanizing, pompous, incompetent, monster out to destroy the German people. They want Morgenthau seen as a benevolent force, not some psycho who wanted to sterilize all male Germans.

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  1. this is the bestest ministry of propaganda ever...
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  2. You do fantastic work.

  3. I thought I was the only one that didn't fall for this jewish lies and propaganda!
    My Grandfather and his brother(Russian prisoners) from 1941 to 1945 put in to many camps-
    Auschwitz,treblinka,ect,time and time again staded they never saw any gas chambers,ovens and the rest of the bullshit that the jews have thrown on humanity for there own agendas!
    Great work!
    Only a matter of time till the whole of humanity CLICK!