Friday, February 18, 2011

Stalin, and the 1917 Bolsheviks, preferred famines, genocides, and wars, so what's in store for today's Americans

How Can 50 Million Psychos Control The World?

Their Basic Roots Never Changed

They Are A Pagan Tribe Out Of Lower Russia

From 700AD until the mid 1700 these Khazars were kept in check, and contained to the Pale Of The Settlement. Their masters, the Sephardics, roamed the power centers of Europe, laying the seeds of revolution, and infiltrating the halls of power. After a time every country in Europe banned them for their scheming. In the mid 1800s they moved into Eastern Europe, interbreeding in their isolated world of Ghettoes.

The Romantic Biblical Versions

The Jewish people have been run out of every country since the time of Moses.

The Sephardics In The Royal Courts Of Europe

They were advisors to all the Monarchies.

The Real Source Of Their Power

They have always sought to control the gold, and currencies of the nations they infest.

Elect Their Own To World Governments

Ther big push was 1939 and the invasion of Germany. Stalin (nee Dgushalvi), Roosevelt (nee Rosenfelt) and Churchill (nee Jacobson) decided to crush Germany, who was holding the Khazars to Eastern Europe. Millions died so the bolsheviks could spread the communist revolution. 5

The Great Bonding Agent

How to you get 50 million Mambas to work as a team? The Sephardics greatest fairy tale is the Holocaust, and the greatest believers are the Jewish people. The psychology is we must work as a team because the world is out to get us.

Control Of The Universities

Nothing could epitomize the destruction of the educational system than grotesque Larry Summers as the Dean of Harvard. From local school boards to the finest universities, they have slithered in.

The Fragmentation Of Society

One of their final goals is the dissolution of America through immigration. When everyone is fighting each other than on one notices the Askhanzian.

Their Grand Finale

There is no way that 50 million Zionists will take an chance on being blamed for the coming economic implosion, so they will nuke an American city and it will lead to the Muslims.

How Do They Do It?

They have 50 million agents who do nothing than promote their own economically, and these people fund the ADL and the SPLC with $200 million a year. The Americans gentiles do absolutely nothing, they go to church, come home, turn on the TV and get spoon feed BS from a pack of Krakow rag peddlers.

What are we doing? We declare ourselves radicals and post on a couple of Nazis bulletin boards set up by the SPLC. What has to be done is the establishment of a third party, free and clear of all these Kosher Nazis, or Kosher 9/11 radicals, etc.

You aren't looking at a lot of time before America resembles the Gulags of 1920 Russia. Once these Mambas get total control, then you will quickly lose the internet.

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DISCLAIMER: The author of this blog strongly disagrees with Judicial-Inc's assertion or implication that the "jews" are the descendants of the Israelites, as alluded to in this particular article. In reality, the "jews" are non-Israelites descended from Jacob/Israel's brother Esau (ie, the Edomites) who are impersonating the Israelites.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexican immigrants want their piece of the pie!

Immigrants Flood America

America Is Big And We Want Our Share

Mexicans And Chinese Are In Uproar Over Immigration

What Is Going On?

World Jewry is about to unveil their 3000 yr old plot to control the world, and the last thing they need is a united people. They have flooded Europe with Asians, Africans, and Middle-Easterners. Now they have flooded America with Haitians, Spanish, and Asians.

They dilute the populations, the races fight amongst each other, and the Zionists are free to plot and plan.

What About The Timing?

Bush and Fox have agreed on a plan of 'Nuevo Taco El Gringo'. The timing has to do with Iran's invasion and war, the following economic implosion and thwarting a united backlash against Zionists.

A Look At Minnesota Swedes Explains The Concept

How does a Jewish banker, Jewish film producer, Jewish judge, etc., slither into a small town with 10,000 Swedes, and pull their pranks?

An incident like the one where a Phil Spector killed a girl, spends two hours in jail, and gets released on bail. Where three yrs have passed with no trial, witnesses will conveniently have hazy testimonies, and a jury will consist of blacks and Jews, and he will skate.

In Minnesota, they would have hung Spector, Judge Bernstein, and the lawyer.

Immigrants Are Good

Grandma Tri Vong, a ex-Vietnamese boom boom girl, now lives in LA, with her extended family of 25. Young Chow Ding is the only one who speaks English.

The money spent on these clowns could have gone to promote American families.


Over 50% of the students in public schools are Asian, Spanish, Russian Jews, Hindu, etc. How does this help your kid?

This doesn't count the grandparents on Medicare, or the parents on welfare.

Control Of The Armed Forces

Your armed forces consist of 70% non whites, and they are controlled by Zionists.

What happens when the US wakes up and sees the have a Fifth Column in the country, and nothing short of mass arrests, and a system of ghettos or camps are needed?

Will Zionists flunkies like Tommy Frank, Wesley Clarke, Gen Sanchez, Gen Abizaid, will they go along?

Ship These Immigrants To Israel

Let the Zionists wreck their schools, and social systems. Let Israel experience the flavor of multi-culturalism.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

American Nazi party leader turns out to be Jewish

Frank Collin

Fuehrer of The American Nazi Party

One Of History's Cruelest Nazi

His specialty was terrorizing 70 yr old Holocaust survivors.

Skokie, Illinois

The Largest Shtetl Of Holocaust Survivors In America

Furhrer Collin, and his Nazis, would kick dirt in their faces

One Of Judaism's Biggest Hoaxes

The year was 1977, and most people never heard of the Holocaust. All we knew was that we fought a war against evil Nazis, but the Holocaust never made it to the Silver Screen till the late 1970's.

The early blockbusters, such as 'Judgment at Nuremberg', forgot to mention the gas chambers.

The Holocaust Genre Needed A Push

Eisenhower And Churchill

When Eisenhower, and Churchill, wrote their war memoirs they forgot the holocaust, the gas chambers, and the 6,000,000 gassed.

The Hogan's Heroes

The show ran from 1965-1971, and they forgot the gas chambers.

Frank Collin Lights The Holocaust Fuse

In April of 1977, Collin demanded to march through downtown Skokie, the largest enclave of Holocaust survivors in America.

His stance is:~ 'Hitler was a disappointment because he only killed 6,000,000, and let a few get away'.

Jews Mobilize And Shout- "Never Again"

In June of 1977, Skokie Jews get an injunction to prevent the march.

Jewish lawyer comes to Collin's aide

Collin goes to the ACLU, and their Jewish lawyer, David Goldberger, has it overturned.

For over a year the battle rages, and it's nightly news worldwide . A Video of the tragedy.

14 Months Of National News

From April 1977 through June of 1978. ABC, CBS, and NBC, bombarded us nightly. Jews were weeping, Nazis were goose-stepping , and endless legal battles fought by Jewish ACLU lawyers defending the Nazis, and the right of Freedom of speech.

Children Learn The Truth

Holocaust survivors tell their children why they have no aunts, uncles, or grandparents.

Collin Finally Marches In A Chicago Park

In June of 1978, after 15 months of legal battles, Collin lets Skokie Jews alone, and marches in Marquette park.

Angry Jews Confront Collin And His Nazis

A total of 12 Nazis show, and they battle with a couple of 60 yr old Holocaust survivors, who whipped the whole pack of stinking Nazis.

The Fuehrer Vanishes And Is Discovered to be Jewish

His real name is Joseph Cohen, born on Nov 3,1944 in Chicago, conceived in Feb of 1943 in Dachau concentration camp (According to his father).

Collin Said He Was Born In Dachau

Dachau was liberated in April of 1945, so obviously his father must have escaped, with the mother?

In 1979 Das Fuhrer Caught With Young Boys

Collin, and his SS Brigade of four, leave the spotlight until police are called to the Furhrer's headquarters. Police, fearing a gun battle, aren't prepared for what they find.

Collins is on his knees, and some 10 yr old 'Hitler youth' employees are standing there with their lederhosen down to their ankles.

Pontiac Correctional Center

The Fuehrer is sentenced to seven yrs in prison.

In 1979 The Holocaust is Born

The Real Birth of the Holocaust Genre

In 1979 President Carter started the US Holocaust Commission, and Hollywood geared up

Unimaginable Horrors

We soon learn that 6,000,000 Jews were gassed, and over 1.5 million were children.

Some Good Came Out Of The Collin Tragedy

Illinois the first state in the U.S. to require Holocaust education be included in all public elementary and high school curricula.

Books And Movies

After Collin/Cohen incident, Hollywood awoke to it's responsibilities. The era of cable TV , History Channel, and Holocaust movie arrives.

They Even Made A Movie

Listen to this audio on 'My Suburban Shtetl.

But What Happened To Mien Fuehrer?

Frank Collin faded away after serving 3 yrs in Pontiac.

The ADL Buys Protection

Someone provide him with the resources to buy protection, and he was soon befriended by a guard named Russell Burrows.

In 1983 Collins/Cohen was released early, and headed to Wisconsin.

Russell Burrows Moves To Wisconsin

In 1982, Burrows is out hunting, as he steps on a rock, it gives away, and he falls into 12,000 yr old cave. The cave has $60 million in gold, ancient burial chambers, and thousands of artifacts.

"The artifacts may be as old as 726 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.," said Russell Burrows.

Amazingly, Fuehrer Cohen shows up near the 'Burrows Cave'

The Fuehrer is now an editor of an archeological magazine

An Ancient Civilization In Wisconsin. Click for the articles

Collin/Cohen Starts A Literary Career

In 1987 he publishes his first book, the destruction of Atlantis.

Amazingly the Jewish controlled book publishing industry finds out that Frank Joseph, was Frank Collins, but they forgive him and he becomes a successful writer.

Joseph/Cohen/Collins is the publisher at Wayne May website the Ancient American Magazine, which does a bustling business.

The Fuehrer In 2005

Fuehrer Cohen is now Frank Joseph ~ 'International Bon Vivant', world traveler, author, and editor of the Ancient American Magazine.

Not only has the Jewish community forgiven him, they help build his second career. Even some of the 'Holocaust Revisionist' sites, such as the Barnes Review have given him publicity. Flavin's Corner seems to keep an eye on him.

More Hate Hoaxes

Was Commander Collin a sincere Nazi, or just another Jewish publicity hoax? Did the Ancients sail to America 12,000 yrs ago, or is that story a hoax too.

Has the 'Commander' quelled his past 'Urges', or in his South American travels will 'Das Furhrer' be forced to discipline a young 10 yr old Mexicano boy

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