Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexican immigrants want their piece of the pie!

Immigrants Flood America

America Is Big And We Want Our Share

Mexicans And Chinese Are In Uproar Over Immigration

What Is Going On?

World Jewry is about to unveil their 3000 yr old plot to control the world, and the last thing they need is a united people. They have flooded Europe with Asians, Africans, and Middle-Easterners. Now they have flooded America with Haitians, Spanish, and Asians.

They dilute the populations, the races fight amongst each other, and the Zionists are free to plot and plan.

What About The Timing?

Bush and Fox have agreed on a plan of 'Nuevo Taco El Gringo'. The timing has to do with Iran's invasion and war, the following economic implosion and thwarting a united backlash against Zionists.

A Look At Minnesota Swedes Explains The Concept

How does a Jewish banker, Jewish film producer, Jewish judge, etc., slither into a small town with 10,000 Swedes, and pull their pranks?

An incident like the one where a Phil Spector killed a girl, spends two hours in jail, and gets released on bail. Where three yrs have passed with no trial, witnesses will conveniently have hazy testimonies, and a jury will consist of blacks and Jews, and he will skate.

In Minnesota, they would have hung Spector, Judge Bernstein, and the lawyer.

Immigrants Are Good

Grandma Tri Vong, a ex-Vietnamese boom boom girl, now lives in LA, with her extended family of 25. Young Chow Ding is the only one who speaks English.

The money spent on these clowns could have gone to promote American families.


Over 50% of the students in public schools are Asian, Spanish, Russian Jews, Hindu, etc. How does this help your kid?

This doesn't count the grandparents on Medicare, or the parents on welfare.

Control Of The Armed Forces

Your armed forces consist of 70% non whites, and they are controlled by Zionists.

What happens when the US wakes up and sees the have a Fifth Column in the country, and nothing short of mass arrests, and a system of ghettos or camps are needed?

Will Zionists flunkies like Tommy Frank, Wesley Clarke, Gen Sanchez, Gen Abizaid, will they go along?

Ship These Immigrants To Israel

Let the Zionists wreck their schools, and social systems. Let Israel experience the flavor of multi-culturalism.

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