Friday, March 25, 2011

A visit to Auschwitz can test anyone's faith!

Where Was God?

How did he allow this?

I Bet The Holy Father Got Chills Walking In

"Don't Lose Your Faith Over This"

Does one put his soul in jeopardy when he visits the shrine of Auschwitz?

Angry Priests Walk In Front Of The Wall of Death!!

"Be Brave My Holy Brothers"

Thousands Of Jews Were Lined Up And Shot

There are no bullet holes

Thousands Of Jews Were Thrown In The Ovens Still Breathing

This Jew actually pushed the oven door open!!

Who Would Actually Believe This Fairy Tale?

To begin with Auschwitz was a giant work camp, that was built next to a series of factories. You don't transport 6,000,000 Jews thousands of miles to kill them in a small room with bug spray. Why not take them to a forest and shoot them, or starve them, or drop a bomb on their ghettos.

Gas Is Explosive

Zyklon-B is explosive, but for 26 months, and 4,000,000 Jews, the law of physics was repelled.

4,000,0000 Jews Plus, In This Little Room?

Besides the Jews, Nazis killed dwarfs, gypsies, Russians, priests, nuns, 7th Day Adventists, and so forth.

The plumbing was connected to the commandants house, and the hospital, as both were across the street. Where is the cyanide residue, similar to that found in the delousing chambers?

Cyanide Gas Leaves A Residue

Gas penetrates the cement and leaves a blue stain. Two chemists tested the walls, and there was no gas.

Ovens Need Rebuilding

A crematorium is 'Refractory Bricks' on the inside, and regular brick on the outside, and it must be rebuilt every 1500 hours.

Auschwitz's ovens were coal fired, and erratic temperatures cracked the brick.

Both Shut Down To Service One

You wouldn't climb into one to reline it, with the other running.

Cremation movie.

The maximum that could have been cremated

The Pope At Auschwitz?

What's next. The pope beatifies Sally Fields for her work on the TV series the 'Flying Nun'?


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Dumb Guys on the Holocaust

Weikel: You know, 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust!

Hyperion: I'm so lucky! My school is taking us on a trip to Auschwitz so that we can learn about those evil Nazis!

Weikel: Those poor Jews suffered so much.....

Hyperion: I heard that they gassed them and then made soap out of them!

Weikel: Dr. Mengele used to sew twins together and make them polish spoons!

The Skunk has had enough!

The Skunk: Weikel, put down that double cheeseburger because what I'm about to tell you will shock you. There is no Santa Claus and the Holocaust is a Jew swindle.

NOTE: Not a Judicial-inc article, but a tribute to the Skunk at the following source:

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mossad in America

What Really Constitutes Spying?

Jonathan Pollard

He is the most visible of the Israeli spies.

The Rosen-Weismann Trial

These two were charged in 2003 with espionage, but Israel has pressured the US courts, into dropping the charges.

You Need To Look Much Deeper

The common Sayanim is your real danger. In this version of 'Coming to America', Ben and Hilda Wojenski immigrate from Israel, to build a better life. And by the grace of God, their son, young Benjamin, gets a nomination to the Air Force Academy.

The Five-Million-Dollar Education

So Senator Levine sponsors young Benjamin, who now has the US taxpayers picking up the tab on his $5 million education.

The USS Liberty Attack

The crew contends that the attack had more than five fighters, based on the missile strikes. Out of nine pilots, only one, an Israeli, had his name released. This simple fact shows that probably at least two of the pilots were dual-citizens, most likely born, and probably also trained, in America.

High- Tech Missile Industries

Zov Gold's family are second-generation Americans, but like many Jews, his first loyalty is to Israel. When he works on a highly-classified missile system, that information is going home with him.

Navy Ensign Ariel Weinmann

He was arrested on a nuclear sub, and taken to Leavenworth in shackles. He was alleged to have taken top-secret documents, but another worry with Zionists, is a False Flag terror attack.

What if one of these dual-citizens was at fire control when a missile is inbound against a US Navy carrier?

One Of The Latest Arrests

On April 28, 2008, the FBI bagged Benjamin Kadish. The question on everyone's mind, is how deep does this espionage ring go?

Abraham Lesnik Is Typical

Lesnik worked at the missile division of Boeing. What took years to develop, wound up on a $70 flash drive, and was turned over to Israeli agents.

Israeli Aircraft Industries

Just how did a country of 4.8 million mostly-illiterate Polish and Russian émigrés develop one of the world's most advanced weapons industries. Israeli Aircraft Industries produces five different missiles systems, as well as advanced radar systems and electronics ,and even satellites.

These clowns never developed a Piper Cub type of plane, but they are on a par with Hughes Missiles?

The Israeli Diplomat

He slips a CD-ROM in his diplomatic attaché case, and there goes the engineering plans for the ADAX anti-missile system.

But Who Supplies The Money?

Out of the thousands of FBI, CIA, and NSA agents, there are some mavericks, and they will turn in these countless spies. Someone must protect them.

The logical money guy/handler would be Dov Zakheim. When billion-dollar contracts float around Iraq, he could influence who got them.

Who Provides The Protection?

When John O'Neill, the USS Cole FBI investigator, started to find leads pointing to Israel, 'Ms. Madeline Albright' quickly had him relieved of duty.

Mickey Mukasey

Bush reaches into to deepest levels of the Zionist world for this hero. Michael B. Mukasey, 65, is a lawyer of Russian Jewish origin, and Bush appointed him Attorney-General of the United States.

Britain's Spy King

Robert Maxwell bought some British Dailies, cooked the books, and he took the company public on the London Stock Exchange. This is where he accumulated his real wealth. Next, he is alleged to have scammed hundreds of millions from his employees' pension.

In Victor Ostrosky's book, 'The Other Side Of Deception', he alleges that Maxwell funded various Mossad operations, and when the British police were about to indict him, the Mossad killed him to silence him.

Understanding Their Psyche

In order to feed their superiority, they always have their marks fund their scams. Whether it's the Federal Reserve bailing out the 1982 Savings and Loans heist, or the Pentagon comptroller taking a wing of 20 F-15's and classifying them as surplus, and shipping them to Israel for 30% of their value.

When Heim Schwartz, the $300K-a-year engineering VP at Boeing, decides to slip a flash drive in his attaché case, we are the ones paying.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is their world what we really want?

The Bolshevik Rats Scamper As Germany Awakes

Villagers Thrash The Bolshevik Pedophiles and Money Lenders

Germany Had It's Fill Of Their Children Being Defiled

"Would you some pretty underwear?"

The Degraders Of Society

Anti-Jewish sentiments merely serve to point a finger at what I have dubbed the “expeditors of decline”, those pushing scat, snuff, and other bloody and diuretic excesses in our Talmudized entertainment, where passing gas, slicing sinew and celebrating the conjoining of the macabre and the erotically bent has become standard fare, almost “traditional” in the minds of those Jews who pen such oddities.

Always Portraying Christians As Evil Monsters

That all of this misshapen weirdness is then wed so breezily to the pathologizing of traditionalist (mostly Catholic and Protestant) religiosity, makes it even more charged and insulting to Jewry’s overweening and overwelcoming host. Fundamentalist serial killers, crooked ministers, cannibalistic priests and mentally unbalanced parishioners have become, not rare and forgettable characters or side-notes in Jewish films, books and television offerings. No, they are now a steady dietary staple. One would be hard-pressed to watch more than a few movies without seeing these kinds of oddball archetypes.

The Jewish Heroes

Of course no such degraded portrayals of Jews are ever allowed to find their way into Hollywood scripts and onto the silver screen. Robert DeNiro may play a “Jesus freak” serial killer who sports biblical tattoos and spouts Scripture before biting a chunk out of a woman’s face, but hook-nosed, Mogen David-adorned Zionist villains remain conspicuously absent from any Tinsel Town tawdriness seen by the public. This is as predictable as everything else in our Judaized culture and should not be belabored too much.

There Is A Backlash On These Insulting Portrayals

Yet the end result is the provocation of the non-Jew and the evocation of deserved anti-Jewish feelings from both the devoutly religious and those non-religious persons who possess even a modicum of fair play and who manage to decipher the hypocrisy animating the Jewish pillorying of Christian folkways and norms, those tenets so abhorred by most Jews.

Countless Israeli Massacres

Anti-Jewish sentiments are defensive gestures called forth by the hatred oozing like a leprous sore from the dehumanizing things Jews celebrate in their communities.

The Constant Denying Of Their Filthy Rituals

All but the most Zionized denizens of Jew-loving Bible brothels are fully aware that Jewish religious thought is awash in bloodlust, hatred and ignominious celebrations of genocide, infanticide and rivers of blood gushing from the pages of Jewish scriptures and Jewish history, whether it be Egypt, Constantinople, Russia, Ukraine, Libya or the present-day Gaza strip.

Their Secret Films

What is Passover but constant harping on the joys of murdering infants? What is Purim but the hatred of Haman (read the book of Esther) and the gleeful recounting of the slaughter of imaginary antagonists?

Bolsheviks Raping The Dying Romanov Princesses

These relishing remembrances would only be tasteless historiography if they didn’t have real world consequences. But every enemy of organized Jewish supremacism is a potential Haman. Hitler, Tsar Nicolas, Ahmadinejad, Hamas, Hussein, President Jimmy Carter and many others have been pulled into the propaganda breach to fulfill that role, for Jews always need an enemy, whether real or an ephemeral fleeting ghost. Jewish solidarity requires the imaginary.

The All Controlling Power Of Zion

Anti-Jewish sentiments are simply honesty spoken aloud, whether publicly or privately against the collective and non-elected power of Jews, who are self-imbued with self-chosen egotism that animates their hive mentality.

Fifth Columnists Under The Cover Of Religion

Chabad Lubavitch is one stark example of this hive, this swarm of world Jewry, these Fifth Columnists scattered like so many tares throughout every civilized nation, ingratiating themselves to and funding national governments, elected officials, presidents, prime ministers and other sundry movers and kingmakers. Chabad Lubavitch, the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic religious wing of the Jewish power structure serves to provide a rationalization, a “sacred” reasoning behind what would generally be seen as crude cabalistic or mystical bigotry based on nothing except magical declarations that almost seem childish in their superiority complex affectations. To place it on an elementary school level, Lubavitch rabbis feel that Jews have a right to mistreat, rob and even murder non-Jews because they have simply chosen themselves and now bluntly declare that their god has a hard-on going for his special little infant terribles. In other words, according to the stinging swarmers of Chabad “My god or my DNA can beat up your god or your DNA.”

Horror Of The Juden Bolsheviks

Anti-Jewish sentiments are the righteous indignation of righteous men and women incensed at the “divine rights” Jews have accorded and are still attempting to accord to themselves. In the West we have supposedly jettisoned aristocracy and fiefdoms, yet Jews now try to husband up for themselves rights and privileges that none but a god, a king or a Caesar would try to lay claim to.

Will An Angry People Finally Act?

Jewish fanatics, if they were able, would execute those with dissenting thoughts inside their heads, or barring that, strip them of property and income (which they have done in extreme cases). This power play by a bitchy gang of moneyed elitists, screaming for more resources, relying on past heartaches to advance their colonialism and oppression in other parts of the world has finally broken the camel’s back. Anti-Jewish sentiments are now on the verge of becoming anti-Jewish actions, legislation, and finally banishment and/or pogroms. This is a hopeful sign of burgeoning health.

The Ashkenazi Monster

Anti-Jewish sentiments are our last hope to break free, to extricate and untie ourselves from the parasitic hold of this Ashkenazi curse, this Asiatic parasite, this Mongolian vulture that is a mix of Edomite blood and Talmudic zeal. This zealotry is not for the liturgy of worship, sacrosanct ceremony or devout self-denial, but for more power plays and messianic dreamscapes of narcissistic grandeur.

These Beasts Must Be Defanged

These empowered creatures’ fangs must be snapped off, or at least dulled and ground down. The “expeditors of decline” must be pulled to the ground, defanged, declawed and deballed. How does this begin? Like all good solutions, it is not easy, but it is simple. It commences with the birth of honest-to-goodness anti-Jewish sentiments.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Who benefits from fifty civilians dead when 1400 pounds of TNT goes off in Barbaua Iraq?

One Bomb Went Off As People Lined Up For Pension Checks

1400 Pounds Of TNT Killed Over Fifty Bystanders

People Were Just Incinerated

The Morgue Put The Bodies In The Parking Lot

Over Fifty Killed With One Bomb

At least 53 people died in the first attack, in Baquba, the capital of Diyala Province, according to the chief of security operations for the city. 1

A Restaurant Bomb

In Ramadi, west of Baghdad, a suspected Israeli bomber struck a restaurant, killing 13 people.

Just Who Is Making These Sophisticated Bombs

Rumors that these sophisticated bombs were Israeli agents were quickly denied. The current claim is that insurgents are making car bombs in remote farm houses.

Military Spokesman Blame Al-Qaeda

Rear Admiral Gregg Smith, the chief spokesman for the American military here, said the attacks are Al Qaeda.

Half The People Were Incinerated

A doctor who supervises the Bacuba morgue described a scene of horror: half of the bodies brought to him were entirely burned. A minibus was incinerated with the people still sitting in their seats. “Some of the bodies that came to the hospital were, let’s say, not bodies, but only a hand or a torso.”

Arabs Killing Arabs?

One bomb took out 53 civilians waiting for a pension check, and the other killed 13 in a family restaurant. It gets down to motive and means, and the Israelis are the only ones capable and benefiting. They want a civil war, Shiite versus Sunni. The Zionists want one less enemy and control of the mideast's oil.

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