Friday, March 25, 2011

A visit to Auschwitz can test anyone's faith!

Where Was God?

How did he allow this?

I Bet The Holy Father Got Chills Walking In

"Don't Lose Your Faith Over This"

Does one put his soul in jeopardy when he visits the shrine of Auschwitz?

Angry Priests Walk In Front Of The Wall of Death!!

"Be Brave My Holy Brothers"

Thousands Of Jews Were Lined Up And Shot

There are no bullet holes

Thousands Of Jews Were Thrown In The Ovens Still Breathing

This Jew actually pushed the oven door open!!

Who Would Actually Believe This Fairy Tale?

To begin with Auschwitz was a giant work camp, that was built next to a series of factories. You don't transport 6,000,000 Jews thousands of miles to kill them in a small room with bug spray. Why not take them to a forest and shoot them, or starve them, or drop a bomb on their ghettos.

Gas Is Explosive

Zyklon-B is explosive, but for 26 months, and 4,000,000 Jews, the law of physics was repelled.

4,000,0000 Jews Plus, In This Little Room?

Besides the Jews, Nazis killed dwarfs, gypsies, Russians, priests, nuns, 7th Day Adventists, and so forth.

The plumbing was connected to the commandants house, and the hospital, as both were across the street. Where is the cyanide residue, similar to that found in the delousing chambers?

Cyanide Gas Leaves A Residue

Gas penetrates the cement and leaves a blue stain. Two chemists tested the walls, and there was no gas.

Ovens Need Rebuilding

A crematorium is 'Refractory Bricks' on the inside, and regular brick on the outside, and it must be rebuilt every 1500 hours.

Auschwitz's ovens were coal fired, and erratic temperatures cracked the brick.

Both Shut Down To Service One

You wouldn't climb into one to reline it, with the other running.

Cremation movie.

The maximum that could have been cremated

The Pope At Auschwitz?

What's next. The pope beatifies Sally Fields for her work on the TV series the 'Flying Nun'?



  1. Sally Fields charitable work as "The Flying Nun" must have been offset by 1.5 million Puerto Ricans looking up her dress.
    All aerial photos during the war and the subsequent remains at Auschwitz leaves all good people to conclude that it was only a industrial labor camp and nothing else, just as the Germans claimed.

  2. "Oy Vey, you anti-Semites owe World Jewry 6 million, no, make it six billion dollars and it's due NOW or we'll have our personal Air Force, the Pentagon, bomb you back to the Stone Age."