Friday, March 11, 2011

Who benefits from fifty civilians dead when 1400 pounds of TNT goes off in Barbaua Iraq?

One Bomb Went Off As People Lined Up For Pension Checks

1400 Pounds Of TNT Killed Over Fifty Bystanders

People Were Just Incinerated

The Morgue Put The Bodies In The Parking Lot

Over Fifty Killed With One Bomb

At least 53 people died in the first attack, in Baquba, the capital of Diyala Province, according to the chief of security operations for the city. 1

A Restaurant Bomb

In Ramadi, west of Baghdad, a suspected Israeli bomber struck a restaurant, killing 13 people.

Just Who Is Making These Sophisticated Bombs

Rumors that these sophisticated bombs were Israeli agents were quickly denied. The current claim is that insurgents are making car bombs in remote farm houses.

Military Spokesman Blame Al-Qaeda

Rear Admiral Gregg Smith, the chief spokesman for the American military here, said the attacks are Al Qaeda.

Half The People Were Incinerated

A doctor who supervises the Bacuba morgue described a scene of horror: half of the bodies brought to him were entirely burned. A minibus was incinerated with the people still sitting in their seats. “Some of the bodies that came to the hospital were, let’s say, not bodies, but only a hand or a torso.”

Arabs Killing Arabs?

One bomb took out 53 civilians waiting for a pension check, and the other killed 13 in a family restaurant. It gets down to motive and means, and the Israelis are the only ones capable and benefiting. They want a civil war, Shiite versus Sunni. The Zionists want one less enemy and control of the mideast's oil.

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