Friday, May 6, 2011

Are Zionists gifted with a financial gene?

Here Is Why Zionists Are Called 'Nation Wreckers'

The Federal Reserve

How Does The Game Work?

It started in 1913 when Woodrow Wilson allowed the formation of the Federal Reserve. You essentially gave Meyer Lansky the printing presses, and put Bugsy Siegel, Moe Green, Harold Rothstein, in control of the credit supply.

The Latest Fed Chairman

Ben Bernanke is the latest Zionist with the magic credit wane.

They Control The Credit

As long Jack Sprat can put $1.000 down, and get 48 months worth of payments, life is great. But change the rules, and tell Jack he needs $5,000 down, and the game is over.

The Housing Psychology

The tax laws were designed to channel you into buying a home, the inflation pushed the prices up, and a psychology set in on continuing value. The dollar became worthless, and US assets dropped.

Homes in Britain haven't dropped because of a strong pound.

The International Banker

They decide a country's credit worthiness by exchange rates. If the Bahamas don't cracked down on Zionist drug runners, their currency would take a major hit.

They will be the ones to ring the bell when the US show is over.

You Need A Commodity Based Currency

The commodity needs to a government asset, and stored in a vault. Picture storing lumber, oil, chickens, cows, etc at Fort Knox, and you quickly see why it has to be gold.

When You Control The Race

If you can steer the direction of a race (credit control), than making money is pretty easy. You know the winner, and bet accordingly.

Are Zionists Gifted?

They bought assets in 1920, and sold them in 1928. After the crash of 1929, they spent the next three years buying America.

Fast forward to 2008 and they did the same thing with Chrysler. They bought it with other's people's money, grabbed the pension and health funds, and shipped the jobs down south.

Maybe They Are Flim-Flam Artists?

That's why they were run out of Russia, Poland, Germany, and everyplace they ever nested.

Where Is The Financial World Headed?

Whoever owns the commodities, especially gold and oil, will be kings. The final act is a False Flag blamed on the Arabs, and an US attack on Iran and Syria, because they need a fall guy.

The silly rhetoric about their Holocaust is based on the fact that they are petrified of a real one. You get 25% of Americans unemployed, and they put together it was a Zionist scam, there will be a real holocaust.

People need to realize that assets don't vanish, they change hands. In 1929 your house didn't vaporize, it just got a new owner.

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An update from 'The Skunk' of Judicial-Inc on recent world events

jacob gold
Brigadier General

I was banned and mentally scar. But, recent events are a must to discuss.

Banning Private Messages ---- Unblocking this forum is beyond my technical abilities

World Events

Egypt's Revolution -------- Just a Zhid staged event

Libya ---------- Odd that the Jewgro (Obama) bombed Libya because Qaddafi (Israel's Mercs) killed a few protesters. When Israel attacked and slaughtered thousands in Lebanon and Gaza, no one said a word.

Sudan -------- The Liberation Army (nee Communist/Zhids) just want the vast oil supplies of South Sudan

Jerusalem Family killed ----- Five Jews were knifed in an air tight military compound of Itamar .... spare me - Zio black op

Jerusalem bus bomb ------ More Shin Bet black ops ..... Just Jews killing janitors with sophisticated cell phone bombs

The Oscars --------------- Once again Bin Laden lets Zionists alone

Wis conson union busting -----A bunch of Hillel Hebs carrying signs

The revolt in Syria ----------- More staged Zhid bullsh*t. Israeli snipers killing protesters, and Mossad car bombs

Hopefully this will bring us to the final chapter of economic despair, and a nuclear event. No one wanted to hear a word in 1928, but by 1931 America was ripe for revolution.


jacob gold
Brigadier General

The Jewilians want World Domination

Look at 1918, Russia, Germany, Europe, Iceland, Canada, South America, and now the Syrias, Libya, Egypt, Iraq. The final grab will be Iran.

Their game is simple, they collapse a society, eliminate the opposition, and then buy the corporations, real estate, etc for nothing ...... just look at the Jewish engineered 1929.