Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Gall!! Hamas Rocketeers drive mobile rocket launchers to the Gaza fence, just two blocks from Israeli gun towers!!

What Gall!

Israeli Snipers Were Two Blocks Away.

This Picture Was Taken In The Open, Next To The Gaza Electric Fence

The 'Rocketeers' Held A Press Conference In Gaza

They are lucky the IDF wasn't watching TV.

This Rocketeer Is In A Parade

Posing For Reuters, Despite Israeli Snipers


Strutting their stuff right on the heavily-guarded Israeli/Gaza border fence.

The Israelis Have A Staging Area Next To The Border Fence

Israeli cameras, watch towers, and aerial drones must have missed the the launch site?

I Ain't Never Seen Such 'Gall'

On November 23rd, 2008, the Israeli Army killed seven women and children in Gaza. Those incidents started the current conflict there. In the middle of Israeli snipers, helicopter gunships, Merkava tanks, and hundreds of crack IDF soldiers, Hamas militants have parades?!?

Newspaper men view a Quassum rocket launch pad, while a few blocks away Hamas militants hold a press conference, and the Piece d'resistance is Hamas "rocketeers" holding a parade in downtown Gaza.

The IDF's propaganda goes beyond laughable. You need to be a total idiot to believe anything they say.

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'Zio-Clown' Bush and his $2.5 trillion dollar war

The Two Trillion Dollar War

Bush Promised A Fast Cheap War

When we first started Bush told us it would be a couple of weeks, and might cost $5 billion, and maybe a few dead. Next, it's three years, and $350 billion. But the true facts are, it will wind up costing at least $2 trillion

Joseph Stiglitz

Stiglitz, a Jewish professor of economics at Columbia University, puts the cost at$2.267 trillion. That includes the government's past and future spending for the war itself ($725 billion), health care and disability benefits for veterans ($127 billion), and hidden increases in defense spending ($160 billion). It also includes losses the economy will suffer from injured vets ($355 billion) and higher oil prices ($450 billion).

Notice how the media, Hollywood, academia, and the Jewish sages are distancing themselves from Iraq.

Isn't War A Beneficial Enterprise?

This is just the dead, ask that to the 30,000 that are maimed.

War Is An Economic Positive?

What's more beneficial, a sword, or a plow? In 2006 you can spend $4.3 on a tank or a computer science wing at a high school.

The Cost Of Oil

It used to cost $3 a barrel before Nixon bailed Israel out of the 1973 Yon Kippur war.

Fifth Fleet

80% of your navy revolves around the mideast, and protecting Israel.

The Zionists

Paul Wolfowitz, and his fellow Jews, said we would save trillions in oil, so we would profit from the war.

You Don't Need A Harvard Economist To See This Price Tag

Military recruiters are all over high school campuses, and the kids joining are America's real future. The neocon hatchlings are in Yale, and the illegals are collecting unemployment, but America's European whites, and American blacks are dying. The United States newest swill, the Asians are infesting universities, the South Americans are collecting unemployment, Russian Jews are into Medicare fraud, porno, drugs, etc. All these groups have opted to avoid military service.

If you figured out the schools that could be built, the advanced factories, and so forth, it becomes shocking. The problem is that until the economy finally collapses, people will be oblivious.

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