Saturday, October 20, 2012

Here is why they have been called 'Nation Wreckers'

Hispanics Are 27% Of American Population

There are another twenty million that are illegals

This Is Why Zionists Are Called 'Nation Wreckers'

Medicare Will Become Swamped

One out of four patients will be Hispanic

Hispanics In Construction

Hispanics are 25% of construction workers, and 60% of new hired laborers.

Hispanics In Army

What should be 40%, is only 9.6% . Today's army is 70% white, and 20% black. The hispanics avoid military service, income taxes, and are opposed to Iraq.

Hispanics Voting

Zionists have controlled American voting for the last 200 years. After the Civil War they started with the Black vote, then the immigrant vote, their domination of the Labor Unions, and onto today's immigrant vote.

Total Illegals

The 2006 estimate is twenty million.

Who Is Behind This

In 1965 a Morano president Lyndon Johnson passed the Zionists contrived Hart Cellar Act , which started the destruction of America .

What Is The Motive

A spilt society of Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Whites, fights among itself, and won't focus on the real cancer, the Zionists.

Today's Iraq, where the Israelis pit the Sunnis against the Shiites through the use of propaganda, hidden agents (Al Sadr), and extensive terror bombings, is a perfect example of their age old tactic.. When people fight amongst each other, they have no united front against the true enemy, the Zionist.

The Lesson Of Leo Frank

In 1913 Atlanta, a Jewish carpet bagger ran a pencil factory here he employed 12 yr-old girls, and was notorious for his sexual deviancies. One day in a cocaine induced rage he went too far, he raped and killed one , was sentenced to death, but his fellow kinsman bought a pardon from the governor. Atlanta was till a united white society, and were so enraged they broke into Frank's prison, and did God's work.

This lesson was never forgotten.

The Lesson Of Postville

In this episode a group of Hassidic NY Jews buy a slaughter house in the rural town of Postville, Iowa, population 1278. They took control of the town, brought in a mini Wal-Mart, and 600 Mexicans. The town's middle class evaporated, the two school became overcrowded cesspools.

Because they controlled the local sheriff, crime skyrocketed. When a local general store cornered a Zionist on unpaid bills, Sheriff Jacobsen informed the merchant that he was committing a Hate Crime.

What About The Revolution?

The next Zionist move is a monstrous False Flag, a nuclear retaliation on Iran, and the Zionists gain total control of the world oil supplies. They then collapse the economy, the world spins into the abyss for a few years, then the Zionists present a plan to rescue us using a new commodity based currency.

In the wings is a Braveheart trying to unite the people, but the racial and ethnic diversity, makes the revolution much harder.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The biggest eco disaster in history and these two are in charge?

Obama's Yenta In Charge Of The Oil Spill

Are These Zio-Clowns Really Harmless?

Obama was elected by a group of rich and powerful Chicago Jews. Now this Zio-flunky, Obama, has appointed Zionists to 90% of his cabinet positions. 5

Carol Browner is a typical clown. She went to University of Florida on a scholarship, made it to Washington , and now is the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Obama's point man on this oil spill. 7

The Secretary Of The Interior

Ken Salazar is a Crypto Zionist lawyer. This dates back to Roosevelt and the 'New Deal' (nee the jew Deal). What Roosevelt did is create a number of agencies such as the FCC, and then appointed his Zionist pals. Their main job was to see radio licenses went to fellow Zionists.

This clown belongs in traffic court fixing speeding tickets.

His Holy Reverence Jacob Judicial's Opinion

This clown Browner, in her mini skirt, was fine sitting in the front row of Professor Goldberg's Harvard class on the history of Communist Marxists leaders, but now we have a real crisis.

You need some German scientists, not some Yenta from the local deli.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Skunk's Personal Holocaust Tale

jacob gold
Brigadier General
I was a sonnderkommando in Auschwitz - I dated Anne frank ---- I held Gertrude Cymbalist's hand as she sh*t out her diamonds.

My jobs was stuffing Jews into ovens. Many were still living. Zyklon-B was explosive and many Jews exploded - we called the pop-corn jews

source: Freedom Portal thread

More of his tale....


jacob gold
Brigadier General
Mengele injected blue dye in my mother's eyes ...... Once Mengele saw it worked then my Momma was gassed ...... she was also tatooed

I was mengele's assistant so I got to see my momma before she was gassed. She hugged me and then farted out 20 diamonds .... I am writing a book