Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Skunk's Personal Holocaust Tale

jacob gold
Brigadier General
I was a sonnderkommando in Auschwitz - I dated Anne frank ---- I held Gertrude Cymbalist's hand as she sh*t out her diamonds.

My jobs was stuffing Jews into ovens. Many were still living. Zyklon-B was explosive and many Jews exploded - we called the pop-corn jews

source: Freedom Portal thread

More of his tale....


jacob gold
Brigadier General
Mengele injected blue dye in my mother's eyes ...... Once Mengele saw it worked then my Momma was gassed ...... she was also tatooed

I was mengele's assistant so I got to see my momma before she was gassed. She hugged me and then farted out 20 diamonds .... I am writing a book

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